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  1. Economics

    How to Do a Cost-Benefit Analysis

    The benefits of a given situation or business-related action are summed and then the costs associated with taking that action are subtracted.
  2. Economics

    Explaining the Cash Budget

    A cash budget is a plan for the inflows and outflows of cash for a business or an individual.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Energy Transfer Could Learn From Williams Cos.

    Recently, Williams Cos. (NYSE: WMB) announced that it would shell out $13.8 billion to acquire the remaining public shares in its subsidiary master limited partnership Williams Partners (NYSE: WPZ). With ...
  4. Stock Analysis

    Is Enterprise Product's Stock a Buy Today?

    To be a good investor over the long term, you have to do two things: 1) Buy rock-solid companies that have the potential to grow earnings and cash, and 2) buy them at a cheap price to ensure a better ...
  5. Active Trading Fundamentals

    What are the major barriers to entry for new companies in ...

    Find out why barriers to entry for U.S. drug companies are so high and how the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, inhibits competition in pharmaceuticals.
  6. Forex Strategies

    What's a good forex strategy to use when spotting a Wedge-shaped ...

    Find out more about the rising and falling wedge formations and how to implement a forex strategy when you spot these patterns in the currency market.
  7. Investing Basics

    Why should investors research the C-suite executives of ...

    Learn how C-suite officers affect shareholders; discover how the CEO impacts financial performance and why governance is so important for shareholders.
  8. Technical Indicators

    What is a "linear" exposure in Value at Risk (VaR) calculation?

    Learn how the value-at-risk (VaR) calculation is used for portfolios with linear risk as opposed to nonlinear risk, and understand the historical method for VaR.
  9. Active Trading Fundamentals

    What happens when a company defaults on its commercial paper ...

    Read about the possible consequences of a large corporation defaulting on its commercial paper obligations even though the instrument is unsecured.
  10. Economics

    What's the most accurate way to find out a nation's nominal ...

    Learn about easy-to-use and most reliable sources for finding a country's nominal GDP data and which sources contain the most comprehensive GDP data.
  11. Fundamental Analysis

    How does transfer pricing help business?

    Explore several ways that transfer pricing helps businesses. Transfer pricing can often help streamline accounting and business efficiency.
  12. Active Trading Fundamentals

    Is the drugs sector better suited for active or passive ...

    Learn how passive investing can make a person good money in the drugs sector, but shrewd active investing can make a person rich much faster.
  13. Active Trading Fundamentals

    Can a business ever be too small to issue commercial paper?

    See why market forces regulate the size of companies that issue commercial paper, even though there are no official regulations or restrictions.
  14. Charts & Patterns

    How can I create a yield curve in Excel?

    Find out more about the yield curve, what the yield curve is and how to create the yield curve for U.S. Treasury bonds using Microsoft Excel.
  15. Charts & Patterns

    What are the different formations of yield curves?

    Find out more about the yield curve and yield curve formations, what yield curves measure and the three main types of yield curve formations of bonds.
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