Stock Analysis

  1. PetSmart Looking Pricey

    The risk/reward tradeoff on owning shares of PetsMart is unappealing.
  2. Wal-Mart Remains Appealing

    Wal-Mart continues to trade at a reasonable forward earnings multiple.
  3. Staples Presses The Difficult Button

    At a forward earnings multiple of less than 12, there is much more potential upside ...
  4. Value Always Pays At TJ Maxx

    The market is not giving TJX enough credit for its consistent results throughout ...
  5. Nordstrom's Multiple Expansion Opportunities

    Nordstrom has plenty of room to expand both of its store concepts and online sales.
  6. Rocky Road Ahead For Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

    The investment appeal of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is not overly appetizing.
  7. Macy's Is On A Roll

    Investors are becoming increasingly convinced that Macy's strong store performance ...
  8. Clorox Ready For A Breather

    A recent run in Clorox's share price makes a number of rivals more appealing investment ...
  9. MasterCard Continues Charging Forward

    The only thing not to like about MasterCard is its valuation.
  10. Ace Limited's Long-Term Appeal

    Despite a recent run in the stock, Ace Limited still has appeal.
  11. Concerns Over PetMed's Business Moat

    PetMed's ability to successfully compete online is in question.
  12. Caribou's Compelling Growth Prospects

    Caribou Coffee shows solid growth potential, and ambitions to grow earnings at a ...
  13. Kellogg Still A Very Stable Food Firm

    Kellogg investors should be able to garner double-digit annual returns by investing ...
  14. j2 Global Worth A Close Look

    J2 Global has an appealing business model and share valuation, meaning the stock ...
  15. Delta Looking Strong Over The Long Haul

    Delta is offsetting higher fuel costs and should consistently generate profits going ...
  16. P&G A Model Of Consistency

    Total returns in the low teens are a reasonable estimate over the next several years ...
  17. Lockheed Martin Keeps Cash Flow Moving Forward

    Despite defense spending cutbacks, Lockheed should be able to keep growing profits.
  18. Tupperware Keeps Partying

    Tupperware's direct selling model is proving quite successful in emerging markets.
  19. Kimberly Clark's Above-average Dividend Yield

    Kimberly-Clark's dividend yield is 4.2% and well above that of rivals.
  20. Bank Of America Still A Long Way From Normal

    Bank of America shareholders hope operating conditions return to normal soon, but ...
  21. J&J Beats Analyst Expections, But Not Its Rivals

    Tangible signs of sustained sales growth and consistent profit expansion are still ...
  22. Stryker's In The Right Medical Space

    Stryker is an appealing investment if growth levels return back to the double digits.
  23. Progressive Perking Up

    Progressive's growth trends look to be rebounding again, making the shares worth ...
  24. Supervalu's Turnaround Is Working

    Supervalu's performance is improving but the company isn't out of the woods yet.
  25. Fastenal's Stock Has More Than Recovered

    Fastenal's results should continue improving throughout 2011.
  26. DryShips Carries Heavy Risks

    DryShips low stock price is appealing, but its volatile operations may prove too ...
  27. JPMorgan Chase Looking More Pedestrian

    JPMorgan's mortgage woes will take time to work through and could mean a flat stock ...
  28. Constellation Brands Finalizing Its "Premiumization" Strategy

    There is uncertainty over how Constellation Brands' remaining businesses will grow ...
  29. Ruby Tuesday's Questionable Future

    Ruby Tuesday's strategy for achieving future returns looks dubious.
  30. Bed Bath And Beyond Riding The Recovery Wave

    At the current valuation, future returns may not be as high for shareholders of Bed ...
  31. WD-40 Struggling On Several Fronts

    Near-term challenges and a lofty valuation make WD-40's investment appeal questionable.
  32. Acuity Brands Share Price Run Excessive

    Potential investors in Acuity Brands may want to wait for a stock pullback or proven ...
  33. Global Payments Remains An Appealing Transaction Processor

    Global Payments' growth prospects remain robust over the longer haul.
  34. Zep Looks To Clean Up Its Profit Trends

    Prospective investors in Zep may want to wait until profit and cash flow growth becomes ...
  35. McCormick Serves Up Satisfying Returns

    McCormick investors should be able to count on low double-digit stock gains over ...
  36. The University Of Phoenix Seeks A New Baseline

    Apollo Group remains firmly profitable, but the stock will likely remain stagnant ...
  37. Flat Panels Temporarily Flatten Best Buy

    Best Buy's low valuation and sales struggles are likely temporary, making BBY shares ...
  38. China Finance Online Keeps Growth On Hold

    China Finance Online's business continues to hold great potential.
  39. General Mills Tops Competition

    General Mills has a solid record of leveraging mid-single-digit sales growth into ...
  40. Food Inflation Unlikely To Derail Darden

    Although investors are punishing the stock a little right now, Darden continues to ...
  41. Investors Expecting Too Much From Tiffany

    Organic growth trends to not quite justify the price at which Tiffany's stock is ...
  42. Japan Dents Adobe's Near-Term Results

    Investors with a longer-term view will find Adobe's lower valuation a potentially ...
  43. Vera Bradley Growing Briskly

    Much of Vera Bradley's future growth is already discounted into the share price, ...
  44. Downside Risk For FactSet Investors

    FactSet's stock already reflects much of the current and future growth momentum.
  45. A Golden Age For Airline Investing?

    Airline stocks could rally on any tangible signs the airlines have entered a golden ...
  46. Popeyes On A Tasty Growth Trajectory

    AFC Enterprises isn’t a household name, but it is working to build the brand awareness ...
  47. Buckle Remains Durably Fashionable

    Buckle has been at the forefront of offering denim and private label apparel, both ...
  48. Shuffle Master Worth A Gamble

    A low valuation implies significant upside in the stock of Shuffle Master.
  49. Casey's Falling Back To Earth

    Fleeting takeover interest and a down overall market have sent the shares of Casey's ...
  50. A Temporary Setback At Urban Outfitters

    If Urban Outfitter can deliver on its growth goals and log a bottom-line increase, ...
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