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Stock Analysis

  1. PBMs: Making The Most Of Generics

    PBMs stand to benefit from the generic introduction of blockbuster drugs. Has the ...
  2. Consolidation In The Orthopedic Market?

    Consolidation in the orthopedic market has been fueling market rumors.
  3. 4 Non-Cyclical Growth Stocks Increasing Dividends

    These companies may be difficult to find, but they do exist!
  4. Revenue Cycle Management In Hospitals: Endless Opportunities

    Revenue cycle managment services are key to helping hospitals survive, and later ...
  5. Where To Find Safety Among Uncertainty

    Find areas of safety among the geopolitical and economic market worries.
  6. The Falling Dollar - The Debate Rages On

    The long- and short-term effects of the falling dollar.
  7. How The Republican Wins Are Benefiting HMOs

    With the injection of some business-friendly allies, the HMOs, at least for the time ...
  8. GE: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    Re-shaping GE's portfolio of businesses is not an easy task.
  9. Beaten Down Stocks With Expected High Growth

    These four value stocks have high expected growth, especially when compared to their ...
  10. Labs Benefit From Cost Controls On Healthcare

    Lab companies that have increasing volumes and new products should benefit with margin ...
  11. Health Reform Act Gives Hospitals Potential Upside

    While changes are projected to take effect extremely slowly, hospitals should experience ...
  12. 4 Cheap, High-Quality Stocks

    Stocks trading below the S&P 500 P/E average are cheap, but are they a good buy? ...
  13. 4 Stocks At 52-Week Lows

    Stocks hitting 52-week lows may be ripe for stock appreciation.
  14. 5 Healthcare IT Stocks To Know

    Healthcare IT has many players. We look at which ones provide some payback for investors. ...
  15. 4 Telecoms Outpacing The 10 Year Treasury Yield

    The 10 year treasury is getting more attention than these telecom stocks with superior ...
  16. 4 Companies with High Free Cash Flow Yield

    High free cash flow yield indicates strong return for the shareholders.
  17. Revealing Four Companies' Earnings Quality

    How to perform a quick quality test to ascertain a company's earnings quality.
  18. Does The Entertainment Industry Depend On A Strong Economy?

    In a stronger economy, would customers be as picky about spending money on entertainment ...
  19. Exploit Market Inefficiencies With Pair Trades

    Although in the long run the market is efficient, in the short term there are market ...
  20. BP's Management: Will A Change Do The Company Good?

    BP announced that it will replace CEO Tony Haward. How will investors take the news? ...
  21. Low Prices, Weak Sentiment Means Strong Stocks

    Weak consumer sentiment and low prices result in strong stock performance for some ...
  22. Is The Copper Supercycle Intact?

    Copper has been on a strong bull cycle since 2001. Is the cycle intact or has it ...
  23. Investing In The Care Side Of Healthcare

    Delivering high quality care should be big business, but is it a good investment? ...
  24. Companies Benefitting From The Oil Spill

    The Gulf Oil Spill has its beneficiaries as well as the one big hit.
  25. 4 High-Paying Dividend Stocks To Know

    These four stocks beat the matra of high-yield with high-growth
  26. Taking Stock In A Vacation

    The return of the leisure traveler should benefit these companies.
  27. Investing in Earth Day

    As Earth Day passes, understanding how to invest in an earth-friendly manner is sometimes ...
  28. Leveraging Air Travel Trends

    As a result of the recession, companies that support the air travel industry by supplying ...
  29. Tap Into Profits With Water Investments

    The need for safe and availabe drinking water is a growing global industry.
  30. Do Debt Levels Predict Stock Prices?

    The balance sheet plays a role in stock price movement, but is debt the most important ...
  31. Leveraging A Recovery In Home Improvement

    BWAY, a container packaging company, has strong ties to the home improvement market ...
  32. Are Temp Workers Benefiting From The Jobless Rate?

    Not all workers are suffering in this high unemployment period. Temp workers seem ...
  33. 4 U.S. Companies With High Currency Exposure

    The U.S. dollar has been strengthening against the euro which is a bad sign for the ...
  34. 4 Top-Down Stocks For Your Portfolio

    These four stocks anticipate growing and lasting trends in the global economy.
  35. Universal Healthcare: A Win For Health Insurers?

    Will a universal health plan help or hinder the health insurers?
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