Stephen D. Simpson, CFA

  1. Stock Analysis

    Winter Still Coming For Joy Global

    Joy Global seems undervalued on a long-term basis, but the near term is still looking pretty scary
  2. Stock Analysis

    Workday Surfing The SaaS Wave

    Workday beats the Street's growth targets, but valuation is still crazy
  3. Stock Analysis

    Another Beat And Raise Highlights Avago's Quality

    Avago's market share strength shouldn't be underestimated
  4. Stock Analysis

    Has The Street Finally Overshot Brown Shoe?

    Brown Shoe had a decent quarter, but Wall Street wants more
  5. Stock Analysis

    Tiffany Continues To Execute At A Higher Level

    Tiffany delivers stronger margins while comps still see some pressure.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Akorn Scores A Rare Win-Win Acquisition

    Akorn builds value by buying Hi-Tech
  7. Stock Analysis

    The Market Already Convinced Colfax Will Meet Or Beat Its ...

    Colfax is delivering on the margin improvements management promised
  8. Stock Analysis

    Yet Another Failure Has Rigel Pharmaceuticals Almost Back ...

    Rigel sees yet another clinical failure from its pipeline.
  9. Stock Analysis

    AstraZeneca Goes Back To The M&A Well Yet Again

    AstraZeneca's acquisition of Amplimmune could pay big dividends in a decade.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Is Improving IT Demand Enough To Maintain Teradata's Rebound?

    Teradata may be Big Data, but that hasn't proven to give it any edge in terms of growth
  11. Stock Analysis

    Amgen Sweetens The Bid And Secures Onyx

    Amgen finalizes a value-additive deal for Onyx
  12. Stock Analysis

    Yahoo! Reclaims Traffic Leadership, But Can It Turn It Into ...

    What does Yahoo!'s sudden rise to the top of internet traffic mean for its business?
  13. Stock Analysis

    Aruba Networks Digs In For The Long War

    Aruba is going to have to surrender margin to boost growth in the face of competition from Cisco.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Pandora Progressing, But Still Tinkering

    Pandora continues to evolve as the model matures.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Marvell – Unicorn Of The Chip Space?

    Marvell's gaining share and showing good growth in multiple challenging sectors
  16. Stock Analysis

    Autodesk A Little Undervalued, But Uncertainty Is Rising

    Autodesk's base business is still weak, but greater emphasis on SaaS pleases investors
  17. Stock Analysis

    Microsoft Critics Get Their Way, As Ballmer Announces Impending ...

    Ballmer's impending retirement as CEO sets off a long-awaited celebration in Microsoft shares
  18. Stock Analysis

    Can E.On Maintain Its Fat Dividend Through A Difficult Restructuring?

    Economics and politics are forcing a difficult transformation at E.On.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Easy To Like Everything About Kubota Except The Price

    Kubota's growth prospects are alluring, but the valuation is unsettling.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Waiting For Hormel To Get Cheaper Isn't Getting Any Easier

    Even with margin underperformance, the Street is staying in Hormel's corner
  21. Stock Analysis

    Hain Celestial's Valuation Already Incorporates Strong Expectations

    Hain Celestial has strong top-line growth, but margins continue to lag more traditional food rivals
  22. Stock Analysis

    HP Still Looks Cheap, But Execution Issues Are Part Of The ...

    HP still has some significant competitive and strategic problems to sort out
  23. Stock Analysis

    Abercrombie & Fitch The Latest To Get Trampled

    Abercrombie & Fitch's recovery crumbles under the weight of weak traffic and heavy promotions at rivals.
  24. Stock Analysis

    American Eagle Hammered As Conditions Worsen

    American Eagle warns of even worse pressures on same-store sales.
  25. Stock Analysis

    History Suggests Street Will Get Over “Disappointing” Smucker ...

    Smucker isn't cheap, but worries about K-Cup growth seem a little overdone.
  26. Stock Analysis

    A Solid Beat-And-Raise As Lowe's Closes Some Of The Gap

    Lowe's closes the gap with Home Depot on strong comp sales improvement.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Canadian Dilution And Sluggish U.S. Shopping Bring Target ...

    Target is seeing significant dilution from its expansion into Canada, as well as a tough U.S. retailling environment.
  28. Investing News

    Will Immunotherapy Disrupt The Oncology Market?

    Immunotherapy could radically change the treatment of cancer, and the revenue opportunities for pharmaceutical companies.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Home Depot Moves From Good To Great

    Home Depot continues to see a strong tailwind of improving renovation/remodeling demand
  30. Stock Analysis

    Medtronic Marking Time

    Medtronic looks stuck in low-growth mode for now, but the shares look undervalued.
  31. Stock Analysis

    International Rectifier Recovering, But Margins Need To ...

    IRF is seeing demand recover, but driving better cash flow production is critical
  32. Stock Analysis

    Workday Working Some Major Market Mojo

    Workday may be about to radically change enterprise software, but the market has already gone crazy with valuation.
  33. Stock Analysis

    NCR Transforming, But The Street Seems Up To Speed

    NCR is remaking itself as a higher-growth, more competitive company, but the stock has already moved on elevated expectations
  34. Stock Analysis

    Veolia Offers A Decent Dividend, But Both Uncertainty And ...

    Veolia has more self-improvement work ahead, but leverage to an improving Europe could create upside
  35. Stock Analysis

    Arcos Dorados Still Several Fries Short Of A Happy Meal

    Inflation has made the operating environment quite challenging for McDonald's Latin American operator.
  36. Stock Analysis

    Corning's Always-Frustrating Mix Of Opportunity And Risk

    Can Corning's potent R&D keep revenue growing fast enough to drive the stock?
  37. Stock Analysis

    Nordstrom Shows That Even The Best Can Struggle A Bit

    Are disappointing comps at Nordstrom the start of a downturn, or just a bump on the road?
  38. Stock Analysis

    Applied Materials Still Waiting For Orders To Materialize

    Applied Materials seems to be well-positioned for the next big cycle in equipment demand, but the timing is still highly uncertain.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Consumer Spending Looking Bleaker For Wal-Mart

    Shoppers are pulling back around the globe, leaving Wal-Mart with few levers to pull to drive better results.
  40. Stock Analysis

    NetApp Underwhelms, But Still Looks Undervalued

    NetApp may have disappointed the Street, but the underlying value is sitll pretty interesting.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Agilent Grinding Through Challenging Market Conditions

    Agilent may be quite a bit stronger than its reported numbers would indicate.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Deere May Be Getting Too Little Credit

    Investors are so worried about potential declines in 2014, Deere's stock is slipping into long-term value territory.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Pricing Still A Long-Term Risk, But Illumina Continues To ...

    Pricing Still A Long-Term Risk, But Illumina Continues To Build A Sequencing Fortress Between the disruptions created by Thermo Fisher's (NYSE: TMO) acquisition of Life Technologies, Roche (Nasdaq: ...
  44. Stock Analysis

    Expectations, Not Performance, Eclipse Cree

    Red-hot expectations on Cree leave no room for any disappointment or downward revisions in guidance.
  45. Stock Analysis

    JDSU's Results Highlight The Volatility Of The Telco Capex ...

    JDSU's quarter was okay, but the stock could have room to rise as the telco recovery becomes more real.
  46. Stock Analysis

    BlackBerry Finally Looking For A Bidder, But Will A Real ...

    Can BlackBerry sell itself to a company willing to take on the challenge of turning it around?
  47. Stock Analysis

    Danaher Could Be Loading Up For A Bigger 2014

    Danaher has the resources to make some major purchases, but prices and expectations may be a little high.
  48. Stock Analysis

    With Scale, Flowers Foods Has Built A New Future For Itself

    Flowers is building a strong business, though the shares have run a great distance already
  49. Stock Analysis

    Jive Software Worth A Closer Look?

    An execution stumble has slashed Jive's value, but the opportunity is still worthwhile if the company can turn sentiment back around.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Sysco's Benefit Of The Doubt Looking A Little Fuzzy

    Sysco's weak organic growth and even weaker margins ought to be eroding the stock's premium more than they have.