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  1. Stock Analysis

    Platinum Group Metals Offers A Real Bargain

    While gold and silver remain the go-to precious metals, the growth in platinum and palladium continues unabated.
  2. Stock Analysis

    China Could Ignite The Steel Industry

    With its economy beginning to slow, China has begun to unveil some new stimulus measures to boost sagging growth.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Multi-Asset Income Plays

    Wall Street has recently unveiled a series of multi-asset income funds designed to produce high yields from a wide range of sources.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Playing The North Sea's Windy Potential

    With its current energy production strategy showing signs of strain, the U.K. has unveiled ambitious plans to turn the North Sea into a windy energy hot spot.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Hotel Real Estate Rebounds Amid M&A

    The lodging industry is quickly becoming a hotbed of acquisition activity in the commercial real estate space. Increasing RevPAR, occupancy and real estate values all bode well for the sector and analysts ...
  6. Stock Analysis

    Finding An Alternative With Currency ETFs

    This under-utilized asset class comes with a host of benefits outside the world of stocks and bonds.
  7. Stock Analysis

    The Growing Play In Class B Malls

    With retail sales beginning to show some positive trends, operators of second-tier and B malls are finally seeing their star shine.
  8. Stock Analysis

    China's Auto Market Gets An Octane Boost

    With China's growth stalling, the country has begun plans for new stimulus measures. The first of which is a program to spur domestic automobile demand.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Goldman Says Now Is The Time For Energy Stocks

    With the market's steep sell-off over the last few weeks, a variety of bargains are beginning to emerge. According to investment bank Goldman Sachs, the best bargains are in the energy sector.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Buy The Fund Managers, Not Their Funds

    For investors, it may make more sense to bet on the ones operating the funds rather than the funds themselves.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Be Greedy In Europe

    The debt crisis in Europe makes it understandable why investors have ignored it. But the region’s current valuations make it attractive.
  12. Stock Analysis

    High Times In High-Yield Ahead

    Already a hit with those looking for income, the high yield bond sector could be the place to find equity-like returns.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Nuclear Energy Is In The Bargain Bin

    While the Fukushima disaster changed the nuclear energy landscape in the short term, demand and power plant construction is continuing at a rapid pace as supplies for uranium continue to dwindle.
  14. Stock Analysis

    A Chance To Add China

    Various economic indicators in the Asian dragon are beginning to show signs of decay. However, low inflationary pressures give Beijing the flexibility to begin stimulating its slowing economy.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Get Ready To Play The Growth In LNG

    With natural gas prices continuing to stay low, the answer for many producers is exporting that bounty to emerging Asia.
  16. Stock Analysis

    One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Dividend Check

    While it is a dirty job, the waste management industry could be exactly what a portfolio needs in this time of low interest rates. Steady cash flows and dividends are hallmarks of the sector.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Is It Finally Retail REITs Turn?

    As commercial real estate rebounded from the depths of Great Recession, the retail sub-sector was left behind. However, the sector is now showing some signs of life.
  18. Stock Analysis

    The LED Market Gets Brighter

    As we continue to grapple with increasing energy demands, innovative technology like LEDs are helping us find solutions.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Jim Rogers Says To Buy A Farm

    Jim Rogers' latest advice is that agriculture will be the king of the commodity hill over the next few decades.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Playing Mexico's Golden Potential

    While it may be the world's largest producer of silver, Mexico is quickly gaining a reputation as a major gold producer. Here are some ways to play the nation's gold mining and exploration activity.
  21. Stock Analysis

    The Big Play In Natural Gas Storage

    With inventories of natural gas continuing to build at record paces, analysts predict that we will run out of excess storage capacity sooner rather than later.
  22. Stock Analysis

    The Clean Energy Tiger

    With tariffs and subsidies for renewable energy ending in Europe, Asia is picking up the slack.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Stay Bullish On Apartment REITS

    While commercial real estate overall has bounced back from its lows, demographic trends are still pointing in the favor of multi-family housings. Investors should stay bullish on the sector.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Glencore Is Still Bullish On Natural Resources

    As global growth has begun to slow, the prices for various commodities have dwindled as well. However, natural resources powerhouse Glencore expects demand for raw materials to remain robust.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Is It Time For A Permanent Strategy?

    Harry Browne's Permanent Portfolio could help you create a steady core portfolio regardless of the market environment.
  26. Stock Analysis

    A Turning Point For Japan

    While Japan has been called dead money for years, a falling yen could finally mean the nation is turning a corner. For investors, it may be time to bet on exporting superstar.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Big Value In Fertilizer

    The fertilizer sector will continue to see great gains as the world requires greater crop yields from less arable land.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Towers Of Power

    As mobile data usage continues to grow globally, the tower owners and operators look like a great place to be. Functioning as landlords, these firms provide stable cash flows and high operating margins.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Better Latin American Buys Than Argentina (YPF, ARGT, EPU, ...

    Argentina’s recent decision to nationalize its oil interests is a troubling precedent for the nation. However, there are plenty of other opportunities in Latin America that understand how to operate in ...
  30. Stock Analysis

    Playing The West African Gold Rush

    With gold supplies in traditional African mining regions starting to dwindle, West Africa is seeing more production. The region could be politically volatile, but it offers some very promising geology ...
  31. Stock Analysis

    Not Your Grandma's Trailer Park

    For investors, the sleepy world of manufactured home real estate could be a hidden gem in the sector.
  32. Stock Analysis

    OnShoring And The Industrial REIT Win

    With manufacturing returning to U.S. shores, the industrial real estate sector could finally be turning a corner. Betting on firms that own warehouses, shipping facilities and business parks could be a ...
  33. Stock Analysis

    Rising Prices Are A Big Win For Oil Services Sector

    In response to rising prices, many E&amp;P firms have doubled their capital spending programs in order to meet demand.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Asia's Frontier Beckons

    For investors, Asia offers more opportunities than just China and India. The continent's frontier markets could be some of the best portfolio options for the long term.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Going For Broke When It Comes To Yield

    The ETF boom has produced many ways for portfolios to get their high yield fix.
  36. Stock Analysis

    Pipeline Plans Are A Big Win For The Oil Sands

    The recent pipeline moves by Enbridge and its partners will undoubtedly benefit those producers in Canada’s oil sands region. Find out which companies will benefit the most.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Overlooked Income In BDCs

    For those looking for higher dividend yields from their portfolio may want to give REITs, MLPs and BDCs a look.
  38. Stock Analysis

    U.S. Manufacturing Starts To Boom

    With the Institute for Supply Management's PMI index rising for the 32nd month in a row, it's safe to say that the U.S. is experiencing a manufacturing revival. Investors should consider adding a dose ...
  39. Stock Analysis

    Fidelity's Suggestions On How To Reboot Your Income

    It doesn’t need to be hard in order to find great sources of yield. Fidelity breaks down some of the best places to gain income exposure.
  40. Stock Analysis

    Growing A Fortune With Timber

    Timber could be one of the best long-term values around.
  41. Stock Analysis

    REITs Still Looking Good

    While the commercial real estate sector has seen a huge increase in investor attention due to its dividend yields, it still offers opportunity. Improving economic conditions and rising rent rates are bullish ...
  42. Stock Analysis

    Access EM Consumers Via Small Caps

    Instead of just focusing on large multinationals, investors may want to get small and local.
  43. Stock Analysis

    The Long-Term Play In Palm Oil

    Often ignored palm oil is great way to play our planets continued natural resource demand.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Floating Rate Loans Look Attractive

    The search for income continues to remain a major priority for investors, as interest rates still sit at historically low levels. In order to get yield, many have moved up the maturity ladder.
  45. Stock Analysis

    China's Booming E-Commerce Market

    China’s rapidly growing consumer story is spreading to its e-commerce sector as well. Given the nation’s huge population and growing internet adoption, it may be prudent to add exposure to the sector.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Ruling Or Not, Healthcare Still Wins

    The Affordable Care Act finally goes in front of the Supreme Court. However, the Justice’s ruling may not matter. Healthcare has long-term demographics on its side, so adding the sector still makes sense.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Natural Gas Producers Are A Bargain

    Natural gas prices have been falling by the wayside, but recent production cuts at a variety of firms may finally be working.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Playing Asia In The Face Of Rising Gas Prices

    Rising oil prices aren't just problematic for the United States. Those in Asia are feeling the pinch as well.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Big Value In Old Tech Titans

    Mainline large-cap tech is as cheap as it can be. For investors, that could be a huge opportunity.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Germany Rolls Out The Renewable Energy Big Guns

    Germany's decision to ban nuclear energy and replace that capacity with renewables could ignite alternative energy stocks.
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