Stock Analysis

  1. J2 Global Returning To Growth

    J2 Global's stock has room to run.
  2. Growth Trends Perking Up At Graco

    Much future growth is already discounted in the share price of Graco.
  3. Neustar Clearing Impressive Profitability

    Neustar's stock appears fairly valued.
  4. ITT Readying For A Split

    ITT Corp plans to split into three different firms to better realize the value of ...
  5. Fidelity National Less Of A Bargain

    Fidelity National is no longer the bargain it was earlier in the year.
  6. Lockheed Martin Easily Fighting Tough Industry Conditions

    There are a number of positives for investors considering buying the stock of Lockheed ...
  7. Kimberly-Clark’s Conservative Bias

    Kimberly-Clark investors should be able to count on double-digit total returns over ...
  8. All Is Well At Honeywell

    Honeywell is well positioned to take advantage of an eventual recovery in global ...
  9. LabCorp Battling Flat Free Cash Flows

    LabCorp's valuation is quite reasonable but cash flow growth remains an issue.
  10. St. Jude's Healthy Prognosis

    St Jude continued to grow robustly during its second quarter.
  11. Baxter Looking Pale In Comparison To Rivals

    A handful of health care peers trade at more appealing earnings multiples than Baxter.
  12. The Secret Is Out On Tractor Supply

    Tractor Supply's stock has moved ahead of its operating fundamentals.
  13. BNY Mellon Looking Much Better

    There are a number of compelling reasons to consider investing in the stock of Bank ...
  14. Google Maintaining Its Near-Term Edge

    Google's growth since it went public in 2004 has been phenomenal, but the main question ...
  15. JPMorgan Chase Aims for Steady Profit Growth

    JPMorgan Chase is finally putting the financial crisis behind it.
  16. Mattel Feeling Youthful

    Mattel shareholders can reasonably expect to rely on double-digit total returns going ...
  17. ManTech Achieving Growth in the Stagnant Defense Industry

    ManTech offers an appealing mix of growth at a reasonable valuation and has managed ...
  18. International Speedway’s Long-term Sales Challenges

    International Speedway's valuation appears disconnected from the weak operating trends ...
  19. Zep Continues Building Market Share

    Quite a bit of future growth is already priced into Zep's stock, but it has plenty ...
  20. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's Profit Struggles

    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has a number of near-term investment negatives, ...
  21. Larger Rivals Outcompeting WD-40

    Over the past five years, a number of larger rivals have grown faster than WD-40.
  22. National Presto's Understated Dividend Income Capacity

    National Presto pays a special dividend to shareholders and it may be of interest ...
  23. Oracle's Uphill Battle

    Prospective Oracle investors may be better off waiting for a share price pullback.
  24. Get Paid To Wait For A Rebound At Paychex

    Paychex investors may find its above-average dividend yield appealing, as they wait ...
  25. Sonic Fine-Tuning Its Strategy

    Sonic represents a value play in the fast food industry.
  26. Bed Bath's Impressive Rejuvenation

    Bed Bath and Beyond's profit growth has seen an impressive revival due to several ...
  27. Adobe's Growth Prospects Improving

    Adobe's growth trends going forward should accelerate on a number of product upgrades ...
  28. Unappealing Growth From AeroVironment

    AeroVironment's sales growth is one of the few positive aspects of the firm's investment ...
  29. Carnival's Profit Growth Remains Submerged

    The risk vs. reward tradeoff doesn't look over compelling for Carnival's stock.
  30. Barnes & Noble Remains A Difficult Read

    Barnes & Noble's future prospects are murky at best.
  31. The Upside From Blackberry's Beat Down

    Research in Motion's stock will likely remain dead money until tangible signs of ...
  32. China Finance Online Steps Backward

    There appears to be little reason to consider investing in China Finance Online right ...
  33. Upside Potential From Black Box

    Communications service provider Black Box's future growth prospects look compelling.
  34. FactSet's Ambitious Growth Expectations

    FactSet will need at least another decade of double-digit growth to justify where ...
  35. Kroger's Investment Appeal

    Kroger is an impressively steady performer and its operations are conservatively ...
  36. Best Buy Has A Number Of Profit Levers To Pull

    Best Buy appears to have a number of levers to pull in order to keep overall profitability ...
  37. Smucker Fighting A Number Of Headwinds

    Longer-term, concerns exist over Smucker's organic growth levels, and nearer term ...
  38. Vail Resorts Could Use A Profit Lift

    While Vail Resorts currently possesses valuable real estate, it is unreasonably valued ...
  39. Shuffle Master Still Worth A Gamble

    There is upside potential in Shuffle Master's stock.
  40. Booz Allen Hamilton Seeking More Agility

    Booz Allen remains a solid watch-list candidate to see if growth trends improve now ...
  41. Bob Evans' Steady Growth Appetite

    Bob Evans investors could garner low double-digit total returns over time.
  42. Cascade Results Indicate A Lift In The Global Economy

    Cascade's current operating levels leave further room for recovery to previous highs.
  43. Broadridge Is Boring But Predictable

    Broadridge faces challenges in consistently growing its sales and profits going forward.
  44. Vera Bradley Stock Loses Some Of Its Cachet

    This fashion-based brand still looks strong but presents high downside risk at its ...
  45. Tiffany's Valuation Lacks Luster

    Tiffany has a lot going for it, and the only thing not to like is its valuation.
  46. Popeyes' Lucrative Franchise Model

    AFC Enterprises has a goal to further ramp new unit growth, including international ...
  47. Bank Of Montreal Working On Boosting Growth

    Bank of Montreal, like most other banks, is struggling to grow in the current banking ...
  48. Costco Not The Most Appealing Big-Box Retailer

    Costco's current earnings valuation makes other retailers look much more attractive.
  49. Vast Upside Potential For Petrobras

    Petrobras' valuation looks reasonable given the rapid growth that management anticipates ...
  50. Is Cracker Barrel Slowing Down?

    Investors looking for exposure to the restaurant industry can find more appealing ...
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