Stephen D. Simpson, CFA

Stock Analysis

  1. Medtronic Worth The Wait

    Wall Street is giving no credit to a very well-run franchise.
  2. Novell's Weird Public Journey Ends

    Novell's run as a public company comes to an inglorious end.
  3. Black Christmas For PC Chips?

    Advancing tablet and phone technologies are topping Holiday wish lists. Find out ...
  4. And A Valuation In The Clouds

    Salesforce is growing well, but is it enough to fend off its formidable competition?
  5. Apply Patience To Applied Materials

    Applied Materials is a value stock in a sector that seldom appreciates value.
  6. Still Good Weather In Aruba

    Aruba is growing well but the valuation is demanding.
  7. MELA Sciences' New Device: Will It Be Approved?

    A surprising panel decision raises hopes, but offers no guarantees.
  8. Can Suntech Break Through The Clouds?

    Suntech is a major solar player, but the key to long-term success might lie in vertical ...
  9. Allegheny Becomes Broader Still

    Allegheny takes another step beyond its history as an alloy specialist.
  10. Limited Love For Life Sciences

    Recent life sciences IPOs have landed with thud, which is a drastic contrast to the ...
  11. Jacobs Still Looking To Build That Ladder

    Jacobs closed out a tough year, but a quick rebound in large-scale construction seems ...
  12. Abercrombie & Fitch Back On Track

    ANF seems to be back on its normal growth path.
  13. Caterpillar Now A Miner Major

    Caterpillar makes a multi-billion dollar bet on the growth of mining.
  14. EMC Buys More Storage Space

    EMC makes yet another move to maintain its dominance in enterprise storage.
  15. Human Genome Takes A Big Step Forward

    HGSI's prospects get a big boost from a panel approval.
  16. FDA Locked And Loaded For MELA Sciences

    A harsh FDA review sends MELA down sharply before a pivotal panel meeting.
  17. A123 Causing Investors' Patience To Flicker

    A123 continues to test the patience of investors waiting for commercial-scale production.
  18. Kohl's Keeps It Simple

    Kohl's isn't bursting with growth, but it seems to be building a moat around its ...
  19. Cisco's Head Cold Isn't A Tech Plague

    Cisco may have issues, but its problems are not indicative of the broader networking ...
  20. IGT Needs A Visit From Lady Luck

    Find out IGT's status in the gaming industry and if this gaming company can reclaim ...
  21. Looking Glass Reveals Better Results At Disney

    Disney is doing better than reported numbers suggest, but the stock already knows ...
  22. Archipelago Learning - Not All 'For Profit' Education Is ...

    Archipelago may be involved in education and profits, but it is a totally different ...
  23. Petrobras Stuck In The Middle

    Petrobras is getting little love or respect, and that might make it a bargain for ...
  24. Middleby Making The Right Kind Of Smoke

    Middleby has rebounded strongly in recent months, but the company could still have ...
  25. Covidien - Better Than People Seem To Think

    With minimal expectations in the stock price, just a little growth at Covidien could ...
  26. Is Rockwell's Growth Automatic?

    Rockwell has benefited from the industrial recovery, but investors have to wonder ...
  27. Qiagen Hopes To Ride MDx

    Qiagen doesn't seem to be earning the healthy esteem Wall Street has for the stock.
  28. With Minimal Expectations, Hologic Could Still Surprise

    Hologic is suffering from low expectations, but value investors may have a bargain ...
  29. McDermott's New Life

    McDermott should reap the ongoing expansion of offshore energy projects.
  30. Dark Days In Diabetes

    2010 has been a rough year in the diabetes space.
  31. Can Investors Warm To Warner Chilcott?

    WCRX has levered up its risk but could still be a value.
  32. Sysco Still On Simmer

    Sysco is growing a bit, but not enough to be interesting.
  33. BDX: A Quality Company And Priced Like It

    Becton, Dickinson is posting sluggish growth, but it's worth a look at the right ...
  34. Weak Prices Gassing Energy Producers

    Weak natural gas prices are leading many producers to reorient towards oil.
  35. Atmel Lives Up To Expectations, And Then Some

    Atmel is matching a rich valuation with a strong performance. Find out if future ...
  36. Whole Foods Shoppers Out Of Hibernation

    A strong rebound in Whole Foods sales should end the worry that shoppers are newly ...
  37. OM Group: Under The Radar, But Worth A Look

    OM Group is not widely known, but could be a relative value pick compared to other ...
  38. Two Green Energy Companies Moving In Different Directions

    Comparing these two companies now to five years ago shows how quickly fortunes change ...
  39. CAM-Do

    Rising orders in the energy space point towards more activity, and increased profit ...
  40. WellPoint Healthier Than It Looks

    Regulatory worries have this stock in the ICU, but the prognosis isn't bad.
  41. Want A Strong Bank? Think ICICI

    While domestic banking is still struggling, ICICI is benefiting from strong growth ...
  42. M&T Bank Buys Scratch-And-Dent Wilmington Trust

    M&T buys the struggling Wilmington Trust and its lucrative fee-based businesses. ...
  43. Allergan Winning Wall Street's Beauty Pageant

    Allergan's earnings aren't special, but the stock is basking in Wall Street's love. ...
  44. Will Gorilla Make Corning King Of The Jungle?

    Corning has a promising new product, but its valuation seems difficult to justify.
  45. Big Differences Of Opinion On MEMC

    MEMC seems to be recovering, but plenty of analysts remain skeptical.
  46. Utilities Keep ABB A Little Dim

    ABB has yet to see the full rebound and recovery in some of its largest markets.
  47. Is This The Dip To Buy TSMC?

    A sequential slowdown is barely a blip on TSMC's radar.
  48. NuVasive Stumbles, Investors Get A Concussion

    A once-dependable growth stock disappoints, and pays for it.
  49. 5 Investment Ideas Heating Up Right Now

    With investors back out of their bunkers and looking to put money to work, Wall Street ...
  50. 7 Reasons To Pick ETFs Over Stocks

    As a cost-effective way to achieve a broadly diversified portfolio, including hard-to-own ...
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