Brent Radcliffe

Brent Radcliffe

Brent Radcliffe is a digital analyst with a software company based in the Washington, DC area. He is a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in International Economics, and minors in both French and International Relations. Radcliffe is a freelance writer covering topics related to economics, trade and investing.

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  1. Markets & Economy

    The Basics of Tariffs And Trade Barriers

    Everything you need to know - from the different types of tariffs to their effects on the local economy.
  2. Small Business

    Millennials: Finances, Investing, & Retirement

    The generation born between 1982 and 2004. The Millennial generation follows Generation X in order of demographic cohorts ...
  3. Trading

    Time and Sales

    Time and Sales is a real-time data feed of trade orders for a security. Time and sales, or T&S, shows volume, price, ...
  4. Insurance

    Intermediary Clause

    An intermediary clause is a provision that identifies the individuals or companies acting as a broker in a reinsurance contract.
  5. Markets & Economy

    Better Alternative Trading System (BATS)

    Better Alternative Trading System (BATS) is a U.S.-based stock exchange offering investors equities, options, and foreign ...
  6. Insurance

    Large-Line Capacity Insurance

    Large-Line Capacity is the maximum amount of liability that an insurer can take on in a single policy.
  7. Insurance

    Insolvency Clause

    An insolvency clause is a reinsurance contract clause that requires the reinsurer to uphold its obligations even if the ceding ...
  8. Insurance

    Composite Rate

    Composite rate is an insurance premium that is based on the average risk profile for a group rather than the risk profile ...
  9. Insurance

    Exposure Rating

    Exposure Rating is a method used to calculate risk exposure in a reinsurance treaty without the reinsurer having previous ...
  10. Insurance

    Declaratory Judgment

    A declaratory judgment is a type of legal action that outlines the rights and obligations of each party in a contract.
  11. Insurance

    Civil Authority Clause

    Civil Authority Clause is an insurance policy provision which outlines how loss of business income coverage applies when ...
  12. Trading Instruments

    Cash-And-Carry Trade

    A trading strategy in which an investor buys a long position in a security or commodity while simultaneously selling a short ...
  13. Markets & Economy


    Reimbursement is compensation paid by an organization for out-of-pocket expenses incurred or overpayment made by an employee, ...
  14. Markets & Economy


    Manufacturing is the processing of raw materials into finished goods through the use of tools and processes.
  15. Women & Money

    Glass Ceiling

    Glass Ceiling is an artificial barrier that prevent women and minorities from being promoted to managerial-level positions ...
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