Mark P. Cussen, CFP®, CMFC, AFC


  1. Which Order To Use? Stop-Loss Or Stop-Limit Orders

  2. Introduction To Financial Planning Organizations

  3. Should You Offer Alternative Investments?

  4. Introduction To STRIPS

  5. Understanding Interest Rates: Nominal, Real And Effective

  6. Top 4 Financial Jobs You Can Do From Home

  7. Income, Value and Growth Stocks

  8. Introduction to Treasury Securities

  9. Tax Forms Every Investor Must Understand

  10. The Basics Of The T-Bill

  11. Why Financial Advisors Need To Earn The CFP Mark

  12. The Pros And Cons Of Pension Maximization

  13. The Basics Of A 401(k) Retirement Plan

  14. How Your VantageScore Credit Report Is Calculated

  15. Breaking Down Financial Securities Licenses

  16. OTCBB and OTC Markets Group

  17. Introduction To Commercial Paper

  18. The Basics Of CFP Designation Maintenance

  19. Capital Losses and Tax

  20. Investing In Stock Rights And Warrants

  21. The Key To CFP Exam Success

  22. Find The Right School To Upgrade Your Skills

  23. Studying For The CFP Exam

  24. Investing In Property Tax Liens

  25. Steps For Adding New Services To Your Finance Business

  26. Breaking Down The TSP Investment Funds

  27. CFP, CLU Or ChFC - Which Is Best?

  28. Be A Financial Planner From Home

  29. Evaluating Firm Size In A Financial Advisor Job Hunt

  30. Becoming A Registered Investment Advisor

  31. Is A Stockbroker Career For You?

  32. Should You Add A Securities License To Your Qualifications?

  33. Why You Should Invest In Municipal Bond ETFs

  34. Introduction To Blackrock ETFs

  35. Retirement: The One Thing Couples Shouldn't Do Together

  36. 3 Alternative Budgeting Styles: Which One Suits You?

  37. Introduction To Growth Investing

  38. 5 Common Misconceptions About ETFs

  39. The Ethics Of Investing

  40. Tax Variations Of The HEART Act

  41. Jump Start Your Financial Career With The BAT

  42. Introduction To Employee Stock Purchase Plans

  43. Tax-Efficient Wealth Transfer

  44. How To Qualify For The Home-Office Tax Deduction

  45. Present Your Clients With A Year-End Review

  46. Introduction To Incentive Stock Options

  47. Start Your Own Financial Planning Firm

  48. Short Sales For Market Downturns

  49. Introduction To Phantom Stock And SARs

  50. Save Safely With The DB(k) Retirement Plan

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