Amy Fontinelle

Amy Fontinelle

Amy Fontinelle is a writer, editor, and personal finance expert. Her clients include personal finance websites, financial institutions, public policy organizations, academic journals and professional economists. She has written hundreds of articles on budgeting, credit cards, mortgages, real estate, investing and other topics. In addition to Investopedia, her articles have been featured on the homepage of Yahoo! and on Yahoo! Finance,,, Bankrate and other websites. 

In addition to her personal finance articles, Amy writes business-to-business copy and composes ghostwritten and content marketing pieces. She polishes articles and papers written by economists, consultants and other professionals who need to communicate clearly and compellingly through their writing. She has also defined hundreds of financial terms for Investopedia's online dictionary and written in-depth tutorials on budgeting, banking, investing and home buying. Learn more about Amy at

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  1. High Net Worth Strategy

    When Are Rent-to-Own Homes a Good Idea?

    The rent-to-own model for buying a house can benefit those in a specific financial situation.
  2. Real Estate

    8 Reasons to Sell Your Home with an Agent

    Is saving the seller's side of the agent's commission worth the trouble of selling your home without one?
  3. Financial Analysis


    Reconciliation is the key process used to determine whether the money leaving an account matches the amount spent, ensuring ...
  4. High Net Worth Strategy

    Zillow Estimates: Not As Accurate As You Think

    Zillow uses a variety of data to calculate its "Zestimates." But anything from the wrong property details to missing upgrades ...
  5. Career / Compensation

    4 Essential Questions to Ask at the End of a Job Interview

    Ask these questions if you want to leave a great final impression on hiring managers and establish yourself as a top candidate. ...
  6. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Reverse Mortgages Could Get More Risky for Spouses

    Surviving spouses who aren't on reverse mortgage documents are in danger of losing their homes, thanks to wording in a recent ...
  7. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    The 5 Biggest Factors That Affect Your Credit

    Credit companies rely on these factors to determine whether to lend to you and at what rate.
  8. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    10 Reasons to Use Your Credit Card

    Charging purchases is not always a no-no. In fact, there are some very sound reasons for choosing this option.
  9. High Net Worth Strategy

    7 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Life

    Find out what you can do to prepare and cope in tough economic times.
  10. Crime & Fraud

    Identity Theft Protection Services: Worth Having?

    Start here before deciding whether you need this coverage.
  11. Company Insights

    Key Differences Between Uber and Lyft

    As Uber and Lyft battle it out for market share, here's a breakdown of the key differences.
  12. Retirement Living

    Penny-Pinching: Your Best Weapon vs. Retirement Uncertainty

    Enjoying a comfortable retirement, now or later, may depend more than you realize on getting your spending habits under control. ...
  13. High Net Worth Strategy

    IPO vs. Staying Private: Pros & Cons of Each Model

    Taking your company public or staying private? Doing an IPO is costly and time-consuming; it also means you now have stockholders ...
  14. Markets & Economy


    The act of trading goods and services between two or more parties without the use of money. Bartering benefits companies ...
  15. Retirement Living

    How to Plan Retirement in Ecuador

    A wonderful climate, World Heritage sites and a low cost of living are just some of the reasons to retire to Ecuador. Here's ...
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