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  1. Stock Analysis

    Use Aluminum To Play Rising Industrial Growth

    As both industrial production and economic growth returns, aluminum could be the best way to play that surge.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Is It Time For A Hedge?

    A variety of economic data is pointing upwards and sentiment is bullish. However, there are some potential pitfalls facing investors.
  3. Stock Analysis

    A Big Bet On "Spicy" Utilities

    For investors, betting on growth-oriented utility firms could alleviate the anticipated underperformance of the sector.
  4. Stock Analysis

    High Yield Still Has Opportunities For Investors

    Given low interest rates and a brighter economic picture, the high yield bond sector is seeing its star shine.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Playing MLPs Via ETPs

    Master limited partnerships (MLPs) have exploded in popularity because of their high yields. But MLPs aren’t without tax headaches.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Mid-Cap ETFs Are Still A Buy

    The often overlooked mid-cap space could exactly what a portfolio needs. The best way to gain exposure is through ETFs.
  7. Stock Analysis

    A Strong Prognosis For Healthcare REITs

    The aging population will require more medical focused real estate. This can provide high stable cash flows as well as growth potential.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Is It Time To Be Bullish On The Dollar?

    Despite the long-term downward trend of the U.S. dollar, the currency has been getting stronger over the last few months.
  9. Stock Analysis

    A Look At The Baby Berkshires

    Using value investing principals, Warren Buffet has turned Berkshire Hathaway into a model of success and made his shareholders very rich.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Has Housing Finally Bottomed?

    Recent data shows that the U.S. housing market is recovering. For investors, now could be the time to add the sector to a portfolio.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Playing The Mobile Data Crunch

    Data carriers are spending big amounts on upgrading and improving network speeds and bandwidth.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Goldman Says To Stick With Oil And Gold

    With many of the deep values in natural resources now gone, Goldman Sachs has dropped its overall forecast for commodity returns.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Bet Big On Public Works Project

    As a variety of nations grapple with ballooning budgets and slowing tax receipts, public-to-private infrastructure transactions have become more popular.
  14. Stock Analysis

    A Convertible Income Choice

    Given the low interest rate environment, convertible bonds is one way for income investors to find yields.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Ag Still Looks Bullish Long Term

    With food prices rising due to an increase in global demand, investors should look into adding these Ag stocks to their porfolio.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Is It Finally Solar Energy's Year?

    The solar energy sector could be having one of the best years in its history.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Another Option For Income

    With expected volatility and continued low interest rates, a covered call strategy could add more income for investors.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Play The Growth In Mining M&A

    Merger activity in the mining sector is anticipated to grow.
  19. Stock Analysis

    The Rally In Small-Cap Growth Stocks

    Small caps have been improving along with the economy. Investors should look into adding these shares to their portfolio.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Cybersecurity Is The Way To Play Defense Spending

    As the number of cyber attacks continues to grow, cybersecurity will see the bulk of future defense spending.
  21. Stock Analysis

    A Cautious Outlook For Gold

    The improving global macroeconomic picture could take some of the luster away from gold. For investors, that could mean it’s time for a hedge.
  22. Stock Analysis

    The Re-Emerging Play In Emerging Markets

    After putting up some of the worst performances in recent years, stocks within emerging market nations are having a field day.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Look Across The Pond For Big Dividends

    Improving earnings for U.K.-based companies resulted in tremendous dividend growth for British stocks in 2011. Analysts expect this trend to continue.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Tobacco Stocks Are Still Addictive

    The tobacco industry has been one of the top performing sectors over the last decade.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Strength In Steel

    The steel sector suffered in 2011, due to fears about the slowing global economy and lower Chinese demand. That said, many of the long-term catalysts for investment still remain in place.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Bond Superstar Says Skip The Dollar And Euro

    With all the problems facing the developed world, Michael Hasenstab recommends looking towards Asia for gains in the New Year.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Muni's Are Still Attractive

    Municipal bonds continue to offer value for those investors in higher tax brackets.
  28. Stock Analysis

    A Pending Problem With Commercial Real Estate

    REIT investors could be in for a bumpy ride in 2012, when billions of dollars worth of commercial real estate loans come due.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Big Buys In Share Buybacks

    Record corporate profits and super low interest rates are resulting in a shrinking market environment and a rise in share buybacks.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Gulf Deepwater Drilling Flourishes

    With BP’s oil spill behind the industry, the Gulf of Mexico continues to be reborn.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Playing BP's Renewable Prediction

    Global energy is growing and BP’s latest energy forecast highlights the trend towards renewable energy.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Eric Sprott Is Very Bullish On Gold And Energy

    Commodities guru Eric Sprott expects bullish news in the future for both precious metals and energy.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Why TIPS Still Make Sense

    Yields have been pushed to their lowest limits as more investors embrace the security of bonds.
  34. Stock Analysis

    4 ETFs To Play 4 "Left For Dead" Sectors

    For patient portfolios and investors, going against the herd can mean long term profits.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Germany Could Be A Value Play In 2012

    Analysts predict that Germany's exports and internal consumption will allow the nation to sustain economic growth and escape recession in 2012.
  36. Stock Analysis

    A Focus On Dividend Growth

    With interest rates continuing to hold at super-low levels, now could be great time to institute a dividend growth strategy.
  37. Stock Analysis

    The Long-Term Play In Lab Work

    As drugmakers beef up their pipelines in this world of rising costs, the contract research sector should profit.
  38. Stock Analysis

    M-Commerce Surges

    2011 saw a substantial increase in purchases made via smartphones and tablets. Analysts expect this trend to continue through 2012.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Eastern Europe Opportunities

    Eastern and developing Europe continue to be ignored by many investors, but the region is as valuable to portfolios as emerging Asia and Latin America.
  40. Stock Analysis

    Playing BlackRock's 2012 Forecast

    Strategists at BlackRock estimate that 2012 will be another year of slow economic growth.
  41. Stock Analysis

    The Attractive Play In Emerging Market Bonds

    The strong fiscal conservatism of emerging market bonds makes them an ideal candidate for a fixed income portfolio.
  42. Stock Analysis

    A Bold Prediction From A Big Gold Bug

    For investors, the recent downturn in gold prices is a great buying opportunity to add gold equities.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Copper Remains A Value

    Conditions are right for copper going into 2012. For investors, the commodity represents an interesting value play.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Latin America Gives Wind Power A Go

    Latin America is poised to be one of the biggest generators of wind power.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Colombia Hits The Turbo Button

    Colombia's commodity exports are driving domestic consumer and infrastructure spending.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Fitch's Downgrade Of Emerging Asia Is A Buying Signal

    As the world economic growth begins to slow, some opportunities have risen for longer focused investors.
  47. Stock Analysis

    2011's Most Innovative ETFs

    The ETF industry experienced tremendous growth throughout 2011, and many issuers added new and exciting products to the mix. Here are some of the more interesting candidates for a portfolio.
  48. Stock Analysis

    A Big Bet On Hard Asset Producers

    The recent rout in the commodity markets can provide investors just the opportunity they are looking for.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Specialty REITs Show Outperformance

    Real estate firms operating outside the norm are performing best. For investors, specialty REITs could be the key to real estate outperformance in the future.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Slow Growth? No Problem For Mid-Caps

    With many analysts predicting slow growth for the new year, investors may want to consider mid-cap stocks for their portfolios.
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