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  1. Investing Basics

    What is a "Coupon"?

    In the financial world, “coupon” represents the interest rate on a bond.
  2. Investing Basics

    What is a Cyclical Stock?

    A cyclical stock is an equity security whose price is affected by ups and downs in the overall economy.
  3. Investing Basics

    What role do shareholders play in a capital budget?

    Learn about why shareholders play an integral role in capital budgeting and how it benefits businesses to use equity capital to fund growth.
  4. Fundamental Analysis

    Why would you use the TTM (trailing twelve months) rather ...

    Learn why investors use trailing 12 months rather than the numbers from the last annual report. Learn what cannot be calculated on a TTM basis.
  5. Investing Basics

    What are the long-term trends investors should consider ...

    Read about the long-term trends facing the telecommunications industry and how investors can keep an eye on upcoming telecom winners and losers.
  6. Investing Basics

    How can an investor reduce interest rate risk?

    Learn about the different ways investors can reduce interest rate risk. Locking in interest rates increases certainty for businesses in estimating costs.
  7. Entrepreneurship

    What is holistic marketing, and how can it be applied in ...

    Understand what holistic marketing is, and learn how it works in practical application within various business models.
  8. Economics

    How do government bailouts increase moral hazard?

    Learn how government bailouts increase moral hazard by shifting the responsibility of bad behavior from guilty executives to innocent taxpayers.
  9. Retirement

    Why are insurance companies and pension funds considered ...

    Find out why insurance companies and pension funds are considered carriers of financial instruments, and what role they play in a modern economy.
  10. Fundamental Analysis

    Why is it important for an investor to understand business ...

    Learn to understand why it is important for an investor to understand business accounting to perform investment and credit analysis.
  11. Bonds & Fixed Income

    How can you use a debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) to ...

    Learn how the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) can be used by investors to analyze the risk level of revenue bonds offered by city, county and state municipalities.
  12. Investing Basics

    What content does a letter intent have to have?

    Review some of the standard language that ought to be included in a letter of intent between two parties in a business transaction.
  13. Fundamental Analysis

    What's the difference between the production cost and the ...

    Learn more about fixed and variable expenses incurred by businesses. Find out how production and manufacturing costs impact profitability.
  14. Investing Basics

    What is the difference between a letter of intent and a ...

    Understand what a letter of intent and a memorandum of understanding are, and learn the primary difference between the two documents.
  15. Investing Basics

    What telecommunication companies have the largest exposure ...

    Read about some of the major telecommunications players that have exposure to emerging markets in China, India, Russia, Brazil and elsewhere.
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