Stephen D. Simpson, CFA

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  1. Stock Analysis

    Pandora Goes To Up To 11

    Pandora is showing that it can deliver on its model and its goals.
  2. Stock Analysis Still Growing And Still Expensive

    Cloud software and services continues to take share in the enterprise IT market, and (NYSE:CRM) remains a major player within that trend. Even so, growth is slowing and the company has yet ...
  3. Stock Analysis

    Marvell Unloved, But Does That Mean Undervalued?

    Marvell has a lot of doubters, but also a history of building solid market share in multiple markets.
  4. Forex Education

    What Forex Traders Need To Know About The Yen

    The Japanese Yen possesses some unique qualities that traders should know before jumping in.
  5. Stock Analysis

    If Investors Won't Buy Retailers, Private Equity Will!

    Private equity seems to think the apparel retailing sector is on sale
  6. Stock Analysis

    Hormel Transforming, But Valuation Already Ahead Of It

    Hormel is very well-run and has above-average growth prospects, but investors have already bid the shares up accordingly
  7. Stock Analysis

    It's Still Miller Time In The Emerging Markets

    SABMiller is expensive, but the company's long-term growth potential in emerging markets is enormous.
  8. Stock Analysis

    After Some Preening, American Eagle Could Fly Again

    Management has to reinvest in the business, but the market seems to be undervaluing American Eagle's cash flow prospects.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Cost Improvements Are Good, But Hewlett-Packard Needs Revenue ...

    Restructuring seems to be helping margins, but HP needs revenue growth to really turn around
  10. Stock Analysis

    Ultratech Knocked Back, Not Knocked Out

    Expectations for market growth are aggressive, but Ultratech could be a major winner over the next three to five years.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Lowe's Had Better Start Improving

    Lowe's is lagging Home Depot to an extent that just the weather can't explain
  12. Stock Analysis

    Can Intuit Get Back Into Wall Street's Good Graces?

    Uneven performance, particularly in tax software, has weighed on the shares of a former growth darling.
  13. Stock Analysis

    NetApp Is Probably Cheap, But The Headwinds Aren't Going ...

    NetApp is suffering from the wider tech malaise, but the company appears to have established itself as the clear #2 player in a growing market.
  14. Stock Analysis

    After A Big Recovery Rally, It's Up To Renew Blue For Best ...

    Investors have bought Best Buy's story, but this quarter shows that a lot of work remains to be done
  15. Stock Analysis

    Home Depot Continues To Rack Up Impressive Numbers

    Top-notch execution is letting Home Depot thrive
  16. Stock Analysis

    Roche, Reloaded

    Roche has one of the best long-term growth profiles in the Big Pharma space
  17. Stock Analysis

    A Good Deal For Actavis, But Warner Chilcott Goes A Little ...

    Actavis gets a very useful asset, while Warner Chilcott shareholders get a decent exit.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Elan Continues To Make Baffling Strategic Decision

    Elan seems to be set on wasting the Tysabri windfall instead of returning it to shareholders
  19. Stock Analysis

    Strategically-Challenged Websense Gets A Fair Deal

    Websense gets a fair deal, given its ongoing growth problems.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Campbell Soup Shows That Shoppers More Price-Sensitive Than ...

    Campbell Soup remains volatile, but investors haven't minded
  21. Stock Analysis

    After A Big Rally, Pfizer Might Need Some Rest

    A big rally has brought Pfizer back to fair value.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Yahoo! Adds Tumblr, But Is This Another Underpants Gnome ...

    Tumblr is a high-potential asset, but Yahoo! absolutely must execute.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Wal-Mart Uses Rigorous Cost Control To Offset Weaker Sales

    Sluggish sales growth at Wal-Mart isn't a big surprise, but it could keep a lid on the stock.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Fear Of Cisco Leads The Market To Abandon Aruba Networks

    The spectre of share loss to Cisco has become real.
  25. Stock Analysis

    How Much Further Can Value Carry Autodesk?

    Autodesk comes up short again as the macro environment stays soft.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Should Investors Hang Around For More From Applied Materials?

    Applied Materials is showing progress, but has the 50% recovery already anticipated these improvements?
  27. Stock Analysis

    Brocade's Uncertain New Direction

    Brocade badly needs to prove that it can grow again.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Kohl's Could Work For A Trade, But It's In A Brutal Business

    Kohl's did okay by the analysts, but core operating trends here certainly aren't strong.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Investors Already Thinking Recovery For Cummins

    Cummins is still bottoming, but the Street is already thinking recovery
  30. Stock Analysis

    Agilent Isn't Making It Easy On Investors

    Core operating performance at Agilent needs to improve
  31. Stock Analysis

    BP Looks Cheap, But A Lot Of Improvements Have To Come Through

    Even with its problems and challenges, BP seems too cheap today
  32. Stock Analysis

    Waiting For Housing To Recover, Valspar's Recovery Already ...

    Valspar's market share and performance suggest the stock has recovered far enough.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Chipotle Executing Well, But Valuation Leaves No Margin ...

    Weak traffic isn't worrying investors who still prize Chipotle's mid-teens operating growth.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Danaher Proves Even The Nimble Can Stumble

    Danaher won't stay stuck for long.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Roper A Little Short On Growth, But A Proven Builder Of ...

    Roper's organic growth isn't great now, but the market's love for this M&A frequent flyer is unlikely to dim
  36. Stock Analysis

    BorgWarner Still In A Long-Term Growth Lane

    BorgWarner has intriguing growth prospects, but the shares have already recovered quite a bit of ground.
  37. Stock Analysis

    ABB Performing Well, But A Big Change Is Coming

    ABB is executing well in a tough environment, but losing CEO Hogan is a big blow
  38. Stock Analysis

    Advanced Energy Industries Hanging On For The Turn

    AEIS is cyclically down, but far from out.
  39. Stock Analysis

    It Should Be Up From Here For Eaton

    Eaton should see very solid growth from here, but the market is already expecting quite a bit of that.
  40. Stock Analysis

    The Market Seems Unwilling To Let Yum! Brands Stay Cheap ...

    Yum! Brands' shares have rebounded pretty well despite an ongoing stream of bad news from China.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Middleby Keeps Sticking To A Successful Recipe

    Middleby continues to gain share and expand its market opportunities in an under-innovative industry.
  42. Stock Analysis

    ArcelorMittal Looks Like A Good House In A Really Tough ...

    ArcelorMittal looks too cheap, but it could be a long wait to see it really outperform
  43. Stock Analysis

    Little Left To Dendreon But The Hope Trade

    Dendreon looks increasingly irrelevant as the medical community moves on from Provenge.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Nvidia Still Too Cheap, And Still Very Controversial

    Investors aren't sold on Nvidia's strategy, and that shows in the stock price.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Adasuve Deal Is Very Good For Alexza, But What About Teva?

    Teva's partnership with Alexza looks like an expensive gamble.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Overheated Expectations Send Rackspace Investors To The ...

    Absent a real competitive moat, it's hard to make sense of Rackspace's valuation.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Is Microsoft Hitting Up Barnes & Noble For Some Nook(ie)?

    Will Microsoft pay up to take Nook Media off Barnes & Noble's hands?
  48. Stock Analysis

    Another Negative Fish Oil Study Adds To Amarin's Marketing ...

    More questions about the real efficacy of fish oil is bad news for Amarin.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Better Margins Are Nice, But Are Green Mountain Investors ...

    Are investors going to get scalded by this Starbucks-Green Mountain deal?
  50. Stock Analysis

    After The Hurricane, Is It Safe To Visit Aruba Networks?

    After a big quarterly miss, can investors afford to trust the long-term opportunity at Aruba?
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