Stock Analysis

  1. TJ Maxx Selling Consistency

    The only thing not to like about TJX is its valuation.
  2. Lowe's Prices For A Recovery

    Much of Lowe's potential operational upside is already priced into the stock.
  3. Caring Little For Caribou

    Caribou Coffee's stock is near its all-time high and meeting its earnings expectations.
  4. Dell Profitable But Stagnant

    Dell will eventually need to return to consistent top-line growth.
  5. Macy's Remains Fashionable

    Macy’s looks like a solid candidate for a core retailer holding in investor portfolios.
  6. Medtronic In Recovery Mode

    Medtronic's valuation is very appealing given its leadership position in the medical ...
  7. Texas Roadhouse Driving Consistently Forward

    Texas Roadhouse is overcoming a sluggish economy and higher food costs.
  8. Wal-Mart Laboring From Its Size

    Wal-Mart announced financial results on Feb. 21. Sales growth was robust, but cash ...
  9. Deere Worth A Ride

    Deere's cash flow trends don't looks that strong, but its outlook over the long haul ...
  10. General Motors Roaring Its Engines

    An investment in General Motors could end up being quite lucrative for its shareholders.
  11. Nordstrom Affordable, But Not A Steal

    Nordstrom's valuation is reasonable but far from a steal at current levels.
  12. Hanesbrands Still A Good Fit

    The long-term appeal of Hanesbrands' business is still there, provided management ...
  13. J2 Global Excelling At Cloud-Based Services

    J2 Global has impressively maintained an edge over many larger, deep-pocketed rivals.
  14. Gardner Denver A Unique, Growing Industrial Play

    Gardner has geographic and client diversity and consistently solid annual profit ...
  15. LabCorp Passes the Test

    LabCorp is safe bet given its geographic diversity and strong track record of managing ...
  16. Dun & Bradstreet Looking To Recharge

    For Dun & Bradstreet, the valuation isn't overly rich, but growth remains a concern.
  17. Becton Dickinson Still A Fine Specimen

    Becton Dickinson hasn't been growing very rapidly lately, but the company has experienced ...
  18. CVS Caremark’s Dispensing A Modest Outlook

    Much of CVS Caremark's future growth is already discounted in the share price.
  19. Avery Dennison Lacking Credibility

    Avery Dennison is still profitable and offers an appealing dividend yield, but the ...
  20. Fortune Brands Lacking Security

    Potential investors of the home and security products leader may want to wait on ...
  21. Kellogg A Solid Alternative To Bonds

    Income-minded investors could consider shifting some of their bond portfolio into ...
  22. Clorox Lagging Rivals

    Clorox's valuation continues to look lofty.
  23. Federated’s Appealing Dividend Yield

    An expected recovery in the stock market and expectations for higher interest rates ...
  24. Further Upside Seen For McKesson

    McKesson's third-quarter earnings surpassed expectations. Furthermore, the company ...
  25. Pfizer Shrugs Off the Loss Of Lipitor

    Pfizer remains very profitable and has ample cushion to adjust its cost structure ...
  26. Honeywell Firing On All Investment Cylinders

    Honeywell had a good year and another solid quarter. In addition, the company offers ...
  27. Ball Corp. Packages Shareholder Friendliness

    Over the past decade, Ball has consistently leveraged single-digit annual sales growth ...
  28. Zimmer Holdings Still Struggling To Grow

    Zimmer is experiencing modest growth, but is struggling to grow as much as companies ...
  29. Lockheed Martin Fights For Earnings Growth

    Lockheed's low valuation suggests its downside is limited, and that patient investors ...
  30. Diversified Investment Appeal From Novartis

    The healthcare giant reported impressive results in 2011 and offers a reasonable ...
  31. Stryker Leaning Away From Knees

    A fair amount of future growth is already baked into Stryker’s valuation.
  32. Abbott Labs Dividing Its Growth And Income Potential

    With the coming split of operations, Abbott Labs investors will better be able to ...
  33. Appealing Dividend Income Potential From Fifth Third

    Fifth Third has the capacity to significantly boost its dividend payout ratio.
  34. General Electric Building Steam

    General Electric investors could see double-digit total shareholders returns for ...
  35. Unclear Signals From Texas Instruments

    Texas Instruments has expensive-looking stock and analysts aren't expecting much ...
  36. SunTrust Still Looking To Regain Investor Trust

    SunTrust may be struggling now, but new investors could profit nicely should the ...
  37. Global Payments Maintaining Its Rapid Growth

    As long as credit card usage and electronic payments keep rising, so too should Global ...
  38. Money Is Tight At Rock Mountain Chocolate Factory

    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory likely won't see much share price appreciation.
  39. Zep Looks To Clean Its Blemishes

    Zep's stock isn't likely to grow significantly until it starts posting higher sales ...
  40. Citigroup’s Tepid Recovery

    Investors will need some assurance that Citigroup is capable of consistently growing ...
  41. Further Upside Potential For U.S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bancorp has recovered from the credit crisis and could see some organic growth ...
  42. Caterpillar A Quintessential Global Growth Play

    Caterpillar has a number of avenues where it can experience rapid growth, especially ...
  43. Ample Upside Potential At JPMorgan Chase

    JPMorgan has share price upside potential of more than 40%.
  44. Constellation Brands' Toned-down Strategy

    Constellation has embarked on a strategy to jettison less appealing brands from its ...
  45. Sonic Stuck In Neutral

    Sonic has been a value trap for shareholders.
  46. Tyco Split Set For 2012

    2012 will see Tyco split into another three separate companies.
  47. Gardner Denver Compressing The Competition

    Gardner Denver's valuation appears to offer a reasonable entry point for a company ...
  48. Carnival's Profit Rut

    A fuel hedging program could help Carnival get out if its multi-year profit rut.
  49. CarMax's Potential Remains Wide Open

    Find out how well the leader in used car sales has been performing and why they could ...
  50. Nike Still Running Forward

    Over the past decade, Nike has managed impressive annual profit growth.
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