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  1. Stock Analysis

    How Will InvenSense Expand Its Gross Margins?

    One of the chief concerns surrounding motion sensor vendor InvenSense is that the company's gross profit margins have come under pressure.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Is It Time To Shun Altria Group?

    If you're in the market for a high-yielding dividend stock with an unmatched history of shareholder returns, then you can't do better than Altria Group .
  3. Stock Analysis

    Free Cash Flow Separates Delta From The Pack

    The U.S. airline industry has experienced a stunning revival in the past few years. No need to look hard to find airlines with doubledigit profit margins.
  4. Fundamental Analysis

    How are accounts payable listed on a company's balance sheet?

    Find out how accounts payable is listed on a company's balance sheet, why it is considered a current liability, and how it helps investors and creditors.
  5. Bonds & Fixed Income

    Can bond traders trade on interest rate swaps?

    Read about interest rate swaps and why these transactions are performed by institutional actors in the bond market, not individual investors.
  6. Fundamental Analysis

    Why do businesses calculate accrued expenses?

    Find out why businesses calculate accrued expenses, how they are applied and what circumstances give rise to accrual entries in financial reports.
  7. Entrepreneurship

    Is there a limit to the number of SPVs / SPEs a company ...

    Find out how many special purpose entities a corporation can create, and why legislating these affiliate companies can be challenging.
  8. Investing Basics

    Are small cap companies less safe investments than large ...

    Compare the safety of investing in small- and large-cap companies. Find out how each performs in different situations and review historical data.
  9. Economics

    Is real GDP a better index of economic performance than ...

    Learn why real GDP is a better index for expressing the output of an economy, as it takes into account the factors that distort the nominal GDP value.
  10. Economics

    When do economists use real GDP instead of GDP?

    Learn about the purposes for which economists rely on real GDP. Find out how real GDP is calculated and how it is important to policymakers.
  11. Credit & Loans

    What level of default rate is typical for the credit services ...

    Learn how default rates affect businesses in the credit services industry, and what rates are considered normal for a company that provides credit.
  12. Investing Basics

    What is the most typical holding in an SPV?

    Learn why property-based investments are the most common kind of holding within a Special Purpose Vehicle, or SPV, and how they help the parent company.
  13. Investing Basics

    What percentage of the global economy is comprised of the ...

    Read about the size of the global financial services sector, using information provided by the OECD, IMF, the World Bank and the McKinsey Global Institute.
  14. Economics

    Which United States Presidents have run the largest budget ...

    Take a look at which presidents were in office for the largest budget deficits in U.S. history and how the responsibility for the spending is determined.
  15. Investing Basics

    Are commodities the same as consumables?

    Learn to differentiate commodities from consumables, between the different types of commodities and consumables and how these relate to soft and durable goods.
  16. Investing Basics

    How is correlation used differently in finance and economics?

    Take a look at the similarities and differences between how statistical correlation is applied in economics as opposed to financial analysis.
  17. Fundamental Analysis

    How is correlation used to measure volatility?

    See how the correlation between an asset and its benchmark index can be used as a proxy to determine the relative volatility of the investment.
  18. Forex Strategies

    How do I use a Turtle Channel to create a forex trading ...

    Learn two simple forex trading strategies, one trend trading strategy and one swing trading strategy, that can be implemented using the turtle channel.
  19. Investing Basics

    What is the best software to use for business analytics?

    Review a snapshot of some of the most reputable business analytics software providers in the business intelligence space, including SAS and Oracle.
  20. Fundamental Analysis

    Are accounts payable an expense?

    Learn about how to differentiate between liability accounts and expense accounts, and see why accounts payable is considered a liability.
  21. Fundamental Analysis

    How is correlation used in modern portfolio theory?

    Discover how modern portfolio theory and the efficient frontier use correlation between investment assets to predict an optimal expected return.
  22. Fundamental Analysis

    Are accounts payable an asset?

    Find out why the general ledger accounts payable is considered to be a current liability, not a current asset, and how it reduces net income.
  23. Investing Basics

    What is the most important type of data used in business ...

    Consider what makes data useful in business analytics, and why companies should search for the types of data that provide the greatest return.
  24. Forex Strategies

    How do I implement a forex strategy when spotting a Tri-Star ...

    Learn about the tri-star pattern and how to use this reversal signal in conjunction with other technical indicators to create effective forex trade strategy.
  25. Fundamental Analysis

    Are accounts payable counted as revenue?

    See how accounts payable is treated on the balance sheet, and why it is considered an expense and liability rather than revenue for a company.
  26. Fundamental Analysis

    Are accounts payable a liability?

    Take an in-depth look at accounts payable, or trade payable, an important current liability account listed on a company's balance sheet.
  27. Technical Indicators

    How do I build a profitable strategy when spotting an Tri-Star ...

    Learn how to use corroborating evidence from technical indicators such as volume to create a profitable trade strategy based on the tri-star pattern.
  28. Technical Indicators

    What are the best technical indicators to complement the ...

    Learn about the technical indicators traders use to complement trading with the Ultimate Oscillator indicator, including moving averages and candlestick patterns.
  29. Stock Analysis

    How Two Harbors' Derivatives Work?

    Mortgage REITs, like Two Harbors , have cut their dividend payments as interest rate trends have eaten into profitability under the business models.
  30. Stock Analysis

    What’s The Drug That Will Finally Fight Obesity?

    Orexigen just pulled back the curtain on interim results for a cardiac study that could catapult the company's Contrave obesity drug to top-shelf status.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Is Prospect Capital Exposed To Elevated Losses?

    According to a federal government report, the quality of leveraged loans has begun to deteriorate. Prospect Capital specializes in these types of loans.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Should You Invest In Oraganovo Holdings?

    Despite the commercial launch of its bio-printed liver assays last year, Organovo Holdings shares have slid from a peak of $9 last summer to less than $6.
  33. Stock Analysis

    How Realty Income Became A Top Dividend Stock?

    Real-estate investment trusts have gained in popularity over the years as income investors look for reliable stream of cash from their portfolios.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Why Investors Bailed On Halcon's Stocks

    The unexpected plunge in the oil price over the past few months sent Halcon Resources' stocks down nearly 75%.
  35. Stock Analysis

    What Are Intel’s Hopes In The Processor Market?

    Intel has pretty minimal share in the smartphone applications processor market, despite some heavy investments in products for the segment.
  36. Stock Analysis

    How Is SandRidge Energy Really Looking To Grow?

    SandRidge Energy is following the playbook of almost every other oil and gas company in the country: cutting spending and delivering meager growth.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Is Ariad On Track To Lose More Shares?

    The past two years have been a roller-coaster ride that shareholders in cancer-focused biotech Ariad Pharmaceuticals won't soon forget.
  38. Investing Basics

    What is the relationship between minority interest discount ...

    Learn how to determine the fair market value and minority interest discount for the sale of a share of a closely held corporation.
  39. Investing Basics

    How does seasonality affect the financial services sector?

    Take a look at some of the ways that seasonal trend analysis can be applied to various financial services providers and the sector as a whole.
  40. Economics

    How many nations must a company trade in to be considered ...

    Learn about the conditions a company has to meet to be considered multinational, and find out when investing in multinational companies is a good strategy.
  41. Economics

    What makes China's special administrative regions (SAR) ...

    Learn why China's special administrative regions are special and why they have many of the same characteristics of independent states.
  42. Economics

    Who discovered the law of supply and demand?

    Learn how the law of supply and demand affects the economy. This important economic principle is hundreds of years old but still relevant today.
  43. Technical Indicators

    What is the Zig Zag Indicator formula and how is it calculated?

    Learn what the zig zag indicator formula is and how it is calculated while learning how important it can be in your trading strategy.
  44. Economics

    What is the functional difference between GDP and GNP?

    Find out the difference between GDP and GNP, and how each brings a different perspective to the meaning of economic success.
  45. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    What are the advantages of an index fund over an ETF?

    Diversifying a portfolio is one of pillars of investing basics, and an index fund can provide an investor with exposure to large segments of the market.
  46. Taxes

    Do tax liabilities appear in the financial statements?

    Find out how taxes are shown on the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement, and why taxes are an important part of each statement.
  47. Investing Basics

    What factors in a business most affect its core competencies?

    Learn about the different factors that affect a business's core competencies, and how businesses can use these competencies to gain a competitive advantage.
  48. Economics

    What can policymakers do to decrease cyclical unemployment?

    Learn about the tools available to policymakers to reduce cyclical unemployment, and find out more about the role of expansionary monetary and fiscal policy.
  49. Economics

    Is there a natural rate of cyclical unemployment?

    Learn more about cyclical unemployment and find out about the relationship of cyclical unemployment to the natural unemployment rate.
  50. Economics

    Do the laws of supply and demand ever not apply to markets?

    Learn about the laws of supply and demand in a market-based economy, and how they can be distorted by regulation, monopolies and lack of consumer knowledge.
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