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  1. Stock Analysis

    Load Up On Chinese Stocks For 2014

    China hasn’t exactly lived up to its promise over the past few years. However, recent economic data is pointing in the right direction. For investors, now could be the best time to add the BRIC giant to ...
  2. Stock Analysis

    The 3-D Printers Are Just Getting Started

    3-D printing could be one of the most game changing technological advanced in a long time. For early investors, that could mean big profits in their portfolios.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Three Ways To Play Bonds In 2014

    The New Year promises one certainty in the bond market and that’s the Fed will finally begin its taper and end its bond-buying programs. For those investors in long dated bonds, now could be the best time ...
  4. Stock Analysis

    Finally Some Bullish News For Commercial Real Estate

    For the office REITs, the recent bullish jobs news could finally be the sign for the sectors return to glory. For investors, the time to bet on the property subsector could be now.
  5. Stock Analysis

    The United Kingdom Is Ripe For Stock Pickers

    With the situation in Europe finally moving ahead, investors may want to focus on the United Kingdom. Stocks within the nation remain a huge value, despite its growth prospects.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Japanese Stocks Continue To Outperform

    While Japan has been called dead money for years, the past year has removed that moniker perhaps for good. With supportive policies in place, the gains for the nation’s equities could continue into 2014.
  7. Stock Analysis

    The Time For Cyclical Stocks Is Now

    Its official, the data is pointing towards the next phase of the business cycle- economic expansion. That means, it’s time for investors to load up on cyclical stocks. As these firms profit from the expanding ...
  8. Stock Analysis

    An Unprecedented Opportunity In Municipal Bonds

    As interest rate/taper and default fears have taken hold, investors have fled muni bonds in spades. That outflow could be just what value hunters are looking for.
  9. Stock Analysis

    The Bullish Set-Up In Platinum

    The recent precious metals rout has unearthed plenty of bargains. One of the biggest could be in platinum. Analysts predict another year of supply constraints in the face of rising demand. For investors, ...
  10. Stock Analysis

    Now Is The Time To Buy Consumer Staples Stocks

    As the markets have swooned, so have many boring sectors. That includes consumer staples stocks. Still, the sector could still be a value based on historical data. Investors may not want to abandon the ...
  11. Stock Analysis

    A Strong Prognosis For Healthcare Stocks

    Despite the healthcare sectors recent torrid run, there’s still plenty to like about stocks in the industry. Aside from tailwinds created by the Affordable Care Act, demographics is playing a huge future ...
  12. Stock Analysis

    China Is Winning The Renewable Energy Crown

    With exponentially rising energy demand facing Asia’s Dragon, China has gotten serious about expanding its generation capacity of renewable sources.
  13. Stock Analysis

    The Marcellus Keeps On Paying Dividends

    For investors, the Marcellus Shale continues to pay benefits. The region’s production continues to rise, leading to plenty of profits for the firms that operate within its borders.
  14. Stock Analysis

    The Convertible Way To Play This Market

    Investors are certainly facing a quandary. The broad market has gone up by leaps and bounds since the end of the recession. That’s worrisome. Yet, more gains could be in store as the Fed isn’t ending its ...
  15. Stock Analysis

    Are The Gold Miners Finally A Buy?

    Over the last year, gold has gone from the asset du jour to the most hated thing on the planet. That dour attitude towards the precious metal could mean it’s time to buy.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Big Dividends From Big Data

    As internet traffic continues to skyrocket, the datacenter operators are poised to be a backdoor player in the growth of cloud computing and our data creation.
  17. Stock Analysis

    The Time To Bet On Electric Vehicles Is Now

    As transportation costs continue to rise, electric and hybrid vehicles are once again returning to the spotlight. That makes the sector a buy for long term investors.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Dividend Stocks Still Matter

    For those investors looking at the long term, ignore the taper talk and focus on dividends. The pay-outs from equities have been some of the leading contributors to total returns and can have powerful ...
  19. Stock Analysis

    Believe It Or Not, European Stocks Are Heating Up

    After years of struggling, Europe may finally be turning a corner. Critical pieces of economic data are all pointing towards recovery. That’s lit a fire under European equities.
  20. Stock Analysis

    The Refiners See Diesel Fueled Gains Ahead

    While it’s often ignored, diesel is quickly becoming a very important piece of the global energy pie. Demand continues to grow as various nations shift towards the fuel for both transportation and power ...
  21. Stock Analysis

    Are Small Caps Getting Too Expensive

    Given their torrid run, small caps may finally be getting expensive. That could signal some down days in the months ahead. For investors, shift some of the focus away from the sector or hedging their holdings ...
  22. Stock Analysis

    A Dragon-Sized Play In Chinese Tech

    For tech investors, China’s growth story is just getting started. The nation is quickly becoming a hot bed of internet and mobile activity. That could mean some big gains down the road for those investors. ...
  23. Stock Analysis

    At Long Last, The Hotel Market Shows Signs Of Life

    The hotel operators are finally breathing a sigh of relief as several key metrics are now showing positive growth for the year- all of which should make their investors quite happy.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Is It Time For Low Volatility Funds?

    The recent government shutdown, potential debt ceiling breach as well as dour global economic news has once again caused volatility to rear its ugly head. Those market swings can cause for some rough nights ...
  25. Stock Analysis

    Private Equity For Retail Investors

    Recent hot IPOs has many regular investors salivating at the chance to participate in start-ups and private equity. With returns in the 13% to 30% range, who wouldn’t be? Luckily, the world of private ...
  26. Stock Analysis

    Rare Earths Offer A Volatile, Yet Profitable Long Term Play

    The commodities space is full of opportunities for investors willing to go off the beaten path. One such long term opportunity is in the strategic and rare earth metals. As we increasingly turn towards ...
  27. Stock Analysis

    Low Interest Rates May Remain In Place For Decades

    According to Bond King Bill Gross, investors may be in for a low interest rate environment for a very very long time. Point blank, the economy just isn’t ready for higher rates. That has wide sweeping ...
  28. Stock Analysis

    Make A Play For The Land Down Under

    Australia is often overlooked by investors. However, the nation’s commodity sector is the envy of the world. That key contributor is about to get even more powerful given some recent policy changes
  29. Stock Analysis

    For Consumer Discretionary Investors, Luxury Is Where It’s ...

    For the rich and growing middle classes of the world, spending on luxury goods continues to surge. That can provide a nice portfolio play for the rest of us.
  30. Stock Analysis

    The Commodities “Super-Cycle” Is Still Well At Hand

    After a decade of torrid growth, the natural resources sector has taken a bit of a break during the last year. This has given birth to the idea that the “super-cycle” is dead. However, there could be still ...
  31. Stock Analysis

    It's Finally Time To Bet On Solar

    After experiencing some of the worst years in its history, the solar energy sector could be having one of its best. New installed capacity is growing and will finally overtake wind energy in new added ...
  32. Stock Analysis

    The Fed Gives The OK To Load Up On Emerging Markets

    Continued quantitative easing by the Fed suggests emerging markets may still be a buy. Here are some ETFs to consider.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Did India Just Hurt Gold’s Chances Even Further?

    With tapering talk and better economic conditions facing the global economy, investor sentiment for gold is fading. That luster is about to get even more dim as world’s largest gold importer- India- is ...
  34. Stock Analysis

    The 1% Are Looking Elsewhere For Returns

    For the rich, stocks and bonds aren’t cutting it. They continue to add more alternative asset classes to their portfolios. However, you don’t have to have millions of dollars to follow their lead. Regular ...
  35. Stock Analysis

    The Time For Retail Real Estate Is Now

    Driven by cost-cutting consumers and high unemployment, firms operating the shopping and strip mall space have been left behind. However, various pieces of sector data are pointing in the positive direction, ...
  36. Stock Analysis

    The Commercial Mortgage Story Gets Better For Investors

    Things are looking up for loans tied to commercial real estate mortgages. Delinquencies continue to drop, while refinancing opportunities have lowered debt-service coverage ratios. All in all, that’s not ...
  37. Stock Analysis

    Are The Shippers Now A Buy?

    Investors looking for values among the beaten down market may want to give the shippers a go. Several bullish catalysts are lining up in the sectors favor and currently firms in the sector are trading ...
  38. Stock Analysis

    Is It Finally Time To Buy Silver?

    As the precious metal space has given up many gains in the wake of a strengthening global economy, silver remains a value. The metals industrial side will help propel it higher over the next few years. ...
  39. Stock Analysis

    Making A Play With Currency ETFs

    For investors looking for alternatives for their portfolios, currency remains a compelling addition. The exchange-traded fund boom has made it easy for regular retail investors to add currencies to a portfolio. ...
  40. Stock Analysis

    A Huge Opportunity In Fertilizer Stocks

    While the Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) cartel’s break-up shook the entire fertilizer industry, the long term picture is still rosy. That’s helping create some of the best values in the commodity sector ...
  41. Stock Analysis

    The Big Play In Big Data

    Given just how technology oriented our lives are becoming, the amount of data we are creating is staggering. But in that staggering amount of zeros and ones, there are opportunities for investors. At the ...
  42. Stock Analysis

    Time To Get Defensive With ETFs

    With some storm clouds beginning to form over the global economy, investors may want to consider thinking about moving some money into more “defensive” areas. ETFs make that easy.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Bill Gross Is Still Bullish On Treasuries

    Given his impressive track record, when PIMCO’s Bill Gross speaks, investors should listen. The Bond King knows what he is talking about. This time he’s advising buying U.S. treasuries as they have sold ...
  44. Stock Analysis

    Illuminate Your Portfolio With LEDs

    While new sources of supplies are helping curb the energy crisis, the truth is that we are still using more and more. That’s were energy efficiency measures could come in with LED technology being a perfect ...
  45. Stock Analysis

    Get Ready For Brazil’s Consumer Explosion

    With Brazilian stocks currently down in the dumps, long term investors currently have the opportunity to load up on one of the biggest trends affecting the nation- its rising consumer wealth.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Find A Home In The Frontier

    For investors with a long term- possibly decades- timelines, adding a dose of frontier markets make sense. These emerging nations of tomorrow offer significant growth potential for investors willing to ...
  47. Stock Analysis

    REITs Still Hold Long Term Value

    The Fed’s taper talk recent squashed some of the euphoria for the commercial real estate world. However, REITs have historically performed well during phases of rising rates. With prices for the sector ...
  48. Stock Analysis

    It Keeps Getting Worse For The Gold Miners

    With gold’s recent price drop and lowered future price targets, the miners are in a world of hurt. Cash costs for the sector are now well above the breakeven point. With costs still rising, investors still ...
  49. Stock Analysis

    Taking The Contrarian Approach With European Equities

    Investors continue to shun European equities due to the regions debt issues and economic problems. However, that’s a real shame as the companies on the continent are some of the largest multinationals ...
  50. Stock Analysis

    The Mortgage REITs Are Beginning To Look Like Values

    As the Fed has begun its taper talk, shares of the mortgage REITs have fallen hard. That could make the high yielding sector a potential value for income seekers
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