Statistics Terms

  1. 100% Equities Strategy

  2. 11th District Cost of Funds Index - COFI

  3. 60-Plus Delinquencies

  4. A Priori Probability

  5. Abnormal Return

  6. Absolute Frequency

  7. Absorption Rate

  8. Acceptable Quality Level - AQL

  9. Acceptance Sampling

  10. Acceptance Testing

  11. Accident-Year Statistics

  12. ACNielsen

  13. Activity Driver Analysis

  14. Actual Return

  15. Actuarial Age

  16. Actuarial Assumption

  17. Actuarial Consultant

  18. Actuarial Equivalent

  19. Actuarial Life Table

  20. Actuarial Risk

  21. Actuarial Science

  22. Actuarial Service

  23. Actuarial Valuation

  24. Actuary

  25. Addition Rule For Probabilities

  26. Address Coding Guide - ACG

  27. Adjusted Mean

  28. Aggregate Function

  29. Aggregate Mortality Table

  30. Algebraic Method

  31. Alpha

  32. Alpha Risk

  33. Altman Z-Score

  34. American Experience Table

  35. American Risk and Insurance Association

  36. Analysis Of Variance - ANOVA

  37. Analysis Of Variances - ANOVA

  38. Annual Return

  39. Assay

  40. Asymmetrical Distribution

  41. Attribute Sampling

  42. Australian Bureau of Statistics - ABS

  43. Autocorrelation

  44. Autoregressive

  45. Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity - ARCH

  46. Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average - ARIMA

  47. Average Return

  48. Back-End Ratio

  49. Back-Of-The-Envelope Calculation

  50. Balanced ANOVA

  51. Barra Risk Factor Analysis

  52. Base Period

  53. Batting Average

  54. Bayes' Theorem

  55. Bell Curve

  56. Benchmark For Correlation Values

  57. Beneish Model

  58. Beta

  59. Beta Risk

  60. Bias

  61. Bid-to-Cover Ratio

  62. Binomial Distribution

  63. Black Scholes Model

  64. Black Swan

  65. Bond Equity Earnings Yield Ratio - BEER

  66. Bonferroni Test

  67. Boolean Algebra

  68. Box-Jenkins Model

  69. Brand Potential Index (BPI)

  70. BRIC ETF

  71. Capital Adequacy Ratio - CAR

  72. Center For Research In Security Prices - CRSP

  73. Central Limit Theorem - CLT

  74. CEO Confidence Survey

  75. Characteristic Line

  76. Chi Square Statistic

  77. Cliometrics

  78. Clive W.J. Granger

  79. Coefficient of Determination

  80. Coefficient Of Variation - CV

  81. Cokurtosis

  82. College Of Insurance

  83. Commodity Channel Index - CCI

  84. Commuted Value

  85. Compound Annual Growth Rate - CAGR

  86. Compound Probability

  87. Compound Return

  88. Compustat

  89. Conditional Probability

  90. Conditional Value At Risk - CVaR

  91. Confidence Interval

  92. Constant Default Rate - CDR

  93. Consumer Goods

  94. Consumer Internet Barometer

  95. Consumer Sentiment

  96. Consumer Spending

  97. Contagion

  98. Control

  99. Conventional Cash Flow

  100. Copula

Hot Definitions
  1. Cash and Carry Transaction

    A type of transaction in the futures market in which the cash or spot price of a commodity is below the futures contract price. Cash and carry transactions are considered arbitrage transactions.
  2. Amplitude

    The difference in price from the midpoint of a trough to the midpoint of a peak of a security. Amplitude is positive when calculating a bullish retracement (when calculating from trough to peak) and negative when calculating a bearish retracement (when calculating from peak to trough).
  3. Ascending Triangle

    A bullish chart pattern used in technical analysis that is easily recognizable by the distinct shape created by two trendlines. In an ascending triangle, one trendline is drawn horizontally at a level that has historically prevented the price from heading higher, while the second trendline connects a series of increasing troughs.
  4. National Best Bid and Offer - NBBO

    A term applying to the SEC requirement that brokers must guarantee customers the best available ask price when they buy securities and the best available bid price when they sell securities.
  5. Maintenance Margin

    The minimum amount of equity that must be maintained in a margin account. In the context of the NYSE and FINRA, after an investor has bought securities on margin, the minimum required level of margin is 25% of the total market value of the securities in the margin account.
  6. Leased Bank Guarantee

    A bank guarantee that is leased to a third party for a specific fee. The issuing bank will conduct due diligence on the creditworthiness of the customer looking to secure a bank guarantee, then lease a guarantee to that customer for a set amount of money and over a set period of time, typically less than two years.
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