Todd Shriber

Todd Shriber got his start in financial markets as a reporter with Bloomberg News. Later, he became a trader at a Southern California-based long/short hedge fund where he specialized in trading sector and international ETFs leading up to and during the financial crisis. He would later become the web editor at ETF Trends and is now back for his second stint as the ETF editor at Benzinga.

Shriber has been quoted in the Barron's, and the Wall Street Journal. His work has been published on Web sites such as Benzinga, ETF Daily News, ETF Trends, Minyanville, MarketWatch, Fox Business and

Shriber has a degree in broadcast journalism from Texas Christian University. 

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  1. ETFs

    Other ETF Ways to Play Brazil (EWZS, BRAZ, BRAQ)

    Brazil ETFs are scorching hot. Here are some ideas beyond the norm to consider.
  2. ETFs

    Biotech ETF Investors are Still on the Sidelines (IBB, XBI, XLV)

    Biotech ETFs are surging, but investors aren't taking the bait. Not yet, at least.
  3. ETFs

    The Smartness of This Smart Beta ETF (GS,GEM)

    How smart is this emerging markets smart beta ETF?
  4. ETFs

    Like A Boss: A New ETF With an Interesting Focus

    This new ETF offers an interesting, but extremely narrow avenue to equity exposure.
  5. ETFs

    Investors Bet on Inflation-Fighting ETFs (SCHP, TIP)

    Inflation data indicate prices are inching higher. Investors can fight this scenario with these ETFs.
  6. ETFs

    Flows to Apple ETFs are Mixed (AAPL,XLK,QQQ,IYW)

    Apple stock is soaring, but flows to Apple-heavy ETFs are mixed.
  7. ETFs

    Berkshire's Buffett Showing Renewed Interest in Airline ETFs (JETS,DAL)

    Warren Buffett is increasingly bullish on airline stocks and that could boost this ETF.
  8. ETFs

    A Cost-Efficient ETF for Apple Investors (AAPL, FTEC)

    This ETF gives investors big Apple exposure for a modest fee.
  9. ETFs

    A Dividend ETF Suited for these Times (FDRR)

    This new dividend ETF could be the ideal way for investors to deal with rising interest rates.
  10. ETFs

    Tesla's Back: Use These ETFs (TSLA, GEX, QCLN)

    Tesla shares are soaring again and that is good news for these ETFs.
  11. ETFs

    A Dynamic Dividend ETF for Overlooked Stocks (DON)

    Mid-caps win over in the long-term and investors can grab some income along the way with this ETF.
  12. ETFs

    A Not-So-Sweet Valentine's ETF/ETN Idea (NIB,CHOC)

    Cocoa ETNs get some headlines around Valentine's Day, but investors should steer clear.
  13. ETFs

    Why The Pakistan ETF Is Perky (PAK)

    This frontier market ETF is soaring, but investors should examine the reasons why.
  14. ETFs

    Enthusiasm For Healthcare ETFs Remains Firm (XLV)

    Investors remain devoted to healthcare ETFs and that faith could soon be rewarded.
  15. ETFs

    This ETF Could be the Ultimate Trump Play (XMX)

    A new ETF excluding Mexican stocks could be another Trump investment idea.
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