Stephen D. Simpson, CFA

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  1. Stock Analysis

    The AMD Story Sounds Very Familiar

    AMD has the bulls excited again, but it's hard to see why this time is any different.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Schlumberger Leads The Way, Like It Usually Does

    Once again, Schlumberger leads the way among the major energy service companies.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Ingersoll-Rand Outperforming As Management Hits Its Marks

    Ingersoll-Rand's restructuring seems to be working, but the stock has already moved in expectation of strong results.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Baker Hughes Still Playing Third Fiddle

    Baker Hughes didn't execute particularly well, and expectations for a quick improvement may be optimistic.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Honeywell Rewarding Wall Street's Enthusiasm

    Honeywell outperformed on margins, keeping Wall Street stoked on its potential.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Stryker Seems Back On Track

    Stryker's revenue growth looks fine, but there are still pressures in the end markets.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Another Bad Quarter Highlights Microsoft's Growth-Vs-Value ...

    Microsoft isn't giving investors any reason to believe in management's vision or ability.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Google Building For A Bigger Future

    Investors don't like the margin impact, but Google continues to develop new long-term growth opportunities.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Is This The Turn For Check Point?

    Check Point may have bottomed out with its product revenue growth, and the shares still seem cheap on a cash flow basis.
  10. Stock Analysis

    BB&T In Good Shape With Credit, But Growth Is Iffy

    Higher expenses mitigate the benefits of significantly better credit.
  11. Stock Analysis

    eBay Seems Undervalued, But Wall Street Will Need Convincing

    eBay is delivering good growth and building for the future, but near-term guidance is weighing on the stock.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Where Do The Bears Go Next With St. Jude Medical?

    St. Jude continues to defy bearish expectations of major share loss, but the shares aren't exactly cheap today.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Abbott Labs Making Progress On Margins, Now It Needs More ...

    Abbott's results were just so-so, as both margins and growth need more momentum.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Bank Of America Brings The Growth

    Effective expensive reduction and lower credit costs continue to drive the story at Bank of America.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Yahoo! Still Needs To Generate Better Intrinsic Value

    Yahoo! still has a lot of work to do in turning around its core operations.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Drugs Driving JNJ, With Slow Progress In Devices And Consumer

    JNJ is getting great performance out of its drug business, but the remainder still lags.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Even When Coca-Cola Stumbles, It Does Okay

    Coca-Cola's volume shortfall isn't that big of a deal long term, but more clarity on the bottling ops would be nice.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Absent Higher Rates, Comerica Has Probably Gone Far Enough

    Comerica's sluggish growth isn't unusual, but the value argument seems harder to make today.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Abbott Adds Two Promising Products

    Abbott makes two solid growth acquisitions that should address large markets.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Intermodal Growth Continues To Push J.B. Hunt Higher

    J.B. Hunt continues to build its scale and moat in the growing intermodal business, but valuation still looks steep
  21. Stock Analysis

    Yara Built To Last, But Looking At A Downturn In The Cycle

    Yara is an excellent company, but facing a potentially significant decline in prices and margins.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Citigroup Continues The Theme Of Decent Big Bank Earnings

    Citi continues to fix its legacy problems, but core growth remains weak.
  23. Stock Analysis

    So Long, Spreadtrum

    The identity of Spreadtrum's buyer is a little different, but buying the share-leader in chips for low-end smartphones is logical.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Infosys Hints At What It Can Do

    A surprisingly strong quarter from Infosys may be only a glimpse of things to come.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Wells Fargo Managing The Slowdown Quite Well

    This is a slow-growth environment for big banks, but Wells Fargo is mangaging the slowdown well.
  26. Stock Analysis

    JPMorgan Seeing Strong Credit, But Iffy Growth Momentum

    JPMorgan continues to hit its marks on credit, though loan growth and NIM were both weak.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Will The Recovery Underwhelm Linear Technology Investors?

    Linear could be setting up for near-term underperformance.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Noble Energy Looks Great, But Is The Valuation Too Filling?

    Noble has an excellent production growth profile, but is the valuation already too full?
  29. Stock Analysis

    Oceaneering Is A Great Business, But How Much Are You Willing ...

    Oceaneering is a great way to play the growth in offshore energy, but the market already expects big things.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Komatsu Looks Like A Winner, But Valuation Is Tricky

    Komatsu is still waiting for the recovery in construction, but valuation looks appealing for a technology/automation leader.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Fastenal Still Growing, But Still Highly Valued

    Fastenal is navigating this industrial slowdown quite well, but the valuation is extreme.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Best-Of-Breed Status Keeping Helmerich & Payne Near Fair ...

    The only real problem with Helmerich & Payne is that it's a little too popular on the Street.
  33. Stock Analysis

    POSCO's Above-Average Quality Already In The Shares

    POSCO is one of the best steel companies in the world, and the stock is priced accordingly.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Can Apache Regain Its Reputation?

    Apache needs to repair its reputation, but the valuation is appealing
  35. Stock Analysis

    Wolverine Surpassing Its Marks, But Not Cheap

    Wolverine continues to execute well, but the value looks stretched, particular with the Performance group underperforming
  36. Stock Analysis

    Kroger Leverages Its Strength To Get Even Stronger

    Buying Harris Teeter could be a very savvy long-term move, but only if Kroger leaves it alone.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Alcoa Running Hard To Go Nowhere

    Alcoa can't get ahead of eroding aluminum prices.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Cemex Looking For U.S. Prices To Get Firmer

    Cemex could have room to run as housing and construction picks up in the U.S.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Intuitive Surgical's Miss Looks Systemic And Company-Specific

    A surprising drop in U.S. system placements is going to put Intuitive Surgical in the penalty box.
  40. Stock Analysis

    Siemens Definitely Slimming Down, But Execution Is The Big ...

    For Siemens to produce value, it all comes down to better operating margins and cash flow.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Genworth Looking At A Lot Of Heavy Lifting

    Genworth is looking at serious pressure from competition, weakening pricing, and worsening claims severity.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Hartford's Transformation Continuing To Unlock Value

    Hartford's transformation is going better than expected, and the shares could still be cheap.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Reports Of TSMC's Imminent Demise May Be Greatly Exaggerated

    Intel will be a serious competitor in the fab space, but TSMC isn't exactly helpless
  44. Stock Analysis

    Stanley Black & Decker Offers Leverage To Construction And ...

    Have the changes at Stanley Black & Decker neutralized its leverage to an eventual construction recovery?
  45. Stock Analysis

    A New Era For Chesapeake Energy

    A more disciplined strategy at Chesapeake should lead to better results eventually
  46. Stock Analysis

    Rayonier Not Really An Income Play On A Housing Recovery

    Rayonier has good assets and a good business, but not a good valuation.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Rates Are A Risk, But PVR Partners Still An Interesting ...

    PVR is a little stretched at the moment, but looks like a quality long-term income play
  48. Stock Analysis

    New Gas Prices Help PetroChina, But Multiple Challenges ...

    A recent natural gas price hike will help PetroChina, but the company still needs to upgrade its reserve base
  49. Stock Analysis

    Greenbrier Comes Up Short Again

    Greenbrier has an opportunity in tank cars, but they must profitably ramp up production from here.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Constellation Comes In A Little Soft, But Will Anyone Really ...

    Constellation is highly prized by the Street, but operating performance came up a bit short.
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