Amy Fontinelle

Amy Fontinelle

Amy Fontinelle is a financial journalist and editor for a variety of websites, public policy organizations, and book publishers. She has written hundreds of published articles and blog posts on topics including budgeting, credit management, real estate and investing. Her articles have been featured on the homepage of Yahoo! and on Yahoo! Finance,, and numerous local news websites.Amy has also written definitions of several hundred financial terms for Investopedia's online dictionary as well as in-depth tutorials on budgeting, banking and home buying. In addition, Amy has extensive experience editing corporate documents, public policy papers and articles, scholarly books and finance articles.You can read more of Amy's personal finance articles at Two Pennies Earned, her own personal finance website, and learn more about Amy at

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  1. Term


    This U.S. program grants pre-approved travelers access to a faster Customs and Border Protection process at land border crossings from Mexico into the U.S.
  2. Economics

    Janet Yellen Vs. Alan Greenspan: Who Is The Better Fed Head?

    We examine how these two histories Fed chairpeople differ and the impact of their views and actions on the world economy.
  3. Term

    Recurring Billing

    When a merchant automatically charges a cardholder for specified goods or services on a prearranged schedule.
  4. Term

    Credit Card Authentication

    The merchant’s process of making sure a customer’s credit card is valid.
  5. Term

    Personal Guarantee

    An individual’s legal promise to repay charges to a business credit card.
  6. Investing

    The Jolting Rise Of The Energy Drinks Industry

    We present a full analysis of the energy drink industry, including main players and emerging challengers.
  7. Term

    Opt Out Right

    A consumer’s authority under the 2009 Credit CARD Act to disagree with a credit card issuer’s proposed changes to interest rates or fees.
  8. Term

    Thin File

    A limited credit history which can make it difficult to get credit or get approved for a loan.
  9. Term

    FAKO Score

    A derogatory term for a credit score that is not one of the FICO scores lenders pull when deciding whether to approve a loan application or extend credit.
  10. Term


    A debtor who doesn’t have any assets that a creditor can collect after winning a lawsuit that requires the debtor to pay.
  11. Term

    Zero Balance Card

    A credit card on which a consumer does not owe any money because he or she has paid any balances owed in full and has not made any new purchases.
  12. Term

    Upfront Pricing

    The interest rates and fees stated in a credit card agreement when the card is issued.
  13. Term


    Misleading or harmful behaviors by those who offer financial products or services to consumers.
  14. Term

    Military Bank

    A financial institution that offers services tailored to members of the military.
  15. Term

    Judgment Proof

    Someone who doesn’t have enough assets for a creditor to seize when a court order requires debt repayment.
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