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  1. Stock Analysis

    Why REITs Remain A Great Place To Put Your Money

    REITs have been a good investment over the long haul. Here's Why.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Should You Forget About The 'B' & 'R' In 'BRIC?'

    While the BRICs had great promise, the time may have come to part with Russia and Brazil. The good times continue to roll for China and India, though.
  3. Stock Analysis

    U.S. Stocks Are Still The Place To Be In 2015

    Oil is tumbling and volatility is in the tea leaves. So why is it that strategists are saying that your best bet for 2015 could very well be U.S. stocks?
  4. Stock Analysis

    Are Shipping Stocks Due For A Rally?

    Several bullish catalysts are lining up in favor of shipping companies. Their current cheapness may not last for long, though, so the time to buy is now.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Solar Is Starting To Win The Price War

    For solar energy, the story has always been its price relative to fossil fuel prices. Grid parity with natural gas and coal is just around the corner.
  6. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    Consumer Staples Defend against Volatility

    Volatility has crept back into the market, but consumers can defend against price swings by investing in consumer staples.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Has Copper’s Time Come?

    Copper hasn’t had much shine over the last few years, but recent data is supporting a major move by the metal. The time to buy could be now.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Junk Is Starting To Look A Lot Less Junky

    The recent rout in junk bonds could be the buying opportunity they’ve been waiting for over the last few years. Yields are up and prices are down.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Is Canada’s Lagging Energy Sector A Good Bet?

    Canada is sitting on an ocean of oil and gas, and these ETFs and companies play off of that very fact.
  10. Investing Basics

    Infographic: The Unconstrained Approach

    The unconstrained approach: a global style of investing that looks at opportunities across a broad set of asset classes and markets.
  11. Stock Analysis

    India Remains An Emerging Market Bright Spot

    Change has finally come to India. The election of a business-friendly reformer appears to be the spark that will send Indian equities higher.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Still More Gains Ahead For Semiconductor Makers

    As investors run to the latest tech innovation, the semis are hard at work. Demand for chips continues to rise making them a prime bet for investors.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Why You Need More International Stocks

    Despite the benefits of global stocks, most investors never stray from their home nations when it comes to portfolio construction.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Unconventional Drilling Still Has Room To Boom

    For investors, the unconventional drilling boom is the gift that keeps on giving. Despite the recent record production gains, more could be in store.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Finding An Alternative With Currency ETFs

    Despite being the world’s biggest market, most investors have zero exposure to currency. That’s a shame, as the asset class provides plenty of benefits.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Why You Should Pay Attention To Africa Right Now

    With vast natural resources and a huge, young population, Africa's lion economies could be the next big thing. But how to get exposure?
  17. Stock Analysis

    Commodities: Has Their Time Come Again?

    Commodities have spent much of the previous four years in the basement. Does that make them a bargain?
  18. Stock Analysis

    Why 'Bricks And Mortar' Retail Remains A Solid Bet

    Bricks and mortar stores aren’t dead or even dying. Investors would be well-served by shopping around. Here's a guide to retail REITs.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Is It Finally Time To Get Defensive?

    A major stock correction could be near, which means that getting a bit more defensive could make sense. Here are a few ideas.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Forget Apple: Invest Your Next Tech Dollar In Asia

    Investors who ignore Asia's tech sector do so at their own peril. Here are a few ETFs and companies to consider.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Is It Time To Bet On China Again?

    With China's inflation issues abated, Beijing is now free to stimulate its economy. Is now the time to add Chinese shares?
  22. Stock Analysis

    Why Coal Deserves Your Attention Right Now

    The coal sector has suffered for years at the hands of cheap natural gas and stiff regulations. But investors shouldn’t count out coal.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Why You Should Invest In Green Energy Right Now

    A new report shows how far renewables will count toward filling our energy needs. Is now the time to invest in green energy?
  24. Stock Analysis

    Is It Finally Time For TIPS?

    Inflation hasn’t been a problem for a while now, but with both key measures of inflation on the rise, now could be the time for investors to buy TIPS.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Your Best Bet In The Medical Space

    With so many Americans entering their golden years there will be plenty of profit in medical device stocks. Here are a few names to watch.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Why Your Next Dollar Should Go To Mexican Stocks

    Mexico is quickly becoming a leading manufacturer. That means better wages, a growing middle class and more investment opportunities. Here's a quick look.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Should You Double-Down On Dorms?

    Even with the cost of college so dear, enrollment continues to surge. That's good news for operators of student-housing real estate.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Forget Gold, Invest In These Precious Metals

    Silver, platinum and palladium are driven more by their industrial demand than their safe-haven status. The time to buy is now.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Pay Attention To This Economic Bellwether

    An accelerating economy and recent freight volume growth means that savvy investors should pay more than a little attention to the railroad industry.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Why Your Portfolio Needs This Undervalued Metal

    After spending much of last year in the dumps, aluminum is making a comeback. Rising global manufacturing and dwindling supplies are pushing up prices.
  31. Bonds & Fixed Income

    Will The High Times In High Yield Continue?

    With junk bond yields at around 5% now, investors are wondering whether the risk is worth the reward.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Why Europe's Equities Are Worth Cheering For

    The European Central Bank’s plan to cut rates and stimulate growth should light a fire under equities and real estate. What are your best bets?
  33. Stock Analysis

    Does Your Portfolio Need A Dose Of Cybersecurity?

    The growing threat of increasingly sophisticated hacker attacks could mean that now is the right time to add cybersecurity stocks to your portfolio.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Are This Country's Sagging Stocks A Good Value?

    After a stellar 2013, Japanese equities have sagged this year. Is this a return to business-as-usual or a possible buying opportunity?
  35. Stock Analysis

    How To Capitalize On Rising Energy Prices

    The world's energy demands will keep rising as supplies become harder to find and exploit. These factors should propel a energy stock bull market for some time to come.
  36. Stock Analysis

    How Far Can The REIT Rally Go?

    After spending much of 2013 in the dumps, REITs have roared back this year. But how much gas could the real estate investments have left in them?
  37. Stock Analysis

    Playing Small-Caps In This Market? The Key Is Dividends

    Small-cap stocks have taken a beating at the hands of jittery investors, but there are opportunities if you focus on dividends.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Is There Any Samba Left In Brazil's Stocks?

    While it hasn’t lived up to its promise as of late, Brazil’s longer term picture is still rosy. And given its recent underperformance, now could be a perfect time to strike.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Retired or Near-Retirement? Check Out These Multi-Asset ...

    For investors in or nearing retirement, managing an income portfolio can be tricky, especially since low interest rates have pushed investors into new, high-yielding asset classes. Luckily, there’s a way ...
  40. Stock Analysis

    The Better Bet: Emerging Market Debt Or Equity?

    Want the returns of emerging markets with less of the volatility and risk? Have a close look at corporate and sovereign debt instead of equities.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Is Now The Time To Buy Gold?

    Gold could sag further this year. Will that lead to the best buying opportuity in years? And if you believe so, is now the time to short the shiny stuff?
  42. Stock Analysis

    How To Build A Portfolio Of Infrastructure Investments

    As many have said, demographics are destiny. Accordingly, investors seeking stability and income should put infrastructure investments at the top of their list.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Making A Case For Long Bonds

    The rising rates everyone expects this year have yet to arrive. In fact, some evidence points to low rates for a longer time than expected. Are long bonds a good place to park money in 2014?
  44. Stock Analysis

    Will Macau Remain The Best Bet For Casino Investors?

    China's newfound consumer wealth is spilling over into areas of entertainment - namely gambling. As gaming revenues continue to flag in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, is it time to double down on Macau?
  45. Stock Analysis

    How To Ride the Organic & Natural Products Wave

    With consumers shopping healthier, purveyors of organic and natural foods could be great long-term buys for investors.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Make A Play For Asia’s Frontier

    With economic growth slowing in China and India it may be time to look towards Asia’s up-and-comers. Favorable demographics and a foundation for growth should provide plenty of opportunities.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Add Some Bacon To Make Your Portfolio Sizzle

    A combination of factors is pushing up beef and pork prices and could continue doing so for the foreseeable future.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Could Iron Ore Miners Finally Be A Buy?

    Things haven’t been so great in the iron ore sector over the last few years. Prices are way off their highs. But rising global steel demand, as well a recent rise in China imports should help lift prices.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Online Advertising Takes The Lead

    Advertisers are now spending more on online ads than ever before. For investors, that means the time could be right to bet on digital advertising players.
  50. Stock Analysis

    The LNG Opportunity Keeps Getting Better

    As we continue to unearth a record amount of shale gas, exporting that bounty is quickly taking shape- especially to energy thirsty Asia. For investors, playing growing LNG exports could be one of the ...
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