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  1. Investing

    The Key To Finding Triple-Digit Gains In Any Market

    It's a simple fact of life: all good things must come to an end. Great books... relaxing tropical vacations... even bull markets have to end at some point. You see, the market has only had two prolonged ...
  2. Investing

    This Bargain Insurance Stock Offers 85% Upside Potential

    If one division is sabotaging an otherwise profitable firm, it's often best to simply eliminate the lagging segment. When the odds of improvement are questionable, management probably won't be doing shareholders ...
  3. Investing

    Earn More From Stocks You Already Own

    It's one of the easiest and safest ways to generate 20%-plus returns on a regular basis. Once you've mastered the technique, I wouldn't be surprised if you stopped trading stocks or buying and holding ...
  4. Investing

    Alternative Income Strategy Multiplies Dividends Instantly

    Income investments are an important portion of any retirement portfolio. Historically, they've provided retirees monthly or quarterly income distributions to help cover expenses, health care and any other ...
  5. Investing

    The Only 3-D Printing Stock You Should Own

    Right about now, the phrase "3-D printing" is the source of much eye-rolling. There was so much hype built around companies like 3-D Systems Corp. (NYSE:DDD) and Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq:SSYS), but impossibly ...
  6. Investing

    The Blockbuster Stocks That Wall Street Consistently Misses

    This event is one of the simplest, yet most often misunderstood ways for investors to beat the market. It can be tough to determine when or if this event will happen. But when it does, more often than ...
  7. Investing

    Generate 18 Times More Than The Buy-And-Hold Crowd

    Carmakers reported surprisingly strong U.S. light-vehicle sales in May with a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 17.71 million units, the highest since 2005. Aided by five weekends, including the usual ...
  8. Investing

    All Signs Point To Higher Gold Prices

    In the face of historic monetary stimulus from nearly every major central bank in the world over the past few years, an investment in gold would have seemed to be a "no-brainer." Yet the precious metal's ...
  9. Investing

    The World's Top Irreplaceable Companies

    I still get goose bumps when I recall the first time I saw them live. The year was 1987. I was 10 years old, and a buddy of mine -- whose father had season tickets to the Chicago Bulls -- asked me if I ...
  10. Investing

    Attention: 5 Big-Name Stocks To Sell Now

    These five stocks are widely owned and featured prominently in the media. You have, without a doubt, heard of them, and it's very possible you even own a few. But I wouldn't touch any of them with a 1 ...
  11. Investing

    In The Week Ahead: Bellwethers Warn Of A Market Correction

    The major U.S. stock indices finished last week fractionally lower despite very strong housing data, as anxiety over a potential debt default in Greece this week undoubtedly triggered some defensive liquidation ...
  12. Investing

    How Corporations Are Misleading You

    I look over hundreds of financial statements week in and week out, and I've come to one important conclusion: There's a lot of unintentional financial trickery that goes on when corporations report their ...
  13. Investing

    The Small-Town Retailer Delivering Big-Time Growth

    Competition is a given in any business, but it's white hot for convenience stores. This crowded field includes scads of mom and pop operations, as well as the massive nationwide chains of 7-Eleven, Hess ...
  14. Investing

    Buy This Blue Chip While It's Cheap

    It's tough out there for a value investor. The market has shrugged off worries of a Greek bond default, and the major stock market indices remain near peak levels. A clear sign of robust markets: The S&P ...
  15. Investing

    You'll Never Succeed At Investing Without This...

    Let's make a wager. You have five days to drive across the country. If you make it in less than five days, you will win $20,000. If you don't, then you owe me $10,000. There are some caveats to this deal: ...
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