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  1. Stock Analysis

    A "Cash For Caulkers" Portfolio

    Stocks that might profit from a "Cash For Caulkers" stimulus plan.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Energy Stocks: The Year In Green

    Even with low oil prices, green energy still did well.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Dubai May Be Bust, But Middle East Has Opportunity

    Dubai's debt problems have opened up some opportunities for long-term investors in the Gulf region.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Biorefineries Get A Boost

    The Department of Energy recently gave out $564 million in grant money to biofuels research.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Profiting From The Carry Trade

    With interest rates still at low levels, ETFs make it easy to participate in carry trade strategies.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Playing With Platinum And Palladium

    Gold and silver get all the attention, but there are plenty of other metals that are good buys.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Finding An Alternative With Timber

    Use the timber ETFs to gain exposure to the growing wood energy market.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Inflation Protection Shouldn't Be Complicated

    Investors are better off just buying a few ETFs rather than the IQ CPI Inflation Hedged ETF.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Think Outside The BRIC

    While the BRIC nations get all the attention, there are other great choices for an emerging markets portfolio.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Use Equity ETFs To Avoid The CFTC Hassle

    Use these equity ETFs to gain natural resource exposure.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Finding A Win In Sin

    While socially responsible investing has its merits, investors adopting a pure moral portfolio maybe missing out some nice gains.
  12. Stock Analysis

    The Global Titans of Tomorrow

    Small caps are great, but emerging-market small caps are even better.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Playing The Recovery With Consumer Discretionary

    If the economy is coming back these ETFs will do well.
  14. Stock Analysis

    ETFs For A Low-Cost, Long-Term Portfolio

    While ETFs are a great tool for exploring sectors, they can form the basis of a great long term portfolio.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Brazil's Endless Investment Potential

    We look at some ETFs as ways to play the most promising member of BRIC.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Buy-Write ETFs That Provide Protection

    We look at some buy-write ETFs that provide downside protection.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Wireless Infrastructure Leaders

    Plays for the wireless data bottleneck.
  18. Stock Analysis

    The Preferred Way To Play

    Preferred stocks have been on fire lately. Using ETFs to play them.
  19. Stock Analysis

    The Wide World Of Real Estate

    Add global real estate to your portfolio through ETFs.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Dividend Slashers: Where To Hide?

    A friendly dividend environment oversease allows many larger firms to serve up juicy yields.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Profitable And Easy Ways To Invest In Africa

    Africa may hold the key to long-term portfolio success.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Portfolio Insurance For Cheap

    Inflation protection is selling for cheap these days. Wise investors should take notice.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Feeding An Emerging Latin America

    Food plays make a lot of sense for a growing continent.
  24. Stock Analysis

    A Sugar High For Your Portfolio

    Weather conditions have dampened sugar production, but the world's raging sweet tooth make this a great opportunity for investors.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Winning International Small Caps

    Often overlooked by investors, international small caps offer a great way to profit from long term trends and add to a portfolios risk profile.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Adding Some Geothermal To Your Mix

    As one of better bridges to renewable energy choices out there, geothermal energy is often overlooked.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Playing Convertibles With Calamos

    Boutique firm Calamos is a specialist in convertible bonds; find out where you can get involved.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Shopping For Profit In China's Supermarkets

    By investing in stable commodity rich nations, investors can gain a valuable China play while reducing some of the “China Risk”
  29. Stock Analysis

    A Green Chip Portfolio

    While start-ups get all the alternative energy attention, there are plenty of well established large caps that have green operations.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Promising Water Infrastructure Plays

    We take a look at some small caps that should benefit from the stimulus package and water bills.
  31. Stock Analysis

    China's Solar Ambitions Heat Up

    China's Golden Sun Plan is the country's first step toward becoming a global solar leader. We provide a few picks to play it.
  32. Stock Analysis

    2 Plays On China's New Luxury Class

    A few "entry level" luxury plays for China's emerging middle class.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Top Base Metal Plays

    Most of the attention is placed on gold and silver, but it is in the base metals that we can find long-term economic growth.
  34. Stock Analysis

    ETFs And The G8 Food Plan

    The G8 proposed an agriculture fund to help hungry countries produce food. Find out how this move could also help feed your portfolio.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Playing China Via ETFs

    Most portfolios have far too little exposure to this Asian superpower. Check out these ETFs and find out how to get involved.
  36. Stock Analysis

    The Upcoming Wheat Crisis

    The U99 Fungus is playing havoc on wheat crops in Africa. If it spreads, there could be a real problem.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Unconventional Wind-Energy Plays

    The wind energy sector is starting to take off and investors can get in on some alternative companies with big potential.
  38. Stock Analysis

    The Frontier Awaits

    Frontier market ETFs offer investors to participate in the “emerging nations of tomorrow.”
  39. Stock Analysis

    Diversify with Currency

    As investors seek out strategies to limit downside risk, they often find themselves in alternative asset classes. One over looked asset is currency.
  40. Stock Analysis

    Trust In Jim Rogers

    Commodities are becoming a more important part of an individual investor’s portfolio. However, given the troubles a prominent ETN issuer is having, individuals should stick to the ETF hard asset funds. ...
  41. Stock Analysis

    Golden Dollars: A Look At Junior Miners

    With future inflation rearing is ugly head; investors may want to turn their attention to gold stocks. Junior miners offer, both hedging as well as many upside surprises for profit.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Be Your Own Loan Shark With Bank Loan Funds

    Investors who take on a little risk in senior loan funds may be rewarded handsomely as prices reset in the next few years.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Dumpster Diving For Junk Bonds

    The junk bond kings and queens of tomorrow are dumpster diving for lucrative rewards today.
  44. Stock Analysis

    John Bean Plants The Seed For Growth

    The ever-increasing demand for convenience food is a golden egg for profit-hungry investors.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Dirty Money: Coal Master Limited Partnerships

    Coal producers are trading for a fraction of their 52-week highs, revealing great opportunities for investors.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Making Your Investments Pay: Equity Income ETFs

    The flight to extreme quality has reduced treasury yields to non-inflation beating instruments. Income ETFs are now ripe for the picking.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Seeing Green With Alternative Energy Play

    Learn to use ETFs and the current market distaste for the sector to dip into long-term green energy investments.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Look To Mother Nature For Safety

    Timber REITs are a good place for long-term money.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Landlord Stocks: 3 Monthly Paying REITs

    Collect monthly rent checks without becoming a landlord. We examine three monthly paying real estate investment trusts for income investors.
  50. Stock Analysis

    MLPs A Refuge From Chaotic Energy Cycle

    Funds that hold master limited partnerships offer predictable cash flows to protect you from the market's daily gyrations.
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