John Devcic is a freelance writer, market historian and private speculator. After investing in a mutual fund right out of high school and losing his initial investment of $350, John began to believe he could do better with his money then the so-called experts could. And that began a journey of losing more money and learning how to make money. Along the way sage and not-so-sage advice was given, listened to and sometimes ignored.

John's mission in life is to teach others that investing in the markets is something that anyone with a passion for their money can do, which is why he writes with novice investors in mind.

John also refers to himself as a speculator and everyday seems to have to clear up the myth that speculators are bad.

Over the years a healthy and sometimes unhealthy obsession with how the markets work and how they worked in the past has made John a true market historian. Constantly studying the past in order to help understand the present, John reminds himself at all times that the market - while ever-changing - seems to always repeat itself.