Daniel Kurt

Daniel Kurt is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in a variety of well known media outlets. His professional interests include educating everyday investors, covering interesting business trends and interviewing some of North America's most dynamic executives. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Communication.

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  1. High Net Worth Strategy

    Are You in the Top One Percent of the World?

    If you live in an industrialized country, cracking the top 1% of income earners isn't as difficult as you might think.
  2. High Net Worth Living

    The World's Priciest Private Jets

    If you have a few million dollars to spend, the world's priciest private jets bring unparalleled comfort to air travel.
  3. Retirement Planning

    Don’t Delay Retirement for Your Child’s College

    Sparing your child a mountain of student loans is admirable, although it might not make sense to delay your retirement in order to do so.
  4. Retirement Planning

    Should Retirees Pin Their Hopes on a Rate Hike?

    The Fed’s plan to start raising rates later this year might help, but it's unlikely to be a panacea for fixed-income investors.
  5. Retirement Planning

    Is the Middle Class Giving Up on Retirement?

    Americans aren't completely giving up on retirement, but many haven’t put away enough to take off at the traditional age of 65 (or Social Security's 66).
  6. Retirement Planning

    Variable Annuities: A Good Retirement Investment?

    Variable annuities provide lifetime payments and tax-deferred growth, but – given their hefty fees – are they right for you?
  7. Retirement Planning

    Which Candidate Is Best for Retirees?

    Their positions on many issues aren't out yet, but (despite some similarities) Clinton and Trump have a different history on Social Security and Medicare.
  8. Retirement Planning

    High-Yield Fixed-Income Bonds: OK for Retirees?

    Rather than solving the problem of low interest rates, riskier fixed-income securities bring a whole new slate of problems for older investors.
  9. Retirement Planning

    How to Retire in a Low Interest Rate Environment

    For money you may need short term, an FDIC-insured account is still best. But in the long term, a portfolio of bonds and stocks might give a bigger payout.
  10. Buzz & Trending

    Rising Economy, But Rising Suicide Rate. Why?

    There are various reasons why suicides are increasing, but some believe that long-term economic trends that hinder the less-educated are one contributor.
  11. Retirement Planning

    Attractive, Old-Style Benefits for Arizona's State Retirees

    The Arizona State Retirement System offers a defined-benefit plan – plus health insurance – for former teachers, state workers and public employees.
  12. Retirement Planning

    What You Didn't Know About Utah's Retirement Systems

    While Utah isn’t quite as generous with employee retirement benefits as it once was, its contribution rate for new hires is still very competitive.
  13. Retirement Planning

    Florida's Surprisingly Flexible State Retirement System

    Retired Florida employees can choose a 401(k)-style investment plan or a traditional pension.
  14. Retirement Planning

    Non-Traded BDCs: Worth the Risks?

    Non-traded BDCs, which lend to high-risk companies, have become a popular investment choice. But they also carry cost and liquidity concerns.
  15. Politics & Money

    New FCC Rules to Protect Privacy

    The FCC’s proposed new rules for broadband companies will allow customers to decide whether an ISP can share their online data with outside parties.
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