Ryan C. Fuhrmann

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  1. Personal Finance

    5 Disasters Affecting Gas Prices

    Find out what global events are causing the price spike at the pumps.
  2. Budgeting

    5 Ways To Combat Rising College Costs

    The price for higher education is increasing every year. Here's what you can do to help keep your costs low.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Booz Allen Hamilton Seeking More Agility

    Booz Allen remains a solid watch-list candidate to see if growth trends improve now that it is a public company.
  4. Personal Finance

    What LinkedIn's IPO Means For Social Media Sites

    The company's valuation was higher than originally thought. Does that mean the other big social media players will be valued higher as well?
  5. Stock Analysis

    Broadridge Is Boring But Predictable

    Broadridge faces challenges in consistently growing its sales and profits going forward.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Tiffany's Valuation Lacks Luster

    Tiffany has a lot going for it, and the only thing not to like is its valuation.
  7. Active Trading

    Billionaire Showdown: Donald Trump Vs. Warren Buffett

    Find out how Buffett and Trump measure up to each other in terms of wealth, power and popularity.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Costco Not The Most Appealing Big-Box Retailer

    Costco's current earnings valuation makes other retailers look much more attractive.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Wal-Mart Remains Appealing

    Wal-Mart continues to trade at a reasonable forward earnings multiple.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Staples Presses The Difficult Button

    At a forward earnings multiple of less than 12, there is much more potential upside should Staples management be able to right the ship.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Value Always Pays At TJ Maxx

    The market is not giving TJX enough credit for its consistent results throughout nearly any economic environment.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Nordstrom's Multiple Expansion Opportunities

    Nordstrom has plenty of room to expand both of its store concepts and online sales.
  13. Personal Finance

    The Mega-Mall Portfolio

    This portfolio is designed specifically for shopaholics in keeping with Peter Lynch's mandate to "invest in what you know."
  14. Stock Analysis

    Rocky Road Ahead For Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

    The investment appeal of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is not overly appetizing.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Concerns Over PetMed's Business Moat

    PetMed's ability to successfully compete online is in question.
  16. Active Trading

    Why Gold Prices Keep Rising

    Gold has returned more than 120% over the last five years. Find out why some analysts think this investment still has room to grow.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Kellogg Still A Very Stable Food Firm

    Kellogg investors should be able to garner double-digit annual returns by investing in the stock over the long haul.
  18. Personal Finance

    Online Poker Goes Bust

    From a business perspective, is the recent crackdown of online poker really justified?
  19. Active Trading

    Is Warren Buffett Really A Value Investor?

    Warren Buffett has long been hailed as a value investor. But is that statement still accurate?
  20. Stock Analysis

    Lockheed Martin Keeps Cash Flow Moving Forward

    Despite defense spending cutbacks, Lockheed should be able to keep growing profits.
  21. Markets

    Top Stock Target Price Misfires

    Learn the details behind notable earnings estimates that drastically missed their mark.
  22. Personal Finance

    The 5 Biggest Investors In Social Media

    Find out who is backing this new wave of powerful companies.
  23. Stock Analysis

    J&J Beats Analyst Expections, But Not Its Rivals

    Tangible signs of sustained sales growth and consistent profit expansion are still absent at J&amp;J.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Progressive Perking Up

    Progressive's growth trends look to be rebounding again, making the shares worth a closer look.
  25. Budgeting

    Do Mergers Save Or Cost Consumers Money?

    A merger or acquisition can actually be beneficial to the customer - find out how, in this article.
  26. Investing

    Fees Big Investors Don't Pay

    Find out about the big savings that wealthy traders enjoy over smaller investors.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Constellation Brands Finalizing Its "Premiumization" Strategy

    There is uncertainty over how Constellation Brands' remaining businesses will grow over the long haul.
  28. Economics

    Companies Involved In A Nuclear Cleanup

    Learn about the specialized companies that are equipped to assist in a nuclear cleanup.
  29. Active Trading

    5 Top Investors Who Profited From The Recession

    These smart investors weren't scared off by the recession, and it paid off in a big way.
  30. Personal Finance

    The 5 Best Corporate Comebacks

    We'll look at five corporate comebacks in recent years where both the company's operations and share price experienced impressive rebounds.
  31. Stock Analysis

    General Mills Tops Competition

    General Mills has a solid record of leveraging mid-single-digit sales growth into higher profit increases.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Vera Bradley Growing Briskly

    Much of Vera Bradley's future growth is already discounted into the share price, although the growth remains impressively high.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Downside Risk For FactSet Investors

    FactSet's stock already reflects much of the current and future growth momentum.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Popeyes On A Tasty Growth Trajectory

    AFC Enterprises isn’t a household name, but it is working to build the brand awareness of Popeyes Chicken, which it owns and operates.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Shuffle Master Worth A Gamble

    A low valuation implies significant upside in the stock of Shuffle Master.
  36. Stock Analysis

    A Temporary Setback At Urban Outfitters

    If Urban Outfitter can deliver on its growth goals and log a bottom-line increase, then the shares are a steal at 16-times forward earnings.
  37. Taxes

    4 Stupid Moves Your Taxes Paid For

    Even in a time where the government preaches responsible spending and lending, Uncle Sam carelessly spends your tax dollars. Find out four of the dumbest causes your tax dollars support.
  38. Stock Analysis

    PetSmart A Model Of Consistency

    Judging by its sales record, PetSmart didn't miss a beat during the credit crisis.
  39. Personal Finance

    5 Hot Franchises Right Now

    There are thousands of franchise opportunities to choose from, so getting down to a single option can take time.
  40. Stock Analysis

    4 Lesser-Known Companies Buffett Owns

    Buffett's latest letter provided unique insight into the successful private companies Berkshire is invested in.
  41. Active Trading

    David Sokol: Buffett's Former Right-Hand Man

    Sokol contrasts sharply with Buffett's management style, but he can help Berkshire thrive once Buffett decides to move on.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Gap Needs More International

    International could bring sales out of the doldrums, but it isn't likely to make a meaningful impact on the overall company for some time.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Ways Wal-Mart Can Enhance Shareholder Value

    Wal-Mart's international store base continues to do extremely well, and the stock looks appealing.
  44. Stock Analysis

    TJX Remains Value-Oriented

    TJX's valuation looks appealing, despite the competition. Investors just need to be patient.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Waste Management Still Growth-Challenged

    Waste Management offers investors modest growth and a decent dividend yield of 3.3%.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Dr. Pepper Snapple’s Sales Challenge

    It’s difficult to see annual double-digit total returns for Dr. Pepper Snapple shareholders over the long term.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Nordstrom Rebounding

    Earnings growth at Nordstrom looks set to return to double-digit levels over the longer haul.
  48. Home & Auto

    6 Ways To Save On Insurance

    Love it or hate it, insurance policies are a necessary expense in everyone's life. Learn the top tricks for saving money on your various insurance policies.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Marsh & McLennan Regaining Respect

    Marsh &amp; McLennan investors should hold on for a pullback or more tangible signs of sustainable profit growth.
  50. Insurance

    What To Do When Your Insurance Company Won't Pay

    Struggling to get a claim honoured? Find out what you can do.
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