Mark P. Cussen, CFP®, CMFC, AFC


  1. Last-Minute Strategies To Help Pay For College

  2. How To Appeal Your IRS Audit

  3. Top Student Loan Providers

  4. Cut Your Tax Bill With Donor-Advised Funds

  5. Debt Consolidation: When It Helps, When It Doesn't

  6. 7 Ways To Consolidate Debt

  7. Special Trusts For Special Needs

  8. Deducting Disaster: Casualty And Theft Losses

  9. Is Whole Life An Obsolete Product?

  10. What Kind Of Financial Plan Makes Sense For You?

  11. The Rise of 401(k) Brokerage Accounts

  12. Divorcing? The Right Way to Split Retirement Plans

  13. An Introduction To Target Date Funds

  14. Is Annuitization Your Best Strategy?

  15. Bulk Up Your Retirement

  16. Credit vs. Debit Cards: Which is Better?

  17. Avoid Taxes on IRA Rollovers

  18. What is an Iron Butterfly Option Strategy?

  19. Introduction to Leveraged ETFs

  20. Money Habits Of The Millennials

  21. Tax Issues For Same-Sex Spouses

  22. A Closer Look At Accelerated Benefit Riders

  23. How Restricted Stock And RSUs Are Taxed

  24. Oil: A Big Investment With Big Tax Breaks

  25. Would A Retirement Plan Overhaul Fix Our Savings Shortfall?

  26. America's Compensation Gap Shows No Signs Of Slowing

  27. How To Read The Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index

  28. Introduction To Retirement Money Market Accounts

  29. The Difference Between Emerging And Frontier Markets

  30. Which Order To Use? Stop-Loss Or Stop-Limit Orders

  31. Introduction To Financial Planning Organizations

  32. Should You Offer Alternative Investments?

  33. Introduction To STRIPS

  34. Understanding Interest Rates: Nominal, Real And Effective

  35. Top 4 Financial Jobs You Can Do From Home

  36. Income, Value and Growth Stocks

  37. Introduction to Treasury Securities

  38. Tax Forms Every Investor Must Understand

  39. The Basics Of The T-Bill

  40. Why Financial Advisors Need To Earn The CFP Mark

  41. The Pros And Cons Of Pension Maximization

  42. The Basics Of A 401(k) Retirement Plan

  43. How Your VantageScore Credit Report Is Calculated

  44. Breaking Down Financial Securities Licenses

  45. OTCBB and OTC Markets Group

  46. Introduction To Commercial Paper

  47. The Basics Of CFP Designation Maintenance

  48. Capital Losses and Tax

  49. Investing In Stock Rights And Warrants

  50. The Key To CFP Exam Success

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