1. Stock Analysis

    The LNG Opportunity Keeps Getting Better

    As we continue to unearth a record amount of shale gas, exporting that bounty is quickly taking shape- especially to energy thirsty Asia. For investors, playing growing LNG exports could be one of the ...
  2. Stock Analysis

    A Much-Needed Gift For Retailers

    The consumer is back. With March retail sales hitting multiyear highs, spending is back in style.
  3. Stock Analysis

    These International Dividend ETFs Are Cheap Cheap Cheap

    For investors the recent market sell-off has created some interesting opportunities. One of the biggest could be those funds that focus on international dividend stocks. Offering high yields and low valuations, ...
  4. Stock Analysis

    The Time To Focus On Value ETFs Is Now

    As the market has swooned, so has stocks' valuations. That’s making many investors nervous. The key to navigating this environment is switching your focus from growth towards value investing.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Wind Energy Blows Through Records

    While natural gas production continues to break production records, so does renewable energy source wind. Across the U.S., more and more wind energy is coming online. And new grid upgrades will have that ...
  6. Stock Analysis

    Overlooked Israel Is A Portfolio Growth Engine

    While it’s often overlooked, Israel could be one of the best destinations for your portfolio dollar. Its high-tech economy is driving GDP and stock gains. For long term investors, the time to add the nation ...
  7. Stock Analysis

    A Dose Of Alternatives May Do Your Portfolio Some Good

    Taking a cue from institutional managers, retail investors now have a sophisticated set of tools at their disposal for finding new and uncorrelated asset classes. These alternatives could do your portfolio ...
  8. Stock Analysis

    Little Known Stocks And ETFs To Buy As Interest Rates Rise

    The recent selling pressure in the business development company sector has nothing to do with actual fundamentals. For investors looking for high dividends, the recent weakness could be a huge buying opportunity ...
  9. Stock Analysis

    Finding Portfolio Serenity In the Forest

    Volatility is back with a vengeance in the stock markets and one of the best places to hide from that force is in the forest. Timberland investing has managed to produce stable and steady returns for decades. ...
  10. Stock Analysis

    Electronic Gaming Is Still Red Hot

    When it comes to spending our leisure dollars, more and more of them are going towards video games and electronic entertainment. And with that fact in tow, investors may want bet on the discretionary sector. ...
  11. Stock Analysis

    How To Hedge Your Grocery Bill- Higher Prices Are Coming

    Prices at our grocery store continue to rise. What’s more is that they are predicted to rise further in 2014. That means it could be time to bet on the agriculture sector.
  12. Stock Analysis

    The Time For Short Duration Bonds Is Now

    While the specter of rising interest rates have been haunting the markets for years now, it seems that fear is finally coming true. Given that scenario, the time for bond investors to get short is now. ...
  13. Stock Analysis

    Commercial Construction Is Ready For Take Off

    While housing construction has taken off, commercial construction is just beginning to see the light of day. That means investors still have time to bet on the sector for long term gains.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Now’s The Time To Buy The Land Drillers

    As both natural gas and oil drilling activity continues to increase onshore, the land drillers will benefit. For investors, the firms doing the heavy lifting continue to see rising rig counts as well as ...
  15. Stock Analysis

    The Celtic Tiger Roars Once Again

    Everyone is Irish on St. Paddy’s Day. However, investors may want to keep that going with regards to their portfolios. After taking its lumps during the Great Recession, the former PIIG’S nations may just ...
  16. Stock Analysis

    How To Get Ready For The Next Bear Market

    After a torrid run, the stock market may finally be seeing some cracks. Recent data as well various global political events have taken much of the bull’s energy away. That means it’s time for investors ...
  17. Stock Analysis

    Gold Gets Its Mojo Back

    While it’s been a hard couple of years for gold, things may be finally looking up for the precious metal. The geo-political and economic situation is pointing towards higher gold prices in the near future. ...
  18. Stock Analysis

    Look To Tech For Big Dividend Potential

    Historically, the technology sector hasn’t been known for its dividend prowess. However, that is rapidly changing. For investors, the sector offers some of the best and quickest growing yields around. ...
  19. Stock Analysis

    The REIT Play In Healthcare

    At the end of the day, our population is aging quite rapidly and will require plenty of medical care. That could mean some serious big bucks for the owners and operators of hospitals, doctor’s offices ...
  20. Stock Analysis

    America's Gun Love Boosts Firearm Stocks As Sales Surge

    It’s no secret that Americans love guns. So much so, that even the mere threat of banning their sales has sparked rising firearm adoption. For investors, that might be a good thing.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Playing The Growth In Natural Gas Powered Vehicles

    Natural gas vehicles are taking off in a big way. Fleet sales and heavy duty truck demand is growing and analysts predict big things in the future. For investors, betting on the trend could mean some serious ...
  22. Stock Analysis

    Ways To Indirectly Invest In Tesla’s Momentum

    Electric vehicle maker Tesla has been one of the best performing stocks of the last few years. However, some investors may be getting a bit nervous about its lofty share price. Luckily, there are ways ...
  23. Stock Analysis

    The Deal Boom Is Back With A Vengeance

    With cheap available debt and large cash hordes, IPO and M&A activity is way up. Luckily for retail investors there are ways to cash in on the deal boom.
  24. Stock Analysis

    How To Smooth-Out Your Ride In The Stock Market

    Volatility is back. For investors, this nasty problem of gyrating markets can be a real hindrance to your portfolio’s total return. Luckily, there are ways to fight back.
  25. Stock Analysis

    High Times Ahead For High Yield Bonds

    For those investors looking for a good balance of risk and reward, high yield bonds could be a great play this year. There’s plenty of bullish catalysts that should propel junk bonds ahead.
  26. Investing News

    Building A Better Mousetrap With Smart Beta ETFs

    More smart beta and altermative indexed funds are coming to brokerage account near you. But what exactly are these funds and how can use them in a portfolio?
  27. Stock Analysis

    European Stocks Are Ripe For The Picking

    Things continue to get better for Europe. After going through some pretty nasty side-effects in the aftermath of the Great Recession, growth has once again returned. For investors, that could mean adding ...
  28. Stock Analysis

    Giving Your Portfolio A Jolt With Coffee

    The world continues to drink more coffee. Yet, supplies continue to drop. The recent weather issues are exacerbating those supply constraints. For investors, it may be time to brew some coffee for their ...
  29. Stock Analysis

    The Powerful Play In Propane (APU, EPD, NGLS, SPH, FGP, ...

    While traditionally not a glamorous business, propane processing and distribution is quickly turning into a major growth sector. Rising demand and exports are fueling higher prices and margins. For investors, ...
  30. Stock Analysis

    Still Addicted To Dividends? Satisfy Your Craving With Tobacco ...

    While tobacco may be considered a sinful endeavor, cigarette stocks may be just what an income portfolio needs. For investors, the group's stable cash flows, high dividends and growing emerging market ...
  31. Stock Analysis

    Where To Look For Commodities Gains In The Year Ahead

    While the commodity super-cycle maybe slowing- or even dead- that doesn’t mean that natural resources shouldn’t be banished from your portfolio. Several of them will still experience price upswings in ...
  32. Stock Analysis

    While The World Watches The Olympics, Investors Should Focus ...

    Returns for investors in Russia have been a complete disappointment over the last few years. The recent asset flight has only exacerbated the situation. Yet, stocks within the nation are approaching ridiculously ...
  33. Stock Analysis

    Cleantech Is More Than Just Renewable Energy

    Cleantech is much more than just “sexy” renewable energy like solar and wind. Covering a wide range of ideals, spending in the sector is poised to continue growing in the years ahead. That might just grow ...
  34. Stock Analysis

    Are Utilities A Value Play Right Now?

    Shaken by the Fed’s taper announcements, the boring word of utility stocks seem to have been turned upside down. However, for those with longer times, the current weakness could be a prime opportunity ...
  35. Stock Analysis

    CAPEX Spending In The Energy Sector Keeps On Growing

    As global energy demand continues to trend higher, more pressure is being placed on finding new sources of supply. That fact is driving energy firms to open up their wallets in a big way. Overall, higher ...
  36. Stock Analysis

    Did Turkey Just Save Emerging Market Stocks?

    The rate hike in Turkey was certainly a welcome sign for emerging markets. It also highlights so of the major issues in the nations with regards to the Fed’s tapering plans. Ultimately, 2014 could be another ...
  37. Stock Analysis

    Playing The Boom In Net-Lease REITs

    With the Fed’s taper tantrum sending many REITs into the basement, the time to buy could be on. And the triple-net players could be some of the best bargains
  38. Stock Analysis

    ETF Plays For A Surging Greenback

    After years of declines, the U.S. dollar has regained its mojo. More importantly, those gains should continue throughout the New Year as various factors continue to push it upwards. For investors, the ...
  39. Stock Analysis

    The Best Offense In 2014 Could Be A Big Dose Of Defense

    With the one of the major hurdles out of the way, the aerospace and defense industry continues to be one of the brightest spots in the stock market. Those overall gains should continue throughout the New ...
  40. Stock Analysis

    Are There Still More Gains For Steel Stocks Ahead?

    The steel sector has rebounded quite nicely over the last few months as investors have looked for value. Given the longer term demand picture, the value is still there and more gains could still be in ...
  41. Stock Analysis

    The Next Hottest Shale Play Is Down Under

    The future of shale gas could be located in the “land down under.” Featuring vast unconventional reserves, a stable government and already in place midstream infrastructure, analyst’s peg Australia as ...
  42. Stock Analysis

    Could The Mortgage REITs Be A Buy In 2014?

    While the fear of rising rates has many mortgage REITs share prices singing the blues, those recent plunges do offer up some opportunities. For investors willing to add a little risk to their portfolios, ...
  43. Stock Analysis

    Are The Hated Gold Miners Finally A Buy?

    Over the last year, the gold miners have been one of the worst performing sectors. However, falling stock prices have led to a recent surge in M&A activity. For investors, that could finally signal the ...
  44. Stock Analysis

    The MINTs Could Be The Next Big Thing

    It seems that the mighty BRICs have finally begun to slow down on their economic journeys. That’s prompted many investors to look for the next big thing. Their search could lead them to the MINTs. The ...
  45. Stock Analysis

    Playing The Latin American Divide

    While investors tend to lump all of Latin America together into one cohesive unit, the truth is there is a pretty big divide among the nations. For investors, betting on Latin America’s rising free-market ...
  46. Stock Analysis

    There’s Still Room For Dividends In Your Portfolio

    When the Fed decided to begin tapering, it sent shockwaves throughout the dividend stock sector. However, those “shockwaves” could nothing more than pure non-sense. Rising dividend payments remain one ...
  47. Stock Analysis

    Election News Is A Huge Positive For Indian Equities

    After a few years of disappointment, change may be coming to India. A major election win could finally be the spark that will send Indian equities higher and up their potential. For investors, the time ...
  48. Stock Analysis

    Water-Related Investments Are Making A Splash

    There’s no doubt about it. The world is facing a water crisis. However, for forward thinking investors, that could mean a huge opportunity.
  49. Stock Analysis

    How To Play Goldman Sach’s Top Trades For 2014

    With 2014 quickly approaching, Goldman Sach’s has unveiled its latest list of profitable trades for the new year. While they seem complex at first, the boom in exchange traded funds has made them available ...
  50. Stock Analysis

    Load Up On Chinese Stocks For 2014

    China hasn’t exactly lived up to its promise over the past few years. However, recent economic data is pointing in the right direction. For investors, now could be the best time to add the BRIC giant to ...