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  1. Stock Analysis

    The IEA Provides Some Bullishness News For Renewables

    While it may be hard to swallow, but renewables are actually over taking fossil fuels when it comes to electricity generation. The IEA latest study and predictions offer a very bullish case for investing ...
  2. Stock Analysis

    U.S. Manufacturing Is Still Alive & Kicking

    With durable and core capital goods orders rising, businesses are still betting on a strong U.S. economy in the months ahead. That will ultimately benefit the industrial firms making these items. For investors, ...
  3. Stock Analysis

    U.S. Insurers Turn A Major Corner

    After suffering, the property and casualty insurance industry is back. The group has reported their first underwriting profit since 2009. That’s an important milestone.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Rising Interest Rates? Not A Problem For These Funds

    As the United States moves further into recovery, it's only a matter of time before the Fed begins raising interest rates. For investors in the bond market, this could prove problematic. However, there ...
  5. Stock Analysis

    Fight This Summer's Volatility With Infrastructure

    With the markets returning to their up and down patterns, investors are getting nervous. Luckily, infrastructure assets can help diminish that volatility. Their stable cash flows will help smooth-out a ...
  6. Stock Analysis

    Credit Suisse Says Not To Give Up On MLPs Just Yet

    Interest in MLP has waned over the last few weeks as the Fed has hinted at winding down its QE programs. However, according to investment bank Credit Suisse, now could be the best time to add the sector ...
  7. Stock Analysis

    The Bullish Trend For Muni Bonds

    For investors looking for tax-free income, the municipal bond sector continues to get stronger. It seems that states have finally begun to get serious about their budgets. Overall, recent trends in debt ...
  8. Stock Analysis

    Finding Growth At Value Prices

    With the markets continuing to move in an upwards manner, finding bargain is becoming harder and harder to do. In an attempt to bridge growth and value style investing, growth at a reasonable price or ...
  9. Stock Analysis

    Building A Portfolio BRIC By BRIC

    When Jim O'Neil first came up with the acronym of BRIC, the four nations were the cream of the emerging market crop. A decade of fast growth later, the group has recently begun to stall. For long-term ...
  10. Stock Analysis

    Energy CAPEX Spending Surges

    As global energy demand continues to trend higher, more pressure is being placed on finding new sources of supply. That fact is driving energy firms to open up their wallets in spades.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Big News For U.S. Wind Energy

    The recent Dept. of Interior decision to begin auctioning off blocks of federal waterways for offshore wind development does wonders for the United States in terms actually tapping its potential. Investors ...
  12. Stock Analysis

    The Eagle Ford Continues To Pay Benefits

    The Eagle Ford shale in South Texas continues to be “where it’s at” in terms of energy production in the United States. Recent rig data shows that production is growing even faster than first imagined
  13. Stock Analysis

    Investing For The Global Diabetes Epidemic

    Sadly, diabetes is quickly becoming a global epidemic. Within these grim statistics, investors can find opportunities with the companies that are fighting this epidemic.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Don’t Miss The Upcoming Bull Market In Uranium

    While nuclear energy and uranium has remained in the doghouse for several years now, that could be changing. As the U.S.-Russian “Megatons to Megawatts” agreement ends, prices for the fuel are bound to ...
  15. Stock Analysis

    TIPs Still Make Sense For Portfolios

    Despite their recent rout and the persisting negative yields, there’s still plenty to like about TIPS bonds for investors’ portfolios.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Playing The Big Winners In U.S. LNG

    For U.S. producers of natural gas, exporting that bounty is seen a necessary way to profit from higher demand overseas as well as higher prices. The potential of those exports received a major win recently ...
  17. Stock Analysis

    Look Towards Small-Caps For Big Dividends

    Small-caps can be a fruitful place to gain high yields.
  18. Investing News

    Make Your Precious Metal Choice Less ‘Golden’

    The recent rout in gold prices has affected the rest of the precious metals space as well. However, unlike gold, platinum is benefiting from long term industrial demand as well as constrained supplies. ...
  19. Stock Analysis

    The Time To Buy Italy Is Now

    Investors are getting more comfortable with owning European stocks once again. For bold investors willing to go against the grain, Italy could offer some of the real deep values.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Five ETFs To Cash In On Japan’s Rise

    With the election of Shinzo Abe and birth of “Abenomics”, things are looking up for Japan's exporting dependent nation. For investors, Japan may finally be awaking from its doldrums.
  21. Stock Analysis

    The U.S. Auto Industry Is Back

    For investors, betting on the U.S. auto sector could lead to plenty of profits.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Place Your Chips On The Chip Makers

    By adding the semiconductor producers, investors have a chance to play the backbone of technology and right now they are cheap.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Keep Your Portfolio Truckin’ With The Transports

    With the U.S. really beginning to move forward, investors may want to focus on another main Dow index- The Dow Transports.
  24. Stock Analysis

    For Casino Stocks- Macau Is Still Where It’s At

    China’s growing consumer class isn’t just spending their hard earned money of fast food, TVs and designer handbags. It seems that the nation is developing a gambling addiction as well. That will continue ...
  25. Stock Analysis

    Finding Bond-Like Income With Utilities

    The traditional utility sector has become a happy hunting ground for income seekers.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Get Ready For The Wearable Technology Revolution

    For investors, wearable tech is just beginning to become science fact.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Sub-Saharan Africa Beckons

    Looking past the BRICs and broad index funds, Africa represents a huge ignored growth story.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Want Income? MLP ETFs Still Offer Value

    High income and growth potential minus the tax headaches associated with MLPs makes ETFs the top choice to play the sector.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Crime Pays For REIT Investors

    While it’s not a glamorous business, operating for-profit prisons is quite a money maker. Especially for those firms now structured as REITS.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Stick With “Bond-Like Stocks”

    By betting on large-cap stocks that pay healthy growing dividends, portfolios should be able to navigate whatever the market throws at them.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Three Ways To Short Gold

    Investor enthusiasm for gold has been falling by the wayside. For portfolios, that could mean it's time to short the metal.
  32. Stock Analysis

    The “Healthy” Play In Contract Research Organizations

    The pharmaceutical industry is under pressure to do more with less. That means it will be farming out many of is mundane clinical trial and lab work. This outsourcing will be a big win for the contract ...
  33. Stock Analysis

    Russian Stocks Are Cheap- But They Won’t Stay That Way

    Russia has been a disappointment over the last few years, but the nation’s equities could be one of the best bargains right now as they offer a great risk-to-reward ratio for the rest of the year.
  34. Stock Analysis

    A Powerful Triple Play In Irrigation

    Water use for agriculture continues to rise at extreme levels, but which companies are the top plays for this trend?
  35. Stock Analysis

    Goldman Sachs Gets Into The Loan Business

    Goldman Sachs’ decides to list a piece of Liberty Harbor Capital subsidiary as a BDC.
  36. Stock Analysis

    Find Income and Growth In Emerging Market Bonds

    Offering both growth and income potential, emerging market debt could be one of the best plays for your portfolio.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Will Japan Be A Ray Of Sunshine For The Solar Industry?

    There may be a ray of sunshine for the beleaguered sector. Japan’s search for alternatives to nuclear energy has helped boost its domestic solar market by leaps and bounds.
  38. Stock Analysis

    With Fracking It’s All About Water Management

    It takes an awfully large amount of water to frack an oil and gas well these days. Given the growth projections for production activity in the U.S. and Canada, water management could be one of the biggest ...
  39. Stock Analysis

    A Big Bet On Cyber Security

    As computers, cloud computing and data networks continue to be a part of our everyday lives, protecting them is quickly becoming a hot button issue. That certainly bodes well for the firms in the cyber ...
  40. Investing Basics

    How To Adjust Your Portfolio In A Bear Or Bull Market

    While investors shouldn’t feel compelled to change their portfolios radically overnight in reaction to the market's daily moves, small adjustments in the face of a bull or bear market could be a prudent ...
  41. Stock Analysis

    Natural Gas: A Big Win For Israel And Its Producers

    While it’s a tech powerhouse, the natural gas game is quickly changing Israel’s economy for the good. The recent prolific discoveries and new production will be a game changer for its economy. Investors ...
  42. Stock Analysis

    So Who’s Right On Cliffs Natural Resources?

    Iron ore and coal producer Cliffs Natural Resources has faced downgrade after downgrade in the face of fallen commodity prices and terrible earnings. However, it did just receive some good news from one ...
  43. Investing News

    There Are New REITs On The Horizon

    For investors, the surge in new REIT activity is providing some pretty interesting dividend opportunities.
  44. Stock Analysis

    The Lodging Sector Finally Rebounds

    After being commercial real estate’s whipping boy since the Great Recession, the lodging sector is finally beginning to bounce back. For investors, betting on the sector could now make sense, as key metrics ...
  45. Investing News

    Big Money Is Moving To Socially Responsible Investing

    Mega-sized endowments, pension funds and hedge funds have the ability to move the markets and change investing trends.
  46. Investing Basics

    The Best Way To Buy Silver

    Discover whether ETFs or physical bullion is the best way for investors to get exposure to silver.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Higher Petrobras CAPEX Spending Is Great News For FMC Technologies

    At current prices, oil service stock FMC Technologies isn’t necessarily cheap. But as the number one supplier for the energy firm spending the most dough, that higher multiple is certainly warranted. As ...
  48. Investing News

    Emerging Markets' Environmental Commitment

    Most people think of the industrial and developed world as leaders when it comes to green technologies and environmental stewardship. After moving past their high-growth stages, many developed nations ...
  49. Economics

    Economic Indicators That Affect The U.S. Stock Market

    Macroeconomic factors like GDP, Inflation, and Retail Sales affect the value of your portfolio. Understanding these economic indicators is vital for every investor in the marketplace.
  50. Stock Analysis

    How The ETF Fee War Benefits Investors

    High fees are one of the main ways investor's underperform the market.
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