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  1. Investing

    4 Keys To Worry-Free Investing

    I recently wrote about keeping it simple. When investing, you should be able to easily decipher what a company does and be able to explain that synopsis to a child. But there are some additional points ...
  2. Investing

    Warning: Do Not Go Bottom Fishing In These Brand-Name Stocks

    Bottom fishing in beaten-down equities is a popular strategy. The lower a stock goes, the greater its value may seem. A big decline can be especially appealing when it occurs in well-known, brand-name ...
  3. Investing

    In The Week Ahead: Market Reaches A Tipping Point

    All major U.S. stock indices finished in the red last week, led lower by the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100, which lost 2.8%. Throughout the past month, I have been saying that as long as technology continued ...
  4. Investing

    Profit From The Largest Wealth Transfer In American History

    Understanding this one catalyst could dramatically change where and how you invest... Right now, it's the foundation of the largest wealth transfer in history. More money will change hands over the coming ...
  5. Investing

    The Contrarian Tech Fund That Proves Boring Is Best

    While the Nasdaq Composite index recently rebounded to levels last seen in 2000, investors shouldn't celebrate: as a group, technology stocks provided essentially zero return for 15 years. But that's only ...
  6. Investing

    The Small Firms Revolutionizing Banking

    At the height of the recent financial crisis, consumers discovered that banks were in no mood to make any sort of loans. In response, they sought out a new kind of bank, known as a peer-to-peer lender. ...
  7. Investing

    The Soda Industry Is Dying -- But PepsiCo Will Thrive

    Although diet crazes come and go, one trend has become clear: Americans are drinking less soda. Per-capita soda consumption has been in decline since 1998, according to the industry publication Beverage ...
  8. Investing

    Own A Great Stock? Here's How It Can Earn More

    It's a simple way to look at trading. But to me, a successful trade is one that makes money. For most investors, this means you see a stock you like, do some research and then decide to pull the trigger. ...
  9. Investing

    On-Sale Dividend Stock Is Due For A Big Rebound

    The search for yield in a world where the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note offers less than 2% is a tough task. Fortunately, there are stocks that still offer attractive income and the potential for ...
  10. Investing

    3 Deep Value Stocks That Could Mount A Turnaround

    Although the market action was a bit choppy in the first quarter of 2015, one fact is inescapable: the major indices are all within a few percentage points of their all-time highs. Yet, for hundreds of ...
  11. Investing

    High Debt, Low Cash: Potential Oil Firms For Sale

    When it comes to the energy sector, history has a way of repeating itself. Energy drillers purse debt-fueled growth when times are good and face a debt hangover when energy prices head south. It's happening ...
  12. Investing

    The Simple Rule That Led Me To A 40% Gain

    Sometimes pride blinds us to the best ideas. It happened to me several times while working on the trading system for my premium advisory Trader's Edge. In my last article, I explained how one of the oldest ...
  13. Investing

    How A Little-Known Indicator Led To A 93% Win Rate

    Last week, I shared some research with you that I submitted to the Market Technicians Association (MTA). My paper, "Fixing the VIX: An Indicator to Beat Fear," earned me the 2015 Charles H. Dow Award, ...
  14. Investing

    Germany Is On The Rebound -- Time To Buy?

    Based on this year's 17% spike in the Stoxx Europe 600 Index, it seems investors have found a home in European stocks. They're especially enthused about the German market, which is currently sitting on ...
  15. Investing

    3 Stocks That Insiders Love

    Every few months, I like to review the most intriguing open market purchases made by CEOs, CFOs and other key insiders. These folks typically have a clear read on business trends -- even better than the ...
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