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  1. Fundamental Analysis

    Valuing Firms Using Present Value Of Free Cash Flows

    When trying to evaluate a company, it always comes down to determining the value of the free cash flows and discounting them to today.
  2. Retirement

    6 Worst Financial Mistakes And Why You Made Them

    Many of our worst financial mistakes spring from the best intentions.
  3. Fundamental Analysis

    Calculating Covariance For Stocks

    Learn how to figure out how two stocks might move together in the future by calculating covariance.
  4. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of ETFs

    You've probably heard that ETFs are better than mutual funds, but you need to consider all aspects before investing.
  5. Bonds & Fixed Income

    4 Types Of Money Market Yields

    We give you four equations to help figure out the yields on your investments.
  6. Personal Finance

    New Regulations For Gold Trading Set

    Margins have been raised and new regulations are in place for gold trading. How is this going to affect investors?
  7. Professionals

    The Series 79 Exam: What It Is And When You Need It

    If you're getting into the field of investment banking, you'll need to know all about the Series 79.
  8. Investing Basics

    The Highest Priced Stocks In America

    These stocks don't come without a hefty price tag. But are they worth it?
  9. Professionals

    Introduction To The Series 65 Exam

    The Series 65 is required in many states in order to be a fee-based advisor. Find out what it is and whether you need it.
  10. Markets

    Valuing A Stock With Supernormal Dividend Growth Rates

    If these calculations are off, it could drastically change the value of the shares.
  11. Insurance

    5 Types Of Workers Who Respond To Disaster

    When a disaster occurs, eager workers are usually needed to help. Check out a few types of workers who jump into action.
  12. Forex Education

    How To Calculate Required Rate Of Return

    The required rate of return is used by investors and corporations to evaluate investments. Find out how to calculate it.
  13. Personal Finance

    Protesting With Your Money: Does It Work?

    You have more power than you think when you protest with your wallet rather than your voice.
  14. Insurance

    5 Jobs That Cash In On Disasters

    Disasters just happen, but there are many businesses that are able to make the best of them.
  15. Budgeting

    Your Worst Financial Mistakes And Why You Made Them

    No one intends to make a financial mistake, but an unexpected disaster or poor planning could leave you in financial distress.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Great Dividend Yield Payouts

    In good times more risk can be taken. But for now, let's look at a couple of companies paying shareholders a healthy dividend.
  17. Forex Education

    8 Simple Investing Ratios You Need To Know

    Investing is a complex and often daunting experience, these equations are actually quite simple.
  18. Trading Strategies

    Is there a buy-and-hold strategy in forex, or is the only ...

    Typically there are different ways to trade in most markets. Traders have been classified into three groups, primarily based on the time frame they prefer to trade. For simplicity, we can label these three ...
  19. Stock Analysis

    Lithium Ion Battery Stocks

    Instead of trying to pick the best cellular phone company, electric car or green energy business to invest in, look at what they all use: lithium ion batteries.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Stocks To Guard Your Portfolio

    Finding the right stock to reduce volatility is not as exciting, but it is essential to building a lasting portfolio and protecting your funds.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Battery-Powered Car Stocks Gaining Momentum

    With Tesla's new IPO the battery-powered car is gaining hype and momentum. Should you get on board, or take a peek under the hood first?
  22. Personal Finance

    The Goldman Sachs Accusation Explained

    Despite the airtime this scandal has received, the details aren't clear. Find out what happened and how it affects you.
  23. Stock Analysis

    High Dividends In Consumer Non-Cyclicals

    Here are five stocks with dividend yields over 5% with a solid company behind them.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Companies Buying Their Own Shares

    When a company believes in the prospects of its firm, investing in itself is common.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Dividends With Earnings Growth

    These healthcare and pharma companies have a solid dividend and increasing earnings over the last five years.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Top Price To Book Picks

    Book value per share is not everything, but it can help you find great stocks. Here are some top price to book leaders.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Strong Dividends Worth A Look

    Dividend stocks could give you the steady stream of income whilt the market begins the turn around.
  28. Professionals

    The U.K.'s Most Dangerous Jobs

    For most office works, the only on-the-job health hazards are spilled coffee or the occasional paper cut, but there are many workers who battle fatal injuries on the job every day.
  29. Forex Education

    Look Smart: Financial Calculations You Can Do In Your Head

    Ditch your financial calculator and use these handy tips for estimating complex financial calculations on the fly.
  30. Professionals

    The conduit theory...

    A. leads to the SEC's preference to allow exchanges to self-regulate.B. suggests that expenditure is the key to governing the level of business activity.C. suggests that monetary supply is the key to governing ...
  31. Investing

    Under the Investment Company Act of 1940, an investment ...

    A. $25,000B. $50,000C. $100,000D. $500,000 Correct answer: CAn investment company (mutual fund) must have at least $100,000 in assets before selling shares to the public.
  32. Active Trading Fundamentals

    On This Day In Finance: July 7, 2003 - WorldCom Pays $75 ...

    WorldCom is ordered to pay fines in a civil case, as a result of fudging the numbers.
  33. Professionals

    Which statement(s) is/are FALSE about market risk?

    I. It is mitigated by writing calls.II. It includes the risk the investor will lose invested principal.III. It is the same as systemic risk.IV. It is mitigated by buying defensive stocks.A. I onlyB. II ...
  34. Credit & Loans

    On This Day In Finance: July 2 - Asian Financial Crisis

    in 1997, the Asian financial crisis gains traction as the Thai baht begins to float.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Golden Portfolio Guardians

    Investors seeking to stabilize a shaky portfolio often look to gold. We examine a few of the gold plays likely to shine brightest.
  36. Professionals

    What does churning mean?

    A. Trading with yourself, or with someone else in attempt to make the tape appear more active than it really is.B. Trading in front of client orders in a principal account.C. Excessively trading in a client's ...
  37. Trading Strategies

    On This Day In Finance: June 29 - Apple iPhone

    The iPhone becomes a reality.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Five Stocks Buying Back Shares

    When companies buy their own stock, it can be an indicator of good things to come. Here are a few to watch.
  39. Professionals

    All of these apply to an option exercise notice EXCEPT:

    A. It is made through the OCC.B. It must be executed by 4:30 p.m. CT the day before the expiration date.C. It is not executed if the option expires.D. It is determined on a random or FIFO basis. Correct ...
  40. Stock Analysis

    5 Stocks With Low P/Es And High Dividends

    Finding undervalued gems can help boost porfolio returns. Check out five potential diamonds in the rough.
  41. Entrepreneurship

    On This Day In Finance: June 19 - Two "Loopy" Million-Dollar ...

    Cheerios and the Hula Hoop were both created on this day. Coincidence?
  42. Professionals

    Which statement about the New York Stock Exchange is FALSE?

    A. It is a self-regulating organization.B. Employees of members cannot open accounts at competing broker-dealers.C. It permits coded accounts.D. It requires written authorization from a customer before ...
  43. Budgeting

    On This Day In Finance: June 16 - 76th Anniversary Of The ...

    The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 would reform the banking indusry, and attempt to protect the average investor.
  44. Brokers

    On This Day In Finance: June 11 - CFA Day

    On this day in 1947, the association of investment professionals was formed.
  45. Professionals

    Which statement is FALSE about a prospectus issued under ...

    A. It is a summary of the registration statement.B. A preliminary version is often called a "red herring".C. It provides information about the issuing company, its management and the securities to be offered.D. ...
  46. Retirement

    On This Day In Finance: June 8 - New Deal Again

    Troubled economic times, loss of trust in financial institutions, high unemployment, and the need to stimulate the economy, sound familiar?
  47. Personal Finance

    On This Day In Finance: June 3 - Alexander Graham Bell Creates ...

    On this day in 1880, Bell transmitted the first wireless telephone message.
  48. Professionals

    Given the below information, all of the following statements ...

    $150,000 long market value$(100,000) debit balance$50,000 credit balance$5,000 SMANo short interest at present Reg T margin requirements: 50% initial 25% maintenanceA. The owner of the account can expect ...
  49. Professionals

    All of the following statements about convertible bonds ...

    A. If all of the bonds are converted, the stockholders will benefit.B. They depreciate when the stock rises in value.C. They typically carry lower interest rates than non-convertible bonds.D. They receive ...
  50. Professionals

    An investor is in the 36% tax bracket and holds municipal ...

    A. 8.0%B. 22.2%C. 9.3%D. 12.5% Correct answer: D "A" divides 1-minus-tax-rate by the tax-exempt yield, instead of vice versa, and the sloppy mathematician will not notice the order-of-magnitude problem ...
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