Pooja Dave is a creative writer who started her scribbling career in fiction before joining Investopedia as a financial writer. Her short stories have been featured in a U.K.-based local magazine, Chill-Out.

This India-based, budding writer is also an accomplished poet, and has published many of her poems in e-zines. In addition, Dave did a short stint as a ghostwriter for a television script. She has also lent her skills to a legal office by creating business letters and drafting litigation cases.

Apart from studying insurance planning, Pooja likes to watch soccer. She roots for Kaka of Brazil, David Beckham and Zidane of France, but dislikes Materazzi of Italy. A self-confessed fan of Perry Mason, Pooja adores mysteries and suspense novels such as those by Jeffery Archer, Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown. For a change, she also reads a lot of spiritual and philosophical books. Pooja is also an aspiring photographer.