Amy Fontinelle

Amy Fontinelle

Amy Fontinelle is a financial journalist and editor for a variety of websites, public policy organizations, and book publishers. She has written hundreds of published articles and blog posts on topics including budgeting, credit management, real estate and investing. Her articles have been featured on the homepage of Yahoo! and on Yahoo! Finance,, and numerous local news websites.Amy has also written definitions of several hundred financial terms for Investopedia's online dictionary as well as in-depth tutorials on budgeting, banking and home buying. In addition, Amy has extensive experience editing corporate documents, public policy papers and articles, scholarly books and finance articles.You can read more of Amy's personal finance articles at Two Pennies Earned, her own personal finance website, and learn more about Amy at

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  1. Term

    Processing Date

    The month, day and year when a merchant’s bank processes a credit or debit card transaction that has been authorized between a merchant and a customer.
  2. Term

    Settlement Bank

    The entity that facilitates the exchange of money between the banks that issue consumers’ cards and the banks that manage merchants’ card transactions.
  3. Term

    Per Transaction Fees

    An expense a business must pay each time it processes a customer’s credit or debit card transaction.
  4. Term

    Tax Deductible Interest

    A borrowing expense that a taxpayer can claim on a federal or state tax return to reduce taxable income.
  5. Term

    Satisfaction And Release

    Formal paperwork stating that a consumer has paid the full amount owed under a court judgment.
  6. Term

    Exposure Trigger

    An event that causes a policyholder’s insurance coverage to kick in.
  7. Term

    Beach Plan

    Property insurance for coastal property owners who have a high exposure to windstorm and hail losses.
  8. Term

    Primary Account Number (PAN)

    The 14, 15 or 16 digit number that appears on the primary account holder’s credit card.
  9. Term

    Schumer Box

    A table that appears in credit card agreements showing basic information about the card’s rates and fees.
  10. Term

    Batch Credit Card Processing

    The process of a merchant processing all of its authorized credit card transactions for the day after the close of business.
  11. Term

    Credit Card Posting

    Adding recent transactions to a consumer’s credit card account.
  12. Term

    Merchant Agreement

    A contract between a business and a credit card service provider.
  13. Term

    Attractive Nuisances

    An item, located on a property, that is appealing but potentially hazardous, especially to children.
  14. Term

    Stipulated Judgment

    A court order that requires one party to pay another party a specified amount of money.
  15. Term

    Synthetic Identity Theft

    A type of fraud in which a criminal combines real (usually stolen) and fake information to create a new identity.
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