Marisa Sawchuk

Marisa Sawchuk

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  1. Fundamental Analysis

    How should a company budget for capital expenditures?

    Learn the difference between capital expenditures and operational expenses, and discover the importance of budgeting for capital expenditures.
  2. Retirement

    What is an equity-indexed annuity?

    Understand what an equity-indexed annuity is, its advantages and disadvantages, and how it differs from other annuity investments.
  3. Retirement

    What happens to my annuity after I die?

    Understand the different types of annuity payment plans and what payments or additional benefits are payable to your beneficiaries after your death.
  4. Fundamental Analysis

    What is accrual accounting in Oracle Apps?

    Learn more about Oracle Applications, an enterprise software system that enables businesses to streamline information systems – including accrual accounting.
  5. Fundamental Analysis

    Why do companies publish P&L statements?

    Understand the basics of the profit and loss statement, including why it is published and how it is used to assess financial stability.
  6. Investing Basics

    What is the first day of the quarter?

    Learn when the first day of the quarter is. Explore why investors and analysts prefer to compare results year-over-year due to seasonality.
  7. Investing Basics

    What is the difference between a quarter and a year in finance?

    Examine the difference between a fiscal quarter and a fiscal year. Learn why investors examine both quarterly and annual growth rates.
  8. Technical Indicators

    What are some of the most common technical indicators that ...

    Learn important technical indicators that reinforce a doji candlestick pattern to take advantage of profitable trading opportunities.
  9. Forex Strategies

    How do I use Fibonacci Clusters for creating a forex trading ...

    Find out how traders in the forex market can implement Fibonacci cluster analysis with their currency pairs to identify areas of strong support and resistance.
  10. Forex Strategies

    How do I use Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) ...

    Consider some forex trading strategies that can be designed using the exponential moving average (EMA) lines on the moving average convergence divergence (MACD).
  11. Trading Strategies

    What are the main differences between Moving Average Convergence ...

    Learn the differences between the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) and the relative strength index (RSI), and find out how traders use these indicators.
  12. Stock Analysis

    DIRECTV (DTV) Banks on Innovative Services for Growth - ...

    Continuous elimination of low-quality customers, aggressive share repurchase plans and the launch of innovatiove services are likely to benefit DIRECTV (DTV), going ahead.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Questar Unit Buys Additional Stake in Canyon Creek for $52M ...

    Wexpro Company, an affiliate of Questar Corporation (STR) has spent about $52.5 million on the acquisition of additional interest in a natural gas-linked acreage.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Defense Stock Roundup: Raytheon, Northrop, Lockheed Clinch ...

    The shares of all big defense contractors recovered across the board over the last five trading sessions from poor showing in the prior week, thanks to a flow of Foreign Military Sales contracts.
  15. Forex Strategies

    How do I use the Ease Of Movement Indicator to create a ...

    Discover how forex traders can apply the ease of movement indicator with currency pairs to and highlight how sensitive price changes are to volume.