Stephen D. Simpson, CFA

  1. Stock Analysis

    On Track With Volumes And Margins, Coca-Cola Refreshes

    Coca-Cola offers something almost like a hybrid of stock and bond, but investors need to be OK with its valuation.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Infosys Struggling To Make The Changes

    The unsatisfying results that Infosys has reported recently, combined with pretty non-specific guidance, has created a pretty large spread in sell-side estimates for revenue and free cash flow over the ...
  3. Stock Analysis

    Citigroup Looking More Like A Normal Big Bank These Days

    With its first full quarter with new CEO Michael Corbat in charge now in the books, Citigroup (NYSE:C) continues to make progress towards operating more like the large money-center bank that it is. While ...
  4. Stock Analysis

    Core Growth At Wells Fargo Is Weak, But The Multiple Doesn't ...

    Wells Fargo is growth-challenged today, but that's creating a long-term buying opportunity in the shares.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Bank Of The Ozarks Continues To Build Value

    Bank of the Ozarks deserves its premium, as it continues to demonstrate a rare combo of growth and quality.
  6. Stock Analysis

    J.B. Hunt's Bigger Challenge Today: Expectations Not Operations, ...

    J.B. Hunt is a good growth story and a well-run company, but valuation is steep.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Titan Machinery's Margin Problem

    Revenue growth is still great, but Titan's margin issues threaten the long-term model
  8. Stock Analysis

    Fortinet Stumbles, Making Tech Investors Very Insecure

    Does Fortinet's warning bode poorly for other IT companies?
  9. Stock Analysis

    Progressive Improving Quality At The Expense Of Growth

    Progressive is still a fine insurance company, but the growth premium seems overdone today.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Weak Metalworking Rusting MSC Industrial's Growth Outlook

    Long underestimated, MSC is still priced attractively.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Slowing Sales At Fastenal Not Denting Investor Enthusiasm ...

    Fastenal's growth is definitely slowing, but the multiples haven't really shrunk yet.
  12. Stock Analysis

    ADTRAN Looks To Rebound From A Pretty Miserable 2012

    ADTRAN badly needs the long-awaited carrier spending recovery to unlock its value.
  13. Stock Analysis

    AngioDynamics Still Struggling To Get Back On Track

    Ongoing revenue growth struggles and eroding market share is making the deep-value case harder at AngioDynamics.
  14. Stock Analysis

    GE Pays Up To Get Into Another Attractive Energy Business

    GE is taking a deep dive into artificial lifts with a high-priced acquisition of Lufkin Industries.
  15. Stock Analysis

    For Alcoa, It Can Still Get Worse Before It Gets Better

    Alcoa's productivity is impressive, but industry oversupply is a huge problem.
  16. Stock Analysis

    F5 Networks Takes Another Whirl In The Tech Spin-Cycle

    F5's guidance adds more fuel to the tech bear bonfire.
  17. Stock Analysis

    RPM's Performance Isn't Perfect, But Continues To Generate ...

    RPM's performance was okay, but the valuation seems to be ahead of the stock.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Schnitzer's Results Are Better, But The Challenges Are Still ...

    Even with a sequential improvement in volumes and margins, Schnitzer faces significant long-term challenges to its business.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Samsung Stores A No-Risk Opportunity For Best Buy

    Will new mini-Samsung stores rejuvenate Best Buy and threaten Apple?
  20. Stock Analysis

    A Thick Order Book Is Only Part Of The Story For Greenbrier

    Good order flow at Greenbrier doesn't answer long-term margin and economic return questions.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Global Payments Still Feeling An Uncomfortable Squeeze

    Global Payments' struggles create an opportunity, but beware of the long-term changes to the industry.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Hope Seems To Outshine Reality At Acuity Brands

    Acuity's near a 52-week high, but expectations seem high relative to margin and ROIC prospects.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Monsanto Looks A Bit Vulnerable At Current Levels

    Monsanto beat expectations, but they could have done better.
  24. Stock Analysis

    The Market May Be Overestimating Adecoagro's Risks

    Volatile farming results and worries about Argentina have pushed Adecoagro shares well below the value of the company's land.
  25. Stock Analysis

    A Slimmed Down Vestas Hopes For More Than Just Survival

    Vestas is clearly struggling, but may just manage to do more than survive.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Verizon, AT&T And Vodafone – Here We Go Again

    A popular rumor gets new life with word that AT&T may help Verizon facilitate a buyout of Vodafone.
  27. Stock Analysis

    McCormick Continues To Defy Gravity

    McCormick's consumer volume growth looks great, but the valuation seems to preclude real gains from here.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Red Hat's Valuation Looks More Reasonable, But Expectations ...

    While Red Hat's model doesn't generate much leverage, the revenue growth is still looking solid.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Lindsay Corp Still Reaping The Benefits Of The Drought

    Lindsay is still seeing significant drought-related growth, but how much longer can it last?
  30. Stock Analysis

    Sonic Still In A Tricky Spot

    Sonic still can't seem to get back in a sales growth groove.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Nike Continues To Just Do It

    Nike seems nearly immune to thinner consumer wallets.
  32. Investing News

    Sequestration: What Will It Do And What Should You Do?

    Learn about the sequester, and possible ways to play it.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Steady Progress And Unappreciated Value At MetLife

    MetLife is still making steady improvements, but the stock doesn't reflect it.
  34. Stock Analysis

    NetApp Seems Stupid-Cheap

    NetApp's valuation seems to expect a disastrous future. Fair value on NetApp shares seems to be in the mid-$50s.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Whole Foods Disappoints, Comes A Little Closer To Value

    Despite another disappointing quarter, Whole Foods has the potential to produce double-digit revenue growth for the next decade.
  36. Stock Analysis

    Cliffs Natural Resources Needs Another Iron Ore Boom

    Cliffs' high costs are a major issue if iron ore prices stagnate.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Nestle A Little Light On Results, Heavy On Valuation

    Nestle is a premium performer and priced like it.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Aixtron Is A Volatile Way To Play LED Growth

    Aixtron will benefit from a surge in LED lighting, but it isn't known when that will happen.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Weight Watchers Still Can't Get It Right

    Weight Watchers offers more excuses and poor performance.
  40. Stock Analysis

    Coca-Cola's OK Results Won't KO The Stock

    Coca-Cola wasn't spectacular, but it was good enough. While the stock was and still is expensive, investors are paying for the security.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Annie's Surfing A Rising Tide In Food

    Annie's is expensive, but that won't necessarily preclude more gains.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Riptides At Riverbed Technology

    If Riverbed can produce a double-digit long-term free cash flow growth rate, fair value today is in the high $20s.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Hercules Offshore Seeing Better Days In The Gulf

    Hercules Offshore has clearly rebounded strongly from the bottom of the cycle.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Hess Has Good Assets, But What About Management?

    Hess has a great asset base, but can management exploit it effectively? Investors would be wise to be careful shorting these shares, given what could be solid inherent value.
  45. Stock Analysis

    ON Semiconductor Seems To Have Found Bottom

    ON is looking better on both growth and margin potential.
  46. Stock Analysis

    A Step Back For Atmel, But The Potential Is Interesting

    Atmel needs to win sockets for the shares to outperform.
  47. Stock Analysis

    FEI Still A Big Play On The Very Small

    FEI has excellent growth potential, but valuation is a bit steep.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Can ServiceSource Turn It Around?

    ServiceSource has to prove to the Street that it has a viable long-term model.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Disney Has A Stable Of Horses To Ride

    Disney has plenty of opportunities to do better, and the stock price assumes it will.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Chipotle Still Getting The Benefit Of The Doubt

    Chipotle needs to reignite the growth to validate the price.