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  1. Kickback


    The payment of something of value to an individual with the goal of persuading or influencing his or her decision or performance in a certain situation.
  2. Strategic Management

    Strategic Management

    The management of an organization’s resources in order to achieve its goals and objectives.
  3. Performance Management

    Performance Management

    The management of employees, departments, and organizations to ensure that goals and objectives are being reached efficiently and effectively.
  4. Assembly Line

    Assembly Line

    A production process that breaks the manufacture of a good into steps that are completed in a pre-defined sequence. Assembly lines are the most commonly used method in the mass production of products. ...
  5. Copyright Infringement

    Copyright Infringement

    The use or production of copyright protected material without the permission of the copyright holder.
  6. Social Enterprise

    Social Enterprise

    An organization that is directly involved in the sale of goods and services to a market, but that also has specific social objectives that serve as its primary purpose.
  7. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

    A technology that allows the identification of an item using radio waves.
  8. Market Leader

    Market Leader

    A company that has the largest market share in an industry, and which can use its dominance to affect the competitive landscape and direction the market takes.
  9. Working Tax Credit (WTC)

    Working Tax Credit (WTC)

    A tax credit offered to low-income individuals working in the United Kingdom.
  10. Cottage Industry

    Cottage Industry

    A small-scale industry often operated out of a home, rather than out of a factory.
  11. Agribusiness


    The business sector encompassing farming and farming-related commercial activities.
  12. Disruptive Technology

    Disruptive Technology

    A technology that significantly alters the way that businesses operate. A disruptive technology may force companies to alter the way that they approach their business, or risk losing market share or becoming ...
  13. Disruptive Innovation

    Disruptive Innovation

    A technology whose application significantly affects the way a market functions.
  14. Peter Pan Syndrome

    Peter Pan Syndrome

    A regulatory environment in which firms prefer to stay small rather than grow.
  15. Wearable Technology

    Wearable Technology

    Electronics that can be worn on the body, either as an accessory or as part of material used in clothing.
  16. Can Investors Trust Official Statistics?

    Can Investors Trust Official Statistics?

    The official statistics in some countries need to be taken with a grain of salt. Find out why you should be skeptical.
  17. Why do companies decide to unbundle their lines of business?
    Investing Basics

    Why do companies decide to unbundle their lines of business?

    In recent years, companies have discovered that there are limits to the gains created by having all major business activities in one organization.
  18. How To Decode A Company's Earnings Reports
    Fundamental Analysis

    How To Decode A Company's Earnings Reports

    Read between the lines to decipher a company's true financial condition.
  19. What's the difference between Social Security Disability ...

    What's the difference between Social Security Disability ...

    Both Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are administered by the Social Security Administration, but there are distinct differences between the two benefits.
  20. The Economics Of Labor Mobility

    The Economics Of Labor Mobility

    Loosening labor restrictions has both good and bad effects for a country and its workers.
  21. HTTPS


    A secure form of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that is used to exchange information between webpages or access information found on a webpage.
  22. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

    A mechanism for the transfer of files between systems. File Transfer Protocol, commonly referred to as FTP, is a client-server protocol that allows the transfer of entire files.
  23. IP Address

    IP Address

    A unique identifier associated with a computer or network, and which allows users to send and receive data.
  24. ISP (Internet Service Provider)

    ISP (Internet Service Provider)

    A company that provides consumers, businesses, and other Internet Service Providers access to the Internet.
  25. Groundwater


    Water that is found underground rather than on the surface.
  26. Non-Hydraulic Fracturing

    Non-Hydraulic Fracturing

    Fracturing rock at depth without the use of fluid pressure. Non-hydraulic fracturing, also called non-hydraulic fracking or dry fracturing, is designed to be less energy-intensive and avoids the use of ...
  27. A Primer On Reserve Currencies

    A Primer On Reserve Currencies

    For nearly a century, the U.S. dollar has served as the world's premier reserve currency, but the future is uncertain.
  28. LPG Fracturing

    LPG Fracturing

    Fracturing rock at depth through the use of liquefied propane.
  29. Produced Water

    Produced Water

    Waste water generated during the production of oil and natural gas.
  30. Vertical Well

    Vertical Well

    A well that is not turned horizontally at depth, and which allows access to oil and gas reserves located directly beneath the surface access point.
  31. Horizontal Well

    Horizontal Well

    A well that is turned horizontally at depth, and that allows access to oil and gas reserves at a wide range of angles.
  32. Shale Oil 

    Shale Oil 

    A type of unconventional oil found in shale formations. It may refer to crude oil that is found within shale formations, or to oil that is extracted from oil shale.
  33. Term


    A type of well stimulation treatment used to improve the permeability of reservoir rock.
  34. Term

    Drilling Mud

    Fluid used in the drilling of boreholes. Drilling mud, also referred to as drilling fluid, is used to clear the hole of debris created during the drilling process.
  35. Unconventional Oil

    Unconventional Oil

    A type of petroleum that is produced or obtained through techniques other than traditional oil well extraction.
  36. Oil Shale

    Oil Shale

    A type of sedimentary rock composed chiefly of a combination of silt and clay. Shale may contain kerogen, an type of organic matter that yields oil and gas.
  37. Term


    A naturally occurring liquid found beneath the Earth’s surface that can be refined into fuel.
  38. Introduction To Remittances

    Introduction To Remittances

    Remittances are an important factor in the global economy, and help drive growth both at home and abroad.
  39. Big Data

    Big Data

    The growth in the volume of structured and unstructured data, the speed at which it is created and collected, and the scope of how many data points are covered.
  40. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    The use of social media websites and social networks to market a company’s products and services.
  41. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    The use of social media networks to develop and manage an organization’s message.
  42. Term

    Directional Drilling

    A drilling technique in which a well is bored at multiple angles. Directional drilling most often refers to drilling at non-vertical angles, including horizontally.
  43. Term

    Android Operating System

    A mobile operating system developed by Google. The Android operating system is primarily used in touchscreen mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets.
  44. Term


    A substance produced through the distillation of crude oil known for its waterproofing and adhesive properties.
  45. Term

    Banker Trojan

    A malicious computer program designed to gain access to confidential information stored or processed through online banking systems.
  46. Term

    3D Printing

    The creation of a 3-D object through an additive printing process, allowing the small scale manufacturing of objects out of a variety of materials.
  47. Term


    Transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another in order to have the goods reach their final destination.
  48. What are the odds of getting a perfect bracket in Warren ...
    Personal Finance

    What are the odds of getting a perfect bracket in Warren ...

    In 2014, Warren Buffett announced that he would give whoever could correctly guess every game of the NCAA men's basketball tournament $1 billion. What are the odds someone could win the challenge?
  49. How do I find out what my tax bracket is?

    How do I find out what my tax bracket is?

    Learn the information you need to determine what your tax bracket is.
  50. What's the difference between a tax rate and a tax bracket?

    What's the difference between a tax rate and a tax bracket?

    These two terms are often incorrectly used interchangeably. Find out the difference between your tax rate and your tax bracket.
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