Todd Shriber

Todd Shriber was a financial journalist for five years with Bloomberg News and, covering a variety of sectors, including energy, financials and technology. He is also a Series 7 license holder and has actively traded equities, forex and options.

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  1. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    For More And More Investors, ETFs Are A Godsend

    Average and cautious investors can experience lower risk with ETFs - a safer alternative to swaps and derivatives.
  2. Investing Basics

    Introduction To American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)

    Investors should look beyond the confines of the U.S. borders to diversify and maximize returns. ADRs are one way to diversify your portfolio and help you achieve better returns when the U.S. market is ...
  3. Forex Strategies

    Canada's Commodity Currency: Oil And The Loonie

    When the price of oil goes up, don't worry about how much gas is going to cost - get even by making a play on the Canadian dollar.
  4. Forex Education

    Play Foreign Currencies Against The U.S. Dollar And Win

    Don't panic when the dollar drops. Learn to exploit the greenback's decline and profit from it.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Say Oui To French ADRs

    These three French ADRs may not have been your first choice, but we promise: it doesn't make you un-American to snap them up.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Banks To Bank On For Next Year

    These four financial stocks are a mixed bag, but some value can be found in their 2010 performance.
  7. Stock Analysis

    3 Country-Specific ETFs To Avoid

    ETFs allow investors access to global markets, but that doesn't mean these ETFs are worth investing in.
  8. Stock Analysis

    The BCS Portfolio: Playing College Football Sponsors

    College football's biggest bowls, along with the BCS title game, are sponsored by blue chip names you might want to consider adding to your portfolio.
  9. Stock Analysis

    If HP Suffers, These Tech Titans Could Benefit

    Has the recent departure of HP's CEO opened a gap for the company's competitors?
  10. Stock Analysis

    3 Overlooked MLPs

    These three Master Limited Partnerships offer great income and capital appreciation to investors.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Can These Dental Stocks Make You Smile?

    The current market environment has not been favorable to plenty of sectors, and dental stocks have provided no shelter from the storm.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Can Tanker Stocks Stay Afloat?

    With fears of a double-dip recession growing stronger, sailing away from the shipping sector might be the best course of action.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Dividend Income From Your Dinner Table

    These food companies offer up some tasty dividends.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Let's Play The Dow Dividend Game

    These three companies are strong alternatives to Dow dividend payers.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Bigger Isn't Always Better With Regional Banks

    A look at two New England regional banks.
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