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  1. Investing

    Climate Change and Crumbling Infrastructure Make This A ...

    "Big Picture" investors like to focus on major themes, and a pair of them are emerging that could serve as key catalysts for the stock market in the next decade. These themes will be underpinned by trillions ...
  2. Investing

    This 5.2% Yielder Is Solving A Global Problem

    Sometimes you need to venture off the beaten path to find the best investment ideas. As Chief Investment Strategist of StreetAuthority's High-Yield International newsletter, I can personally attest to ...
  3. Investing

    Exercise Your Shareholder Right To A Second Income

    After the pain and suffering caused by the global financial crisis, not to mention the losses many investors experienced, a lot of people still feel disillusioned with Wall Street. Maybe you're one of ...
  4. Investing

    What Albert Einstein Can Teach You About Investing

    Here's a simple question: Do you invest in stocks or in companies? Stock-focused investors assess financial statements, technical charts and other gauges to help them know a good value when they see one. ...
  5. Investing

    3 Top Funds For The Economy's Hottest Sector

    Health care stocks have delivered the strongest recent gains of any sector. As a group, they have risen roughly 24% annually over the past five years, topping the rate of return from the next-best sector ...
  6. Investing

    In The Week Ahead: The Market Throws Double Red Flags

    The title of last week's Market Outlook posed the question: "Could Complacency Reverse Last Week's Gains?" The answer was a resounding, "Yes." One week after aggressively rebounding from the major support ...
  7. Investing

    Water Scarcity: The Falling Costs (And Rising Profits) Of ...

    The twin pillars of global population growth and economic development are leading to concerns about water scarcity. In the inaugural article of this three-part series, I painted the issue in broad strokes. ...
  8. Investing

    A Low-Risk, High-Profit Play on the Booming Job Market

    For companies looking to hire and groom executive talent, executive search firm Korn Ferry (NYSE:KFY) is often a no-brainer. It has been ranked as the top executive search firm since 1990 and operates ...
  9. Investing

    The Last Time This Happened The Market Fell Double-Digits

    I consider myself lucky to have begun my career before the catastrophe of the dot-com crash. I got to see up close what a boom and bust looks like. As a 20-year-old on the Philadelphia trading floor, it ...
  10. Investing

    Water Scarcity: The Firms Pioneering Efficient Irrigation

    With each passing year, access to clean, potable water is an increasingly contentious issue. In part one of this three-part series on water scarcity, I outlined the issue at hand. To recap, at current ...
  11. Investing

    Do The Doom-And-Gloomers Finally Have A Solid Case?

    In the battle between the bulls and bears, the bears are making some excellent arguments. The market's price-to-earnings ratio is above its historical average. The cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ...
  12. Investing

    Sell This Broken Manufacturing Stock For Big Profits

    Last week, I suggested trading against the trend in an oversold stock. For this week's trade, though, the trend has returned to being my friend -- and for Johnson Controls (NYSE:JCI), that trend is to ...
  13. Investing

    Water Scarcity: A Global Mega-Trend Worth Investing In

    Although the Earth has more water than land, only 1% of the vital liquid is actually potable. Across the globe, limited supplies of clean water are in danger as demand surges. The only solution: better ...
  14. Investing

    The Golden Rule Of Investing: Keep It Simple

    Sometimes, an insult is actually a compliment. Warren Buffett once quipped that an idiot in the corner office is not necessarily a bad thing. I'll let the Sage of Omaha say it is his own words: "I try ...
  15. Investing

    A Simple Way To Short Stocks With Less Risk

    Earlier this year, I made the case to readers of my premium options service, Profit Amplifier, that a market correction could happen sometime this year. Just a few months later, that time has come. I recently ...
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