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  1. Stock Analysis

    What To Buy When Interest Rates Rise

    It became clear late last year that the Federal Reserve intended to finally raise short-term interest rates, which it had kept near zero for years to allow the economy to recover from the financial crisis. ...
  2. Stock Analysis

    Most Investors Overlook These Key Income Generators

    When it comes to beating the market, dividends have always reigned supreme. If you'd invested $100,000 in the S&P 500 back in 1982, it would have been worth $2.3 million by the end of 2011. If you ...
  3. Stock Analysis

    The Next Financial Crisis Looms In This Sector

    I think it was philosopher George Santayana's cousin who said, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to lose money in the stock market." It's amazing how quickly we forget the mistakes of the ...
  4. Stock Analysis

    Beat The Summer Slump With These High Yielders

    "Sell in May and go away" the old market maxim goes. It may not be far from the truth. That would have been good advice last year. But this year? Who knows? I've never been a proponent of getting completely ...
  5. Stock Analysis

    A Strategy To Exponentially Increase Your Income Potential

    Over the past few weeks, I've shared with readers two crucial types of dividend stocks that make up my three-part Daily Paycheck Retirement Strategy. By using the right combination of dividend stocks, ...
  6. Stock Analysis

    Apple Could Surprise The Doubters With A Quick Bounce

    It is amazing how a stock can be a rock star one day and a pariah the next. Whereas the rock star shrugs off bits of bad news, the pariah can't seem to get out of its own way. But when everyone seems to ...
  7. Stock Analysis

    An Income Strategy That Doesn't Require Dividends

    The upcoming November election is shaping up to be an important and entertaining event. Investors are paying close attention, concerned about the impact the new president might have on the economy. But ...
  8. Stock Analysis

    This Online Dating Stock Is A 'Buy'

    There's an old marketing adage that the best way to make money is through health, wealth or romance -- and it's proving as true in the internet age as it was on Madison Avenue. While retail sales stumble ...
  9. Stock Analysis

    Cash In On Stocks You Can Hold Forever

    In a recent issue of StreetAuthority Daily, I told you all about my strategy for maximizing income by investing in stocks that fall in the high-yield 'sweet spot'. They aren't the absolute highest yielding ...
  10. Stock Analysis

    This Blue-Chip Favorite Is Finally Cheap Enough To Buy

    One of America's beloved companies has produced an annualized return of 12.8% over the past three decades, easily beating the 7.5% annual return on the S&P 500. From its 2011 lows to its all-time high ...
  11. Stock Analysis

    Volatility Is Set To Spike -- Here's What To Do

    When I first began my career at the Chicago Board of Trade, I felt like a newly hatched alligator being released into the wild. I was swimming around much bigger and more experienced animals that wanted ...
  12. Stock Analysis

    How To Profit From Cruises

    The economic trends we saw developing earlier this year have continued, albeit with a little turbulence here and there: U.S. job creation remains solid, unemployment remains low and consumer incomes are ...
  13. Stock Analysis

    In The Week Ahead: Scared Investors Could Trigger Another ...

    Most major U.S. stock indices closed in positive territory last week, led higher by a 0.9% gain in the small-cap Russell 2000 and a 0.8% advance in the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100. However, these indices remain ...
  14. Stock Analysis

    These Two Stocks Are The Cornerstone For Any Tech Portfolio

    When I started in the investment biz twenty years ago, the Tech Bubble was building engine pressure. When then Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan referred to the mania as "irrational exuberance", he was understating. ...
  15. Stock Analysis

    How To Earn Double-Digit Returns In A Matter Of Days

    It's one of the easiest and safest ways to generate 20%-plus returns on a regular basis. Once you've mastered the technique, I wouldn't be surprised if you stopped trading stocks or only buying and holding ...
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