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Stock Analysis

  1. Oracle Delivers Again

    Oracle has seen its valuation multiple shrink over time. Although it will never be ...
  2. Has Take-Two Found A New Path?

    Take-Two has improved in many respects, but the Street seems to have baked it in ...
  3. Pier 1 No Longer A Recovery Story

    Pier 1 is a solid retailer with growing sales and profitability, but it no longer ...
  4. HEICO Flying

    A below-the-radar aerospace supplier is profiting from the recovery in travel.
  5. Hey Clearwire, Sprint May Just Not Be That Into You

    Investors are nervous that Sprint may not backstop Clearwire indefinitely.
  6. One Small Step For Amyris

    Amyris's deal with Cosan isn't a game-changer, but it is a key part of how the company ...
  7. BMO Buying Marshall & Illsley

    BMO makes a deep-value, scratch-and-dent purchase.
  8. Joy Global A Mix Of Performance And Scarcity

    Joy Global is coupling a rosy outlook with scarcity into a richly-valued stock.
  9. Novartis Brings Alcon Into The Fold

    Novartis closes the deal for Alcon.
  10. Can PNC Get Regional Bank M&A Moving?

    A rumor around PNC could mark a new wave of banking M&A.
  11. Icahn Bags Dynegy - Maybe

    Icahn steps up with a meaningful bid for the third-largest independent power company.
  12. GE Adds Another Piece To Its Subsea Business

    GE will continue its forward momentum in the energy services field, while concerns ...
  13. Thermo Fisher Pays A High Price For Quality

    Thermo Fisher makes a very reasonable purchase but pays a price to do so.
  14. The Data Storage Gold Rush - Who's Left?

    Scarcity may spell the end of the M&A mania in storage technology.
  15. The Curious And Complicated Case Of MannKind

    MannKind is a classic high-risk high-reward biotech story.
  16. Ciena's Second Act

    Ciena has rebuilt itself, but it can produce the cash flow when it matters?
  17. Is Community Health The Right Prescription For Tenet?

    Is Tenet playing up for a better price, or is it delusional about its own prospects?
  18. Does Beckman Bow To The Inevitable?

    Beckman is doing right by shareholders if it sells the company.
  19. Smithfield's Good Times Won't Last

    Smithfield is benefiting from a tight pork market, but this too shall pass.
  20. Compellent Takes A Tough Bid

    Dell's bid may be a blow for Compellent's shareholders, but it's still a fair price ...
  21. Another Great Deal For Helen Of Troy

    HELE finds another great deal. Find out how this consumer products manufacturer keeps ...
  22. Cooper: A Growing Play On Eye Care

    Cooper is continuting to grow very well in a tough healthcare market, and shows signs ...
  23. Rail Traffic Points To An Ongoing Recovery

    Rail traffic continues to show a steady slow-growth recovery.
  24. Men's Wearhouse Gets A Sharp Markdown

    Poor fourth quarter guidance isn't the problem investors should be worried about.
  25. Can H&R Block Rebuild Its Economic Moat?

    HRB used to have an economic moat that put it out of the reach of its competitors. ...
  26. Breakup Key For Fortune Brands?

    The break-up of Fortune Brands comes as very little surprise.
  27. Lululemon Masters The Upward-Profits Pose

    Lululemon is expensive, but growth will keep the shorts worried.
  28. Can Boeing Afford More Delays?

    Boeing's delays could likely give an opening to a global set of would-be rivals.
  29. FDA's Bizarro World - Orexigen Gets Panel Approval!

    In a surprise decision, an FDA panel votes to approve Contrave, Orexigen's new obesity ...
  30. Can New Leadership Rejuvenate Big Pharma?

    Will another new drug company CEO make a difference in a stagnating industry?
  31. Stryker Moves On From A Long Mistake

    Stryker finally rids itself of a long-failed product. Find out if this othopedic ...
  32. More M&A In Met Mining?

    Met coal is a hot area now; maybe too hot for most investors to start new positions.
  33. Investors Willing To Pay More For Payless

    Payless gives the shorts a squeeze as it takes advantage of a cyclical uptick.
  34. Met-Coal Mash Up

    Walter Energy gets a lot bigger in the met coal market.
  35. Should Investors Pay Any Price For VeriFone?

    VeriFone has solid growth prospects but an incredibly demanding valuation.
  36. Avago Looks Like A Relative Bargain

    Avago should stand out a bit from the analog chip crowd.
  37. OmniVision Still In Sharp Focus

    OmniVision has the technology, but more cash flow would be a help.
  38. A Melancholy "Do Svidaniya" To Wimm-Bill-Dann

    Pepsico takes out one of the best Russian stocks available to American investors.
  39. Merck Makes A Smart Buy

    Merck is making an exciting bet on a possible diabetes breakthrough.
  40. Seagate Decides To Stay Public

    With rumors of low-ball bids, Seagate takes itself off the auction block.
  41. Mellanox - To InfiniBand And Beyond?

    Mellanox makes a logical play to expand its InfiniBand product line.
  42. A Long-Awaited Move From ABB

    ABB pays up for a quality asset that patches a hole in its product line.
  43. A Sticky Fight Between Comcast And Level 3 Over The Web

    A public spat between Comcast and Level 3 highlights the dearth of regulation in ...
  44. Cardinal Puts Some Cash To Work

    Cardinal puts nearly $2 billion in cash into expanding its business in higher-margin ...
  45. Is Brocade Weaving A Winning Tale?

    Brocade isn't helping its cause, but that does not mean there's no value here, and ...
  46. Should Investors Put Hormel On The Plate?

    Hormel is doing well, but the stock leaves little room for dessert.
  47. Medtronic Worth The Wait

    Wall Street is giving no credit to a very well-run franchise.
  48. Netflix Moves The Goalposts - Again

    Just when its competitors think they know all of the answers, Netflix changes the ...
  49. HP Is Cheap - But Does Anybody Care?

    HP seems far too cheap relative to even conservative expectations.
  50. Everything Has Caught Up To Analog Devices

    Analog is executing well, but investors already expected that.
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