Personal Finance Terms

  1. Trust-Owned Life Insurance - TOLI

  2. Trustee

  3. Trustor

  4. Truth in Savings Act

  5. Tuition Insurance

  6. Turnkey Business

  7. Turtle

  8. Twit Pitch

  9. Two Name Paper

  10. Two-Bin Inventory Control

  11. Two-Step Mortgage

  12. Tycoon

  13. U.S. House Financial Services Committee

  14. U.S. League Of Savings Institutions

  15. Uberrimae Fidei Contract

  16. UCC-1 Statement

  17. UCLA Anderson School of Management

  18. Ultimate Mortality Table

  19. Ultimate Net Loss

  20. Ultimogeniture

  21. Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI)

  22. Umberto Agnelli

  23. Umbrella Insurance Policy

  24. Umbrella Personal Liability Policy

  25. Umpire Clause

  26. Unallocated Benefit

  27. Unappropriated Retained Earnings

  28. Unauthorized Insurance

  29. Unauthorized Insurer

  30. Unbanked

  31. Unbundled Life Insurance Policy

  32. UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

  33. Uncollected Funds

  34. Uncommitted Facility

  35. Unconditional Vesting

  36. Under Reporting

  37. Underfunded Pension Plan

  38. Underinsurance

  39. Underinsured Motorist Coverage

  40. Underinsured Motorist Coverage Limits Trigger

  41. Underinsured Motorist Endorsement

  42. Underlying Cost

  43. Underlying Mortality Assumption

  44. Underlying Retention

  45. Underpayment Penalty

  46. Underwater Mortgage

  47. Underwithholding

  48. Underwriting

  49. Underwriting Cycle

  50. Underwriting Fees

  51. Underwriting Income

  52. Underwriting Risk

  53. Unearned Income

  54. Unearned Premium

  55. Unemployment

  56. Unemployment Claim

  57. Unemployment Compensation

  58. Unemployment Compensation Amendment Of 1992

  59. Unemployment Income

  60. Unemployment Insurance

  61. Unemployment Rate

  62. Unencumbered

  63. Unfair Claims Practice

  64. Unfair Trade Practice

  65. Unfunded Pension Plan

  66. Unified Tax Credit

  67. Uniform Consumer Credit Code - UCCC

  68. Uniform Gifts to Minors Act - UGMA

  69. Uniform Individual Accident And Sickness Policy Provisions Act

  70. Uniform Partnership Act - UPA

  71. Uniform Policy Provisions, Health Insurance

  72. Uniform Simultaneous Death Act

  73. Uniform Transfer Tax

  74. Uniform Transfers To Minors Act - UTMA

  75. Uninsurable Peril

  76. Uninsurable Property

  77. Uninsurable Risk

  78. Uninsured Certificate Of Deposit

  79. Uninsured Motorist Coverage - UM

  80. Unintentional Tort

  81. Unisex Legislation

  82. Unit Benefit Formula

  83. Unit Benefit Plan

  84. Unit Linked Insurance Plan - ULIP

  85. Unit Trust - UT

  86. United States Aircraft Insurance Group - USAIG

  87. United States Government Life Insurance - USGLI

  88. United States Longshore And Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Of 1927- LHWCA

  89. Unitranche Debt

  90. Units Per Transaction - UPT

  91. Universal Health Care Coverage

  92. Universal Life Insurance

  93. Unlevered Free Cash Flow - UFCF

  94. Unlimited Liability

  95. Unlimited Marital Deduction

  96. Unofficial Strike

  97. Unrealized Gain

  98. Unrealized Loss

  99. Unrecaptured Section 1250 Gain

  100. Unrecorded Deed

Hot Definitions
  1. Closed-End Fund

    A closed-end fund is a publicly traded investment company that raises a fixed amount of capital through an initial public offering (IPO). The fund is then structured, listed and traded like a stock on a stock exchange.
  2. Payday Loan

    A type of short-term borrowing where an individual borrows a small amount at a very high rate of interest. The borrower typically writes a post-dated personal check in the amount they wish to borrow plus a fee in exchange for cash.
  3. Securitization

    The process through which an issuer creates a financial instrument by combining other financial assets and then marketing different tiers of the repackaged instruments to investors.
  4. Economic Forecasting

    The process of attempting to predict the future condition of the economy. This involves the use of statistical models utilizing variables sometimes called indicators.
  5. Chicago Mercantile Exchange - CME

    The world's second-largest exchange for futures and options on futures and the largest in the U.S. Trading involves mostly futures on interest rates, currency, equities, stock indices and agricultural products.
  6. Private Equity

    Equity capital that is not quoted on a public exchange. Private equity consists of investors and funds that make investments directly into private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies that result in a delisting of public equity.
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