Greg Sushinsky

Greg Sushinsky

Greg Sushinsky is a passionate independent investor, who has done his own research, analysis and investing for 20 years. One of his earliest investing memories was when he first saved and bought U.S. Savings Bonds with his own money as a small child. From there, he studied investing on his own and made small stock purchases as he grew as an investor.

Sushinsky still follows the markets, studies and reads widely in financial literature, and has written over 75 articles on investing. He is also a professional editor, whose work is published extensively in large-circulation magazines, digests and across the internet. In other pursuits, Sushinsky writes fiction and has a university degree in philosophy. To see more of Sushinkys literary work, see

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  1. Stock Analysis

    Worthington Industries Slowly Forges Ahead

    Steelmaker Worthington Industries has been changing its business mix in a difficult industry. It forged ahead with a quarterly profit increase, though its revenue was slightly off.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Metals And Mining Meltdown

    Metals and mining stocks have been hit hard, with most beaten down near their 52-week lows on fears of a global slowdown in demand.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Sears' Big Move

    Sears' stocks jumped with the news that the retailer is planning to capitalize on its large amount of real estate.
  4. Stock Analysis

    CarMax's Less Than Maximum Results

    CarMax boosted sales in its recent quarter as its selling prices for vehicles rose. Overall results, however, were disappointing.
  5. Stock Analysis

    AutoZone's Successful Drive Continues

    AutoZone posted yet another outstanding quarter and full fiscal year results. The company and the stock both continue their terrific performances.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Lennar Not A Bargain Yet

    Homebuilder Lennar had decreased earnings for its third quarter, as it continues to fight through the housing industry's difficult macro-conditions.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Buffett's New Buffett-Like Manager

    Ted Weschler's deep value approach and conviction on large stakes is well in line with the Buffett methodology.
  8. Stock Analysis

    McGraw-Hill Plans To Split

    McGraw-Hill will split into two public companies after pressure from shareholders.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Cedar Fair's Dividend Growth Ride

    Amusement park operator Cedar Fair has had a bumpy ride the last couple of years, but its improved results made it an intriguing dividend play.
  10. Stock Analysis

    3 Stocks On Sale

    The market's summer selloff has brought stock prices down to attractive levels for some good companies.
  11. Stock Analysis

    DSW Is Well-Heeled

    Discount shoe retailer DSW posted an impressive second quarter as it continues to produce solid earnings and outstanding sales gains in a difficult industry.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Brown-Forman's Honey Whiskey A Winner

    Brown-Forman, known for its Jack Daniel's whiskey, posted sales and earnings gains for its fiscal first quarter, led by its new honey-flavored whiskey.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Krispy Kreme A Little Bit Sweeter

    Krispy Kreme continues to make strides in a solid, ongoing comeback. The company posted impressive gains as it battled commodity costs.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Is The Market's Slam Of La-Z-Boy Warranted? (LZB, LEG, HVT, ...

    Furniture maker and retailer La-Z-Boy reported a quarterly profit mostly due to a tax benefit. Despite increased revenue, the market treated the stock harshly.
  15. Stock Analysis

    99 Cents Stores In The Buyout Bin

    Reports of a new buyout bid for dollar-retailer 99 Cents Only Stores have surfaced.
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