Ayton MacEachern

  1. Investing

    What is the difference between a shareholder and a stakeholder?

    Shareholders are stakeholders in a corporation, but stakeholders are not always shareholders. A shareholder owns part of a company through stock ownership, while a stakeholder is interested in the performance ...
  2. Savings

    Canadian Grants And Tax Credits Fund Education

    RESPs and other grants help parents save for post-secondary education for their children.
  3. Retirement

    What is the difference between risk tolerance and risk capacity?

    Risk tolerance and risk capacity are two concepts that need to be understood clearly before making investment decisions for yourself or for a client. Together, the two help to determine the amount of risk ...
  4. Options & Futures

    Is it possible to trade forex options?

    Yes. Options are available for trading in almost every type of investment that trades in a market. Most investors are familiar with stock or equity options, however options are available to the retail ...
  5. Taxes

    How can I use layaway plans for budgeting?

    Layaway plans are a way to buy larger items without having to come up with the entire cost at once, and without paying the exorbanant interest fees associated with most credit cards. Many stores will even ...
  6. Forex

    How do I use an arbitrage strategy in forex trading?

    Forex arbitrage is a risk-free trading strategy that allows retail forex traders to make a profit with no open currency exposure. The strategy involves acting fast on opportunities presented by pricing ...
  7. Forex

    How are international exchange rates set?

    International currency exchange rates display how much one unit of a currency can be exchanged for another currency. Currency exchange rates can be floating, in which case they change continually based ...
  8. Options & Futures

    What should I look for when choosing a forex trading platform?

    A trading platform is a piece of software that acts as a conduit for information between a trader and a broker. A trading platform provides information such as quotes and charts, and includes an interface ...
  9. Retirement

    Lazy Portfolio Strategies For Your RRSP

    Check out this cheap and easy way to secure good returns for the long term.
  10. Options & Futures

    How much money do I need to start trading?

    The step toward becoming an active trader is a big one, because the world of active trading is quite different from that of casual investing. It is important to understand the implications of making the ...
  11. Investing

    What does it mean when "N/A" appears for a company's P/E ...

    A "N/A" reported in a stock's price-to-earnings ratio (P/E), can mean one of two things. The first, and simplest, would be that there is no data at time of reporting to calculate this ratio. This will ...
  12. Forex Education

    Take Advantage Of Moves In The Dollar - Get Started With ...

    With the threat of currency devaluation due to government borrowing, the volatility in the value of currencies will continue. How can you take advantage of this?
  13. Forex

    Where is the central location of the forex market?

    There is no central location of the foreign exchange market, often referred to as the forex (FX) market. Transactions in the FX market take place in many different forms, 24 hours a day, through different ...
  14. Investing

    How does the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention ...

    The passage of the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008 at the end of July 2008 made about $15 billion of tax incentives available to Americans impacted by the mortgage crisis. ...
  15. Options & Futures

    What is hedging as it relates to forex trading?

    When a currency trader enters into a trade with the intent of protecting an existing or anticipated position from an unwanted move in the foreign currency exchange rates, they can be said to have entered ...
  16. Forex

    What is the best method of analysis for forex trading?

    Types Of Analysis Used In ForexForex analysis is used by the retail forex day trader to determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at any one time. Forex analysis could be technical in nature, using ...
  17. Personal Finance

    Creating A Tax-Deductible Canadian Mortgage

    Find out how to get a tax benefit from your mortgage like your neighbours to the south.
  18. Investing

    One of my stocks missed the deadline to file its quarterly ...

    The date and time that a company releases its earnings is very important because investors looking to buy or sell the particular security are counting on the information to help make a decision. When the ...
  19. Investing

    What is the difference between "hard money" and "soft money"?

    Hard money and soft money are terms that are often used to describe coin money and paper money, respectively. However, these terms are also used to refer to political contributions in the United States, ...
  20. Forex

    Is scalping a viable forex trading strategy?

    Scalping in the forex market involves trading currencies based on a set of real-time analysis. The purpose of scalping is to make a profit by buying or selling currencies and holding the position for a ...
  21. Options & Futures

    What types of accounts are available for forex trading?

    There are many different types of forex accounts available to the retail forex trader. Demo accounts are offered by forex brokers as a way to introduce traders to their software and execution methods. ...
  22. Forex

    How do I calculate forex pivot points?

    Pivot points were originally developed by floor traders in the equity and commodity exchanges. They are calculated based on the high, low and closing prices of previous trading sessions, and are used by ...
  23. Investing

    How can I find out if a company I like is included in an ...

    There are a few ways to find out what indexes a company is involved in, and investors should take note of them when they are building their portfolios. Knowing what indexes a company's stock is a part ...
  24. Forex

    What are the advantages of using a mini forex account for ...

    A mini forex trading account involves using a trading lot that is one-tenth the size of the standard lot of 100,000 units. In a mini lot, one pip of a currency pair based in U.S. dollars is equal to $1, ...
  25. Investing

    What is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to buy a ...

    Bonds usually can be purchased from a bond broker through full service or discount brokerage channels, similar to the way stocks are purchased from a stockbroker. Dealing with a bond broker can be prohibitive ...
  26. Chart Advisor

    Playing Xs and Os With Alaska Air (ALK)

    Playing Xs and Os With Alaska Air
  27. Stock Analysis

    Bernie "Made-off" With Banks' Billions

    The US$50 billion Ponzi scheme allegedly orchestrated by Bernard Madoff has victimized rich and poor across the globe.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Is Darwinism Dead?

    Is government intervention messing with nature's cycle of life?
  29. Chart Advisor

    China Buying Up Metal And Pushing ACH Upward

    Using the +DI indicator, the -DI indicator, and their derivative ADX indicator, traders can find stocks that are starting to trend.
  30. Chart Advisor

    Steep Hill To Climb For United Parcel Service (UPS)

    A consort of sell signals is telling traders that the bears may have taken control of UPS.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Banking On Bailout Bucks

    With American Express and GM seeking bank (and bailout) status, who will be next?
  32. Chart Advisor

    Lighting The Way With Candlesticks

    Learn how candlesticks let you quickly spot the continuation or reversal of a near term trend.
  33. Stock Analysis

    5 Large Volume Stocks For Oct. 7 Morning

    A list and discussion of five stocks trading on high volume Tuesday morning.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Top 5 Volume Stocks For September 16

    A look at five of the most active stocks in the market by midday, with a focus on embattled AIG.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Gas Shortage Hits Oil-Rich Alberta

    A problem at a Petro Canada refinery left many pumps dry in Western Canada. Will this hurt the company's long term performance?
  36. Chart Advisor

    Two Candlestick Patterns Predicting A Top

    We find some tops in two stocks using a couple of different candlestick patterns.
  37. Chart Advisor

    Three Stocks Beginning An Upward Trend

    Using the +DI indicator, the -DI indicator, and their derivative ADX indicator, traders can find stocks that are starting to trend.
  38. Chart Advisor

    Two Candlestick Patterns Predicting A Bottom

    This article tries to find some bottoms in four stocks using two different candlestick patterns.
  39. Chart Advisor

    Three Stocks Ready To Pull Back

    Three Stocks that are nearing previous levels of resistance, could be due for a pull back.
  40. Chart Advisor

    Philip Morris Going Up In Smoke? (PM)

    After trying to break through previous highs, Philip Morris has lost some steam, with indicators pointing that there is more to come.
  41. Stock Analysis

    These Bears Are In The Garbage

    Waste management companies have been thrown into the dumpster this past month. This edition focuses on Veolia Environment.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Five Big Bears Ready To Roar For July 2

    Weekly commentary on some of the biggest bears in the market. This week features two Morgan Stanley closed-end investment funds.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Five Stock Picks For Obama Backers

    We've compiled an index of companies whose high-profile executives have made large contributions to Obama's campaign.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Five Big Bulls To Know For Friday The 13th

    Weekly commentary on some of the biggest bulls in the market. This week features James River Coal Company.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Investing The 'Sex and the City' Way

    Can Carrie, Samantha and Big guide you to great portfolio returns? We create an index based on product placements from the movie.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Five Big Bears Ready To Roar On May 13

    Weekly commentary on some of the biggest bears in the market. This week features Washington Mutual.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Five Big Bulls To Know For Friday

    These companies have all produced big gains this week, but Northwest Airlines may be the one to watch.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Five Big Bulls To Know For Friday

    Weekly commentary on some of the biggest bulls in the market. This week features Volterra Semiconductor and Transocean Inc.