Brent Radcliffe

Brent Radcliffe

Brent Radcliffe is a digital analyst with a software company based in the Washington, DC area. He is a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in International Economics, with minors in both French and International Relations. Radcliffe is a freelance writer covering topics related to economics, trade and investing.

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  1. Term

    Quick Response (QR) Code

    A type of bar code which can be read by a digital device, and which stores information.
  2. Term

    Aggregate Stop-Loss Reinsurance

    A type of reinsurance agreement in which losses over a specific amount are covered solely by the reinsurer and not by the ceding company.
  3. Term

    Priori Loss Estimates

    A technique used by insurance companies to calculate loss reserves.
  4. Term

    Behavioral Modeling

    Using available and relevant consumer and business spending data to estimate future behavior.
  5. Term

    Business Guarantee

    A credit card agreement in which any debts accrued on a corporate card are considered the sole responsibility of the business.
  6. Term

    Combined Guarantee

    A credit card agreement in which any debts accrued on the card are considered the responsibility of more than one party.
  7. Term

    Authorization Only

    A type of sale transaction that creates a pending transaction in a cardholder’s account that can be settled at a later date.
  8. Term

    Transaction Identifier

    A unique identifier assigned by a business to each transaction made with a debit or credit card.
  9. Term

    Reference Number

    A unique identifier assigned to each transaction made using a credit or debit card.
  10. Term


    A credit card account which is increasingly delinquent, and in which no effort in making payments is made.
  11. Term

    Yield On Earning Assets

    A financial solvency ratio that compares a financial institution’s interest income to its earning assets.
  12. Term

    Buyout Settlement Clause

    An insurance contract provision that allows the insured to refuse a settlement offer proposed by the insurer and the claimant.
  13. Term

    Mandatory Binding Arbitration

    A contract provision that requires the parties to resolve contract disputes before an arbitrator rather than through the court system.
  14. Term

    Mail Or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule

    A regulation that controls businesses that sell products over the mail, telephone, or over the Internet.
  15. Term

    Alternative Methods Of Payment (AMOP)

    Payments that are not made with cash. Alternative methods of payment, or AMOP, include payments made using a credit or debit card, loyalty program points, as well as adding the cost of an item to another ...
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