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  1. Investing

    Will Clean Energy Fuels Create A Better Network?

    Ever since the most recent U.S. energy boom began, many people have looked for ways to take advantage of cheap natural gas from shale gas areas.
  2. Investing

    Is There An Upside For Isis Pharmaceutical Shares?

    Shareholders in biotechnology company Isis Pharmaceuticals have endured a wild, but ultimately enjoyable, ride since late 2012.
  3. Investing

    What Are The Prospects For Plug’s Technology?

    Plug Power's fuel-cell technology has huge promise, but it hasn't paid off yet. Few stocks have seen the volatility that it has experienced during the past
  4. Investing

    Will Intuitive Surgical Shares Benefit Investors?

    Earlier this month, Intuitive Surgical authorized to repurchase up to $1 billion of its common stock. But will it actually benefit investors?
  5. Investing

    Is Caterpillar Here To Stay?

    Because Caterpillar is the largest construction and mining equipment manufacturer in the world, investors can count on it to keep paying dividends.
  6. Investing

    Is J.C. Penney Fighting An Uphill Battle?

    J.C. Penney's revenue is once again on the ascent, its free cash flow is closing in on positive territory, and its gross margin has rebounded sharply.
  7. Investing

    Windstream's Strategy For Dividend Investors

    Windstream Holdings has been among the top dividend-paying stocks in the market, with double-digit percentage yields that have stood the test of time.
  8. Investing

    Multiple Myeloma: A Growing Market For Treatment

    American and European regulators have given Celgene Corporation the OK to begin marketing its top-selling myeloma drug Revlimid as a first-line therapy.
  9. Investing

    What Is The Real Picture Of Linn Energy?

    Numbers don't always tell the full story. Take, for example, the long-term chart for LINN Energy which was expected to be down more than 40%.
  10. Investing

    Intel’s Strategy To Gain Shares In The Market

    While Intel's biggest revenue and profit driver is its PC processor division, the company's data center group is probably its most impressive business now.
  11. Economics

    Does cash-on-delivery aid produce better results than a ...

    Learn of the arguments about the efficacy of cash on delivery, or COD, aid to poor areas, as set forth by its proponents and critics.
  12. Economics

    What are some alternatives to real GDP?

    Learn about economic measures used instead of real GDP and the limitations of real GDP. Find out in which situations nominal GDP and GNP are more useful.
  13. Economics

    What effect has globalization had on international investments?

    Learn how globalization impacts international investment and transforms economies around the world. Understand the implications of globalization.
  14. Investing Basics

    What is the difference between a royalty trust and a master ...

    Find high-yield opportunities in natural resources through royalty income trusts or master limited partnerships, and learn which is right for you.
  15. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    What strategies are used in a redemption mechanism?

    Find out how the ETF redemption mechanism works and how authorized participants arbitrage ETF shares to bring them in line with net asset value.
  16. Investing Basics

    How much of an economy's performance is captured by real ...

    Learn about the economic information captured by real GDP. Find out how real and nominal GDP are constructed and the purposes for which real GDP is valuable.
  17. Investing Basics

    In what types of financial situations would credit spread ...

    Find out when credit risk is realized as spread risk and when it is realized as default risk, and learn why market participants should pay attention to both.
  18. Economics

    Is globalization purely an economic phenomenon?

    Take a look at the complex scope of the term "globalization", and learn why the term applies in many contexts beyond the economic arena.
  19. Investing Basics

    What are risks associated with investing in the oil & gas ...

    Learn what unique risks are present for investment in the energy industry specifically affecting companies working in oil and gas drilling.
  20. Trading Strategies

    Is it possible to be perfectly hedged against risk?

    Learn what it means to mitigate the market risk of a portfolio through hedging and to what extent hedging can reduce downside potential.
  21. Fundamental Analysis

    What is the formula for calculating internal rate of return ...

    Understand how to calculate the internal rate of return (IRR) using Excel and how this metric is used to determine anticipated yield per dollar of capital investment.
  22. Economics

    Does A Junk Rating Reflect Russia's Fundamentals?

    Moody’s, like other credit rating agencies, has downgraded Russia’s sovereign debt rating to non-investment grade, but does this reflect Russia's economy?
  23. Investing Basics

    How have business ethics evolved over time?

    Learn about the evolution of business ethics over times, from the rise of social responsibility in the 1960s to ethics in an online world in the 21st century.
  24. Budgeting

    How can I use Excel as my business's general ledger?

    Follow these steps to set up a general ledger accounting system in Excel. A small business can use Excel as a substitute for an expensive accounting software.
  25. Options & Futures

    What main factors affect share prices in the metals and ...

    Discover the primary factors that influence share prices of companies in the metals and mining sector and how companies can increase their stock prices.
  26. Budgeting

    Is residual income considered profit?

    Understand what residual income is and under what circumstances it may be considered profit. Learn how this can benefit personal finances.
  27. Trading Strategies

    Which emerging markets should an investor consider for exposure ...

    Discover the world's top emerging market countries for investing in the metals and mining sector and what mined resources they offer.
  28. Options & Futures

    What options strategies are best suited for investing in ...

    Invest in the oil and gas drilling sector with confidence by employing one of several winning options strategies that work well with this market.
  29. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    For investors, what are the alternatives to owning physical ...

    Learn some of the primary alternate ways that someone can invest in the gold market besides simply purchasing physical gold bullion.
  30. Investing Basics

    What is double entry bookkeeping and how does it work in ...

    Learn about the double entry method of bookkeeping and how it works in the general ledger. Every accounting transaction has two effects on finances.
  31. Investing Basics

    What is the difference between residual income and operational ...

    Understand the key factors that go into calculating operational and residual income, as well as what each of these categories says about financial well-being.
  32. Fundamental Analysis

    How do analysts and investors interpret Economic Value Added?

    Understand how economic value added (EVA) is interpreted by analysts and investors and how to calculate this important metric and its components.
  33. Investing

    What's The New Emerging Re-fracking Trend?

    The fracking fueled U.S. oil is slowing down. However, this doesn't necessarily spell doom and gloom for frack sand providers like Emerge Energy Services .
  34. Trading Strategies

    Why would an investor opt for a partial redemption as opposed ...

    Learn about the difference between a partial redemption and a full redemption, and why an investor might choose to partially, and not fully, redeem a security.
  35. Economics

    Are there international maritime laws that govern delivery ...

    Learn about the interaction of international maritime laws and delivery duty paid. Find out more about the distinguishing features of both.
  36. Investing

    Is there a way to insure delivery duty paid?

    Learn about the relationship between insurance and delivery duty paid (DDP), and find out how DDP compares with other Incoterms.
  37. Investing Basics

    What are the legal regulations on delivery duty paid?

    Understand the legal requirements for delivery duty paid, as well as how responsibilities can shift between buyers and sellers when products are sold.
  38. Economics

    Is there a way to profit from arbitrage trades on delivery ...

    Find out about the relationship between arbitrage and Delivery Duty Paid (DDP). Learn more about incoterms and arbitrage in international trade.
  39. Investing Basics

    Why do investors with minority interest receive a minority ...

    Discover why investors with minority interest usually receive a discount to the fair value of their ownership share, and learn why that discount varies.
  40. Savings

    What is the difference between residual income and savings?

    Discover the differences between various forms of income and their functions, including residual, disposable and discretionary income.
  41. Investing Basics

    What does the efficient market hypothesis assume about fair ...

    Found out what the efficient market hypothesis says about the fair value of securities, and learn why technical and fundamental analysts disagree.
  42. Economics

    Are the laws on delivery duty paid different in every country?

    Learn about the differences in delivery duty paid (DDP) between countries. Find out how some countries implement regulations concerning delivery duty paid.
  43. Forex Strategies

    How do I implement a forex strategy when spotting a Triple ...

    Learn about the triple bottom pattern and how it is used to create effective trade strategy in the forex market, including optimal entry and exit points.
  44. Investing Basics

    How has the Internet impacted Value-Added Network (VAN) ...

    Discover how the advent of the Internet has challenged the Value-Added Network, or VAN, model of distributing electronic data between businesses.
  45. Investing

    What Has Been Groupon’s Growth Strategy?

    Groupon established a strategy with efforts to become a broader force in the e-commerce world and to expand more strongly into international markets.
  46. Investing Basics

    Is the average return on small cap companies better than ...

    Learn the difference between small-cap and large-cap companies, and find out which type of company is likely to yield a higher return.
  47. Savings

    What is the best app to track my residual income?

    Learn about apps that help you manage and track your residual income whether you have complex portfolios with multiple investments or just a household budget.
  48. Fundamental Analysis

    What role do core competencies play in a balanced scorecard?

    See how some businesses can combine the concepts of core competency and a balanced scorecard in an attempt to build sustainable competitive advantages.
  49. Investing Basics

    What are some ways of financing an acquisition?

    Learn about how business acquisitions are financed, from using private equity funds to receiving huge acquisition loans from a bank.
  50. Insurance

    How might having insurance increase moral hazard?

    Would you drive safely if your insurance company knew nothing about your driving habits? Learn how insurance increases moral hazard.
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