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  1. Fundamental Analysis

    What does it mean when a company has a high capital adequacy ...

    Learn about the capital adequacy ratio, what the ratio measures, how it is calculated and what it means when a bank has a high capital adequacy ratio.
  2. Fundamental Analysis

    What is the difference between the capital adequacy ratio ...

    Understand the different applications for using the capital adequacy ratio and the solvency ratio, which are both equity valuation measures.
  3. Professionals

    Are waivers granted to the 180-day waiting period to re-take ...

    Learn more about the Series 63 exam waiting periods and retaking the exam. Find out how and why candidates should prepare for a retake.
  4. Credit & Loans

    What is the most important "C" in the Five Cs of Credit?

    Learn how the five C's of credit affect new credit application decisions, and understand how a lender analyzes each aspect of a borrower's credit profile.
  5. Entrepreneurship

    What are the most common operating expenses for an online ...

    Learn about the common expenses of online businesses and find out about some of the tax implications of new business expenses and investments.
  6. Options & Futures

    How do I set a strike price for an option?

    Learn about the strike price of an option and how to set a strike price for call and put options depending on risk tolerance and the premium.
  7. Professionals

    Which version of the Uniform Securities Act should I study ...

    Learn more about the Uniform Securities Act and the relationship between the Act and NASAA policies. Find out why NASAA model regulations are tested.
  8. Investing Basics

    What are examples of major companies in the drugs sector?

    Identify the major players in the drugs sector, which include many established pharmaceutical companies that have delved into biotechnology in the 21st century.
  9. Fundamental Analysis

    What are the differences between solvency ratios and liquidity ...

    Learn about liquidity ratios and solvency ratios, some examples of these ratios and the main difference between them.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Is Orexigen's Future Getting Brighter?

    Orexigen Therapeutics (NASDAQ: OREX) was on the hot seat last month following the release of interim results from an ongoing trial suggesting that its anti-obesity drug Contrave may reduce cardiovascular ...
  11. Stock Analysis

    Amgen Hopes Kyprolis Can Become a Blockbuster

    When Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN) handed over $9.7 billion to acquire Onyx Pharmaceuticals in 2013, some investors worried that Amgen had overpaid. Amgen hopes that winning a label expansion for the multiple ...
  12. Fundamental Analysis

    How can a company increase its return on total assets?

    Learn about return on total assets (ROTA) and how a business can increase its ratio by increasing revenue, decreasing expenses or reducing total assets.
  13. Investing Basics

    When do stock market exchanges close?

    Learn about stock exchanges, the main function of stock market changes and the opening and closing times of some major stock market exchanges.
  14. Economics

    Why are monopolistic markets inefficient?

    Find out why general equilibrium economic models suggest monopolistic markets can lead to inefficiencies and why some economists disagree.
  15. Professionals

    If I failed the Series 66, does the waiting period apply ...

    Learn more about the NASAA exam waiting period requirements and the policies regarding retakes, the creation of test questions and taking other financial exams.
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