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  1. Forex Education

    Trading Forex With Binary Options

    Binary options are an alternative way, with a major advantage, for traders to play the forex market.
  2. Investing

    How The SEC Tracks Insider Trading

    We look at how the SEC tracks and tries to stop insider trading - a seemingly impossible task.
  3. Options & Futures

    How To Trade Jobless Claims with Binary Options

    Binary options on events typically have economic data such as nonfarm payrolls or jobless claims as the underlying. We explain.
  4. Options & Futures

    How To Protect A Short Position With Options

    Short selling can be a risky endeavor, but the inherent risk of a short position can be mitigated significantly through the use of options.
  5. Personal Finance

    The Canadian Economy, At A Glance

    The 12 economic indicators described here together provide a comprehensive picture of the state of the Canadian economy.
  6. Trading Strategies

    The 10 Worst Mistakes Beginner Traders Make

    Traders generally buy and sell securities more frequently and hold positions for much shorter periods than investors, which can result in costly mistakes.
  7. Economics

    How US & European Union Sanctions Are Crippling Russia

    Economic sanctions imposed by the US and EU on Russia are having a crippling effect; the Russian economy shrank for the first time in five years.
  8. Options & Futures

    Apple As An Example Of How a Protective Collar Works

    We define a protective collar, using Apple (AAPL) as an example. A protective collar is a combination of a covered call plus long put position.
  9. Options & Futures

    Apple As An Example Of How to Use a Bull Call Spread to ...

    Here's how you can use a bull call spread to trade stocks.
  10. Forex Education

    The Top Uses For P2P Currency Exchange

    Peer-to-peer (P2P) currency exchange networks offer a viable and cheaper alternative for buying and selling currencies.
  11. Term

    Convenience Check

    Checks linked to a credit card account that can be used for purchases or cash advances, as long as the credit limit on the card is not exceeded.
  12. Term

    Additional Cardholder

    An added or secondary user added to a credit card account by the main or primary cardholder.
  13. Term

    Rate Tart

    Credit card users who transfer balances from one card to another in order to obtain the lowest possible interest rate.
  14. Term

    Debt-To-Limit Ratio

    The ratio of total balances on a consumer’s credit cards to the total credit limits on these cards, expressed as a percentage.
  15. Term

    Buy Here Pay Here

    Used car dealers who also handle vehicle financing for the buyer, who ends up buying from and making monthly payments to the dealership.
  16. Term

    Balance Transfer Fee

    A fee levied by a credit card issuer when a balance is transferred to its credit card.
  17. Term


    A tiny gadget that plugs into another electronic device like a smartphone or computer to increase the latter’s functionality.
  18. Term

    Fee Harvesting Card

    Credit cards targeted at consumers with poor credit scores that carry numerous fees, making the cost of credit extraordinarily expensive.
  19. Term

    Zero Percent

    A promotional rate of interest used to entice consumers, often offered by credit card issuers and sometimes by sellers of big-ticket items.
  20. Term


    A manual credit card impression device.
  21. Term

    Embossed Card

    The practice of imprinting or stamping payment card details so that they can be felt above the card’s surface.
  22. Term

    Bottom-Dollar Scam

    Fraudulent claims by swindlers or con artists who prey on job seekers and vulnerable people.
  23. Economics

    Understanding the SEC

    The SEC's triple mandate of investor protection, maintenance of orderly markets and facilitation of capital formation makes it a vital player in capital markets.
  24. Investing

    The Increasing Importance Of The Reserve Bank of India

    With the Indian economy accounting for a great share of the global economy, the RBI is poised to become one of the world’s leading central banks.
  25. Options & Futures

    Applying Binary Options To Equity Markets

    A binary option payout depends on the outcome of a “yes” or “no” proposition, related to the difference between underlying asset price and strike price.
  26. Economics

    Where International Real Estate Is Booming

    Which country has the hottest property market right now? The answer will undoubtedly surprise you.
  27. Options & Futures

    Pick The Right Options To Trade In Six Steps

    Use the six-step PROVES method to pick an option to trade.
  28. Investing Basics

    How Mergers and Acquisitions Can Affect A Company

    M&A can have a profound effect on a company’s growth prospects and outlook, but with a significant degree of risk.
  29. Term

    Estimated Recovery Value (ERV)

    The projected value of an asset that can be recovered in the event of liquidation or winding down.
  30. Term

    Book Value Reduction

    Reducing the value at which an asset is carried on the books because changes in the asset or market conditions have reduced its current market value.
  31. Term

    Registered Holder

    Shareholders who hold their shares directly with a company.
  32. Term

    Recovery Rate

    The extent to which principal and accrued interest on a debt instrument that is in default can be recovered, expressed as a percentage of face value.
  33. Term

    Accelerated Dividend

    Special dividends paid by a company ahead of an imminent change in the treatment of dividends, such as an adverse change in dividend taxation.
  34. Term

    Discounted Payoff

    The repayment of a loan in an amount that is less than the principal balance outstanding.
  35. Term

    Cash Bonus

    A lump sum of money awarded to an employee, either occasionally or periodically, for good performance.
  36. Term

    Discretionary Investment Management

    A form of investment management in which buy and sell decisions are made by a portfolio manager or investment counselor for the client's account.
  37. Term

    Execution Only

    A trading service that is restricted to execution of trades only, without the client receiving any investment advice.
  38. Term

    Duty Of Loyalty

    A director's responsibility to act at all times in the best interests of the company.
  39. Term

    Duty Of Care

    One of two primary fiduciary duties of directors, the duty of care requires them to make decisions in a reasonably prudent manner and in good faith.
  40. Term

    Account Minimum

    The minimum balance required to be maintained in an investment account or bank account.
  41. Term

    Hard-To-Sell Asset

    An asset that is extremely difficult to dispose of either due to its inherent problems or market conditions.
  42. Term

    Capital Growth

    The increase in value of an asset or investment over time. It is measured on the basis of the asset's current value, compared with the original investment.
  43. Term

    Absolute Percentage Growth

    An increase in the value of an asset or account expressed in percentage terms. It implies that the increase in value is displayed on a standalone basis.
  44. Budgeting

    World Cities With The Highest Quality Of Life

    Cities that usually top quality of life surveys have similar characteristics – they are usually midsized, with populations of a few million and a lower population density, and located in developed economies.
  45. Economics

    India Is Eclipsing China's Economy As Brightest BRIC Star

    It seems fitting that on the occasion of Diwali – the Hindu “festival of lights” – India should emerge as the brightest star in the BRIC firmament.
  46. Investing Basics

    How To Profit From Mergers And Acquisitions Through Arbitrage

    Making a windfall from a stock that attracts a takeover bid is an alluring proposition. But be warned – benefiting from m&a is easier said than done.
  47. Term


    An organism’s observable characteristics or traits.
  48. Investing Basics

    Why Wall Street Is A Key Player In The World's Economy

    Wall Street is just one little street in lower Manhattan, but both empirically and symbolically, it continues to make the world go round.
  49. Term

    Molecular Biology

    The study of biology and biological processes at the fundamental molecular level.
  50. Term


    The study of the genome, which is the complete set of the genetic material or DNA present in an organism.
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