Stephen D. Simpson, CFA

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  1. Retirement

    50 Years Old And Broke: Now What?

    What do you do if you find yourself close to retirement, but far from your savings goals?
  2. Trading Strategies

    What Caused The Flash Crash?

    Investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong on May 6, but it seems likely that the crash was caused by multiple interlocking failures.
  3. Stock Analysis

    FedEx Is Delivering The Recovery

    What do FedEx earnings say about our recovery?
  4. Stock Analysis

    The Future of Stem Cells

    Stem cells get a lot of attention, but maybe not in the one area where they could prove most effective.
  5. Stock Analysis

    SEA Ship-Shape Again

    Claymore's newly re-launched global shipping ETF gives investors an attractive option to play a volatile sector that demands a lot of knowledge.
  6. Personal Finance

    Biggest Corporate Comebacks

    Apple isn't the only major company to learn from its mistakes and return to glory.
  7. Economics

    Disbanding The Euro - A Worst-Case Scenario

    What would the fallout be if the world's second-largest currency disappears?
  8. Investing Basics

    Investment Options For Any Income

    You don't need piles of money to begin investing. Even $50 is enough, if you know how to use it right.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Satellite Phones Head Into Orbit

    Satellite phones are far from gone, as a $3 billion contract awarded last week indicates.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Sequencing Wars - The Third Generation

    Life sciences companies are gearing up for a battle that could decide hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and the future course of medicine.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Allscripts + Eclipsys = A Deal That Makes Sense

    Allscripts and Eclipsys complement each other well and should create a powerful force in a lucrative, but underpenetrated, market.
  12. Economics

    Taking (Apart) Buffett At His Words

    Warren Buffett's testimony in front of Congress last week was certainly not voluntary, but it was illuminating for a lot of the wrong reasons.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Ode To Joy Global

    Joy Global is a major equipment supplier leveraged to the commodity markets, but can investors tolerate the volatility?
  14. Stock Analysis

    How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo

    Now that Apple has surpassed Microsoft, is there anything left in this software giant?
  15. Budgeting

    Custom Budgeting For Young Adults

    Percentage budgeting is a flexible way for young adults to navigate their first financial challenges and decisions.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Covidien Shuffles The Deck

    Covidien made a surprising deal to get into peripheral vascular therapies - a business with big growth potential.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Intuitive Surgical - Are Robots To Be Trusted?

    Can Intuitive Surgical produce the growth necessary to validate the stock's lofty perch?
  18. Stock Analysis

    Auto Parts Could Rev Up Returns

    Can new products and new markets bring returns to a sector long seen as a dog?
  19. Active Trading

    Buffett Scandals: Then And Now

    Controversy is nothing new for one of the most celebrated investors in America.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Great Dividend Payers In Medical Technology

    Dividend-paying stocks are not common in medical technology, but these four proven winners deliver the goods.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Unwrapping The Home-Improvement Big Boxes

    Putting the two giant home improvement stores head-to-head highlights some interesting differences.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Keep An Eye On Biobutanol

    Could biobutanol ultimately supplant ethanol as the biorenewable fuel of choice?
  23. Stock Analysis

    Does A123 Have The Juice?

    A123 has well-regarded technology, but can it deliver for its shareholders?
  24. Stock Analysis

    Meaty Results From Zhongpin And Tyson

    The U.S. food market is cyclical and slow-growing, but overseas markets may still hold promise for investors.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Transocean Far From Sunk

    The Deepwater Horizon accident dominates the news about Transocean, but the stock's sell-off seems overdone.
  26. Stock Analysis

    FDA Makes InterMune Sick

    Should investors hang on despite a devastating FDA decision?
  27. Forex Education

    Greece: The Worst-Case Scenario

    What could happen if the Greek debt crisis gets even worse?
  28. Stock Analysis

    Relief With Bristol-Myers Squibb

    BMY's strong reaction after first-quarter earnings seems more like relief, as the company still has many challenges to surmount.
  29. Economics

    Putting The Dow In Perspective

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average may be the most talked-about market index in the world, but it means nothing if you don't have the proper perspective.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Becton Dickinson More Interesting Than You Think

    Becton Dickinson is often dismissed as "boring" but a diversified cash-generating business with real growth shouldn't be.
  31. Budgeting

    The Easy Way To An Organized Budget

    Categorizing your savings can help you save more money, and save it more effectively.
  32. Stock Analysis

    All Clear In Energy Services?

    Schlumberger's management talked about a bottom in energy services, but do fundamentals matter in the face of energy prices?
  33. Stock Analysis

    The Shape Of Dry Bulk Shipping

    With the global economy recovering, is it time to set sail with shipping companies?
  34. Stock Analysis

    Small Med-Tech Names You Should Know

    These three med-tech names aren't well-known by most investors, but they should be.
  35. Stock Analysis

    If You Can't Beat 'Em, Buy 'Em

    Are a few deals the herald for a wave of M&amp;A activity in energy?
  36. Options & Futures

    An Introduction To Canadian Income Trusts

    Yields in excess of 10% aren't rare, but these unique investments need to be chosen very carefully.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Is Sony Doomed?

    Layoffs may help today, but that isn't the company's biggest problem.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Hospital Spending Fears Expose SonoSite

    Small med-tech player SonoSite struggles to stay ahead of frozen hospital budgets and tough credit environment.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Banking Stress Spreads To India's ICICI

    ICICI Bank has managed to stay profitable, but bank is still seeing pressure from the global credit crisis.
  40. Stock Analysis

    A Stumping Valuation On Plum Creek

    Timber demand has softened with the housing market, but Wall Street seems to be assigning trough-level value to Plum Creek's acreage.
  41. Stock Analysis

    When Will Vale Shake Off The Rust?

    The global slowdown has hammered this leading producer of iron ore ... perhaps too far.
  42. Stock Analysis

    No Butterfly In Sight For Caterpillar

    Falling commodity prices and a moribund housing market will make it hard for Caterpillar to grow until the recession lifts.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Swiss Power Company ABB Flickers

    ABB has been hammered on worries about the global economy. It's a good play for the long-term, but today's buyers need a high pain threshold.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Can Aluminum (And Alcoa) Shine Again?

    Aluminum is down big time, but brighter days should be ahead - someday - for this key industrial metal.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Wachovia-Wells Fargo A Victory For Us All

    Wells Fargo made a rival bid for crumbling Wachovia, one that didn't require a taxpayer funded backstop. Does this deal restore faith in capitalism?
  46. Stock Analysis

    The Strange Case For Nike

    Consumer stocks don't top many watchlists in this economy, but Nike has long-term upside that sets it apart.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Cold, Hard FactSet

    We examine how the severe market environment is impacting this provider of market info.
  48. Stock Analysis

    For FedEx, It's All About Oil

    FedEx is a bellwether of the economy. How is the bell ringing?
  49. Stock Analysis

    It's Not Easy Being Wimm-Bill-Dann

    Fears of government intervention have shares of Russia's dairy leader near a 52-week low, but business continues to grow apace.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Is AIG DOA?

    AIG was once the buy-and-forget champion of the insurance sector. Now the question is whether it can survive.
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