Mark P. Cussen, CFP®, CMFC, AFC


  1. 3 Alternative Budgeting Styles: Which One Suits You?

  2. 5 Common Misconceptions About ETFs

  3. Tax Variations Of The HEART Act

  4. Jump Start Your Financial Career With The BAT

  5. Introduction To Employee Stock Purchase Plans

  6. Tax-Efficient Wealth Transfer

  7. How To Qualify For The Home-Office Tax Deduction

  8. Present Your Clients With A Year-End Review

  9. Introduction To Incentive Stock Options

  10. Start Your Own Financial Planning Firm

  11. Short Sales For Market Downturns

  12. Introduction To Phantom Stock And SARs

  13. Save Safely With The DB(k) Retirement Plan

  14. 4 Ways To Get A Head Start On Your Financial Career

  15. When Your Bond Comes Calling

  16. Moving Back Home: A Win-Win Situation

  17. Ethical Wills Share Final Thoughts With Heirs

  18. RV Travelers: A Niche Market For Advisors

  19. Investing In Oil And Gas UITs

  20. Technology Sector Funds

  21. Utility Funds: A Bright Choice In Bear And Bull Markets

  22. Morningstar: A Premier Mutual Fund Source

  23. Not All Retirement Accounts Should Be Tax-Deferred

  24. The Risks Of Real Estate Sector Funds

  25. Ethical Issues For Financial Advisors

  26. Avoiding A Big Tax Bill On Real Estate Gains

  27. Start Over With The IRS

  28. How To Deal With (Seriously) Dysfunctional Clients

  29. Be A One-Stop Shop For Your Clients

  30. Selecting The Right Mix Of Insurance Benefits

  31. 5 Services To Usher In New Clients

  32. Reporting Your Interest Income

  33. Should Your 401(k) Be In An Annuity?

  34. An Introduction To Fiduciary Advisors

  35. Income Funds 101

  36. Happily Married? File Taxes Separately!

  37. Taxing Times For Divorced Parents

  38. A Close Look At Certified Senior Designations

  39. Build Your Own Annuity

  40. Get A Tax Credit For Your Foreign Investments

  41. Boost Earnings Through Financial Planning

  42. The Basics Of REIT Taxation

  43. Finding A Retirement-Friendly State

  44. Spoil Your Grandkids, Cut Your Tax Bill

  45. Insuring Against The Loss Of A Homemaker

  46. Avoid The Social Security Tax Trap

  47. Form 9465: Don't Pay Your Back Taxes Without It

  48. An Overview Of Itemized Deductions

  49. Keeping Up With Your Continuing Education

  50. An Introduction To The Options Industry Council

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