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  1. Bonds & Fixed Income

    Why has the market for high yield bonds grown so much?

    Discover information on the high-yield bond market and learn the reasons why this investment market has grown so rapidly since the turn of the century.
  2. Investing Basics

    What is the difference between earnings and income?

    See how earnings and income are different and when they are used in relation to personal finance versus a business' financial statements.
  3. Fundamental Analysis

    How do you calculate shareholder equity?

    Find out more about shareholders' equity, what shareholders' equity measures and how to calculate a company's shareholders' equity.
  4. Fundamental Analysis

    What dividend yield is typical for the airline sector?

    Learn what dividend yield is typical for the airline sector. The airline business tends to be victim to economic growth and oil prices.
  5. Bonds & Fixed Income

    How safe are high yield bonds?

    Learn how high-yield bonds have a greater risk of default than investment grade bonds and why they offer higher amounts of interest.
  6. Investing Basics

    How does the risk of investing in the utilities sector compare ...

    Learn about the risks of investing in the utilities sector compared to the broader market. Utilities are less exposed to the economy and more to interest rates.
  7. Fundamental Analysis

    What is the formula for calculating beta?

    Find out more about beta, what a stock's or portfolio's beta measures, and learn how to calculate a security's or portfolio's beta.
  8. Active Trading Fundamentals

    How does a swing trader use the stochastic oscillator?

    Learn how the stochastic oscillator is used as a momentum indicator in swing trading, and understand how the oscillator is calculated.
  9. Investing Basics

    What is the difference between earnings and profit?

    Read about the differences between a company's earnings and its profit, and learn how the gap between earnings and profit can show waste in other areas.
  10. Options & Futures

    What is the difference between derivatives and options?

    Learn how options are one type of derivative and how equity options derive their value from a stock, and understand other types of derivatives.
  11. Investing Basics

    How are rights distributed in a rights offering?

    Learn about stock rights offerings that companies may make, and discover how the rights are distributed among the company's stockholders.
  12. Investing Basics

    How can I use a regression to see the correlation between ...

    Learn how to use linear regression to calculate the correlation between stock prices and interest rates by taking the square root of the R-squared metric.
  13. Investing Basics

    How can electricity be traded as a commodity by an individual ...

    Learn the characteristics unique to electricity trading as a commodity and how investors can trade electricity futures on the NYMEX exchange.
  14. Taxes

    How will a value added tax impact the government budget?

    Learn about the potential budgetary impacts of a value-added tax system in the United States, and how the VAT might harm economic growth.
  15. Economics

    What is the correlation between money supply and GDP?

    Read about the two-way correlation between the total amount of money circulating in the economy and gross domestic product, or GDP.
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