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  1. Active Trading

    Tales From The Trenches: Location Is Everything

    When a candle pattern re-occurs near a moving average, it may indicate future support or resistance.
  2. Trading Strategies

    Beginner's Guide To Stockcharts.com

    Stockcharts.com is one of the most relied-upon websites for technical traders and chartists. Learn how to navigate the charting tools.
  3. Chart Advisor

    January 27, 2012 Market Summary

    While the indexes generally closed near unchanged, there was plenty of movement mid-week.
  4. Chart Advisor

    Oil Service Stocks Perking Up

    The oil service stocks are threatening to breakout after consolidating for months.
  5. Chart Advisor

    January 20, 2012 Market Summary

    The markets extend their gains.
  6. Chart Advisor

    January 6, 2011 Market Summary

    The first week of 2012 is in the books.
  7. Chart Advisor

    4 Stocks Near A Breakout

    These stocks are poised for a breakout with market cooperation.
  8. Chart Advisor

    Watch Out For Shooting Stars

    After reversing 2012's strong start, many stocks ended the day with shooting star patterns.
  9. Chart Advisor

    Indian Stocks Stuck In Reverse

    India-based stocks have been decimated and show no signs of reversing.
  10. Chart Advisor

    Stocks That Are Ignoring Volatility

    Many stocks are continuing to build the right sides of their bases.
  11. Chart Advisor

    December 16, 2011 Market Summary

    The market continues to drift back.
  12. Chart Advisor

    Cigarettes Are Bad, Cigarette Stocks Aren't

    Cigarette stocks are hitting all-time highs.
  13. Chart Advisor

    Stocks Ignoring The Selling

    Despite the recent weakness, some stocks remain in a good position.
  14. Chart Advisor

    November 25, 2011 Market Summary

    The markets continue their downward slide.
  15. Chart Advisor

    Farm Machinery Stocks Recovering

    The farm machinery sector may be attempting to bottom.
  16. Chart Advisor

    Individual Stocks Continue To Improve

    Individual stocks are starting to carry the indexes higher.
  17. Chart Advisor

    Bullish Charts To Watch

    Bull flags are starting to appear in many stocks.
  18. Chart Advisor

    REITs Coming Back To Life

    After a summer correction, some REITs have rebounded to all-time highs.
  19. Chart Advisor

    Stocks Regaining Their Health

    Many stocks are regaining their health with the recent market strength
  20. Chart Advisor

    Medical Appliance Stocks Emerging

    Some medical appliance stocks may be emerging as leaders
  21. Chart Advisor

    The Trend Is Your Friend

    With the primary trend heading lower, selling the bounces may be the ticket
  22. Chart Advisor

    Shorting Stocks At Resistance

    Shorting weak stocks bouncing into resistance may be the ticket in this environment.
  23. Chart Advisor

    September 16, 2011 Market Summary

    Nasdaq clears its 50- and 200-day moving averages.
  24. Chart Advisor

    September 9, 2011 Market Summary

    Another Mid Week Reversal Derails A Rally Attempt
  25. Chart Advisor

    Monster Stocks Set To Move Higher

    stocks that have been ignoring the markets
  26. Chart Advisor

    Some Stocks Starting To Shape Up

    Some stocks are starting to look better despite the recent market weakness.
  27. Chart Advisor

    Silver Miners Acting Well

    Silver miners continue to build on their recent consolidations.
  28. Chart Advisor

    Oil Service Stocks Showing Strength

    The oil service stocks have been acting well despite stagnant crude oil prices.
  29. Chart Advisor

    Silver Miners Attempting To Bottom

    The silver miners recently found support and could be ready to bounce.
  30. Chart Advisor

    Investors Feasting on Restaurant Stocks

    Restaurant stocks continue to hit all-time highs.
  31. Chart Advisor

    Against All Odds, Some Stocks Near All-Time Highs

    Despite the recent weakness, some stocks remain near record highs.
  32. Chart Advisor

    Some Stocks Have Held Up Well

    Surprisingly, many stocks have held up recently and could be offering an opportunity.
  33. Chart Advisor

    Commodities To Watch

    These commodities are worth watching for clues on where the market is heading.
  34. Chart Advisor

    Market Leaders Moving In Lockstep With The Indexes

    The market leaders are not revealing any bottoming patterns yet.
  35. Chart Advisor

    The REIT's Continue To Display Strength

    The REIT stocks are once again showing relative strength to the overall markets
  36. Chart Advisor

    Stocks Pull Back To Test Support

    The month's most reliable pattern is setting up yet again.
  37. Chart Advisor

    Asset Manager Stocks Play Follow The Leader

    With Evercore breaking out, other stocks in the sector may be set to follow.
  38. Chart Advisor

    Watch For The Rotation Into Consumer Staple Stocks

    The consumer staples sector has been showing relative strength during the recent market weakness.
  39. Chart Advisor

    Oil Stocks Showing Weakness

    Based on recent price action, it could be a long summer for oil stocks.
  40. Chart Advisor

    Financials Are Lagging The Markets

    As the general markets continue to press higher, the financial sector falls farther behind.
  41. Chart Advisor

    Retail Stocks Showing Strength

    The retail group continues to see strength in the current market.
  42. Chart Advisor

    Are Individual Stocks Leading The Indexes?

    Many charts are trading in a similar pattern, creating the possibility that the indexes will follow suit in the coming days.
  43. Chart Advisor

    Casino Stocks Heating Up

    The casino stocks are playing follow the leader.
  44. Chart Advisor

    Building A Watchlist Of Breakout Candidates

    Four stocks that could break out with some help from the market.
  45. Chart Advisor

    April 8, 2011 Market Summary

    Markets consolidate for the week
  46. Chart Advisor

    Traders Showing An Appetite For Restaurant Stocks

    Traders Showing An Appetite For Restaurant Stocks
  47. Chart Advisor

    Stocks Holding Up Through Market Weakness

    Stocks Holding Up Through Market Weakness
  48. Chart Advisor

    Chasing Silver Stocks Becomes A Dangerous Game

    Chasing Silver Stocks Becomes A Dangerous Game
  49. Chart Advisor

    Topping Patterns Becoming More Prevalent

    Topping Patterns Becoming More Prevalent
  50. Chart Advisor

    Solar Stocks Could Benefit From Rising Oil Orices

    Solar Stocks Could Benefit From Rising Oil Orices
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