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  1. Stock Analysis

    Did J.C. Penney’s Turnaround Plan Work Out?

    J.C. Penney has wrapped up another year of its turnaround plan: ultimately, to make money in a stock, the underlying business has to make money, too.
  2. Stock Analysis

    What Are Qualcomm’s Latest Tech Products?

    Qualcomm has a track record of solid execution, it delivers best-in-class products, and it has built strong relationships with key mobile device vendors.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Why Is Intel’s Technology Long-Lived?

    Every few years or so, Intel releases products on new chip manufacturing technologies that are fundamentally better than what came before.
  4. Stock Analysis

    How Chimera Investment Bear The Brunt Of REITst?

    Following the financial crisis, REITs that specialized in investing in mortgage-backed securities produced huge gains for their shareholders.
  5. Stock Analysis

    What Are Kinder Morgan’s Plans For Growth In 2016?

    One thing investors likely love about Kinder Morgan is its robust backlog of future projects, like growing its generous dividend by 10% per year.
  6. Trading Strategies

    How do I build a profitable strategy when spotting an Upside ...

    Learn about the upside tasuki gap and how to use this continuation pattern to establish profitable trade strategy, including optimal setup and entry.
  7. Fundamental Analysis

    Is return on sales the best metric for profitability?

    Examine the profitability metric of return on sales, or ROS, and understand why it is not commonly considered the best measure of a company's profitability.
  8. Technical Indicators

    How effective is creating trade entries after spotting a ...

    Learn about the upside tasuki gap pattern and how to use this continuation pattern to effectively trade a bullish trend despite its middling reliability.
  9. Technical Indicators

    How are Upside Tasuki Gap patterns interpreted by analysts ...

    Learn about the upside tasuki gap and why analysts and traders interpret this candlestick pattern as a sign that the current bullish trend will continue.
  10. Investing Basics

    How does the risk of investing in the financial services ...

    Learn how the financial services sector compares in risk to the broader market and what key attributes make financial services riskier than other sectors.
  11. Investing Basics

    What techniques are most useful for hedging exposure to ...

    Learn how smart investors hedge exposure to the financial services sector by also investing in utilities, blue chips and securities with high-dividend yields.
  12. Investing Basics

    How has investing in the Internet sector evolved over time?

    Learn how early investors of the Internet sector received a valuable lesson and influenced modern-day markets after the dot-come bubble burst.
  13. Credit & Loans

    How has the shift to e-commerce affected the profitability ...

    Learn how the shift to e-commerce has benefited credit services companies by making it easier for consumers to use credit, but also what threats it poses.
  14. Fundamental Analysis

    What's the difference between return on sales (ROS) and ...

    Read about the differences between return on sales and net operating income, two accounting ratios used to compare profitability.
  15. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    Which are the most popular mutual funds that target the ...

    Discover some of the most popular and highest rated mutual funds offered that hold stock portfolios in the financial services sector.
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