Kristina Zucchi, CFA


  1. What Is Sallie Mae And How Does It Work?

  2. How A Company Files With The SEC

  3. Pharmaceutical Vs. Biotech Investing: Is It Worth The Risk?

  4. EDGAR: Investors' One-Stop-Shop For Company Filings

  5. Technical Vs. Fundamental Investing - Friends Or Foes?

  6. Investing In Healthcare Facilities

  7. Yield Investing: Dividend, Earnings And FCF

  8. How To Play The OTC Pink Stocks

  9. Understanding Off-Balance Sheet Financing

  10. Breaking Down The Geometric Mean

  11. Use Caution Trading Pink Sheet Stocks

  12. Mutual Funds: Management Fees Vs. MER

  13. Inflation's Impact On Stock Returns

  14. Introduction To International CAPM

  15. Financial Markets: Capital Vs. Money Markets

  16. Know Your Stock Cost Basis

  17. Why Your Pension Plan Has Sovereign Debt In It

  18. Derivatives 101

  19. Asset Allocation: The First Step Toward Profit

  20. Investing In Health Insurance Companies

  21. Services That Health Insurers Often Decline

  22. 4 Steps To Picking A Stock

  23. Strategies For Part-Time Forex Traders

  24. The Pros And Cons Of Trading Forex In An Overseas Account

  25. Profiting From A Weak U.S. Dollar

  26. 4 Common Active Trading Strategies

  27. Stock Scandals: Why Some Companies Survive

  28. Why You Should Understand The Stock Market

  29. How To Avoid Emotional Investing

  30. When Geographic Diversification Fails

  31. The Impact Of Sell-Side Research

  32. How Corporate Events Affect Stock- And Bondholders

  33. Pick Better Stocks By Consulting Form 10-K

  34. Conference Calls: Press 1 For Investment Insight

  35. Understanding Oil Industry Terminology

  36. Investing In The Healthcare Sector

  37. Finding Value In A Sideways Market

  38. Take Control With Investing Absolutes

  39. Value Investing Using The Enterprise Multiple

  40. Spotlight On The Solar Industry

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