Stephen D. Simpson, CFA

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  1. Stock Analysis

    Petrobras Will Grow, But Will It Be Profitable Growth?

    Petrobras is looking at tremendous production growth, but also huge capital outlays.
  2. Stock Analysis

    CEMIG Not The Cheap Dividend Stock It Appears To Be

    CEMIG is likely to find it hard to maintain, let alone raise, its dividend in the current regulatory environment.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Nokia Buys Out Siemens, Are Phones Now On The Block?

    In buying Siemens' share of Nokia Siemens Network, Nokia may have just bought its future
  4. Stock Analysis

    Amgen Puts Onyx Pharmaceuticals In Play

    An unsolicited $120/share bid has sent Onyx soaring and rival bidders circling.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Nike Stretches Its Lead

    Nike continues to be Nike, matching strong growth with excellent execution
  6. Stock Analysis

    Weak Consulting Stings Accenture, But The Valuation Is Interesting

    A softening IT spending environment is a real challenge, but Accenture's long-term value looks intriguing.
  7. Stock Analysis

    BlackBerry Still Doesn't Get It

    BlackBerry is showing no signs that it can execute a turnaround
  8. Stock Analysis

    Adobe Patches A Hole With A $600M Purchase

    Adobe adds more functionality to its digital marketing platform with a $600 million deal
  9. Stock Analysis

    Paychex Still Muddling Through

    Paychex's recovery potential is more than reflected in today's price.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Progress Software Showing Signs Of Life In A Tough Market

    Progress may be showing signs of the growth that investors badly need from its restructuring efforts
  11. Stock Analysis

    McCormick Looks Premium-Priced Even With Premium Performance

    McCormick is a great food company, but it still delivers food company growth and valuation is too high
  12. Stock Analysis

    ConAgra Does Appear To Be On A Better Path

    ConAgra hasn't answered every question, but signs of progress are evident.
  13. Stock Analysis

    General Mills Getting Back To Norm

    Results at General Mills were as expected, and some of the momentum seems to be leaving the valuation
  14. Stock Analysis

    Should Investors Dividend Shop At Weingarten Realty Investors?

    Weingarten has solid assets, but REIT valuations are looking riskier these days
  15. Stock Analysis

    MTN Group Has The Growth, But Ample Uncertainties

    Regulation and economic uncertainty up the risks, but MTN Group is an investment highly levered to Africa's growth.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Down In The Vale

    Vale has gotten hammered on lower iron ore pricing, but the company's cost structure is the best in the world
  17. Stock Analysis

    Teck Profitable, Liquid, And Maybe Too Cheap

    These are tough times for Teck, but even in hard times the company is profitable and liquid
  18. Stock Analysis

    Turkcell Is Undervalued, But Also A Complete Mess

    Shareholder squabbles have crippled Turkcell's ability to pay dividends, but not its ability to run well.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Symantec Fixing What Was Never Too Badly Broken

    Symantec's restructuring starts from a good place and should enhance shareholder value
  20. Stock Analysis

    China Mobile Trades Growth For Stability

    China Mobile's 4G rollout is a risk, but the stock price offers solid compensation.
  21. Stock Analysis

    France Telecom Under Pressure From Both Sides

    France Telecom looks cheap by many metrics, but there are good reasons for that.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Above Average Opportunities Largely In The NXP Semiconductors ...

    Above Average Opportunities Largely In The NXP Semiconductors Price by Stephen D. Simpson, CFA There are still bargains to be found here and there in the chip space, but many of these stocks have ...
  23. Stock Analysis

    Could Alcatel-Lucent's Restructuring Boost Ericsson Further?

    Alcatel-Lucent's latest restructuring plan could ultimately boost the fortunes of rival Ericsson
  24. Stock Analysis

    The SoftBank-Sprint-Clearwire-Dish Network Game Of Musical ...

    It looks like the wrangling for Sprint and Clearwire is over, with Dish Network once again left out.
  25. Stock Analysis

    TIBCO Stabilizes, But Needs Growth

    TIBCO didn't miss, but the company needs to start showing better growth and expanding margins
  26. Stock Analysis

    Is It Oracle, Or Is It The Market?

    Another miss at Oracle, but the long-term value is still very interesting
  27. Stock Analysis

    Relief At Red Hat, But The Long-Term Growth Debate Will ...

    Red Hat didn't miss, but significant growth reaccleration is still missing
  28. Stock Analysis

    Finisar Perking Up On Datacom, With Telecom (Hopefully) ...

    Finisar is seeing a solid datacom upgrade cycle, and a telecom recovery should boost sales further.
  29. Stock Analysis

    The Craziness Is Well Underway Again At Micron

    Micron is enjoying the upswing in memory, but history says it won't last
  30. Stock Analysis

    With So Many Sluggish Markets, There's Little Jabil Can ...

    Jabil's time to shine is still a little ways off
  31. Stock Analysis

    Actuant Still Working Through A Lull

    Actuant is seeing a significant demand lull in heavy industrial and energy market demand.
  32. Stock Analysis

    FedEx Not Particularly Expensive, But Analysts Still Too ...

    FedEx is doing better with margins and free cash flow, but expectations may yet be too demanding.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Will A New Alcatel-Lucent Plan Lead To Better Results?

    Alcatel-Lucent's new plan sounds good, but the planning will be the easy part.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Wall Street Has Converted To Adobe's New Model; Will Customers?

    Adobe has finally sold the Street on its new plans, and the stock has done well as a result
  35. Investing News

    Why Is Monsanto Evil, But DuPont Isn't?

    Monsanto is perhaps the most-hated company, but competitors like DuPont behave in very similar ways
  36. Stock Analysis

    Amdocs A Good Value As Is, But With Growth Upside

    Amdocs needs to generate better growth, but even without it the valuation is pretty interesting.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Valuation Is Finally Reasonable At FactSet, But Growth Is ...

    FactSet's valuation is more reasonable today, but the growth issues are greater.
  38. Stock Analysis

    W.R. Grace – Maybe The Most Valuable Bankrupt Company Going

    Grace will emerge from bankruptcy as a great specialty chemicals company, but not a cheap one.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Enthusiasm Over SK Telecom Has Gone Far Enough

    After a big rally, SK Telecom looks fully valued now and with questionable growth prospects
  40. Stock Analysis

    Elan Shareholders Bring Management To Heel

    The rejection of Elan management's proposed transactions ought to accelerate the sale of the company.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Does AT&T Have Global Ambitions?

    Rumors are swirling that AT&T approached Telefonica with a buyout bid
  42. Stock Analysis

    Rockwood Gets Its Deal For CeramTec

    Rockwood gets a solid multiple for its high-margin, growing CeramTec business.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Even Near A 52-Week High, MetLife Seems Undervalued

    MetLife has rebounded nicely, but should outperform as rates move up again.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Can National Oilwell Varco Win Back The Love?

    The Street seems to have forgotten its love of this leading energy equipment company.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Peabody Energy Carries Higher Expectations, But Solid Value

    Peabody gets more benefit of the doubt than most, but still looks attractively priced for a global coal recovery
  46. Stock Analysis

    With Freeport McMoRan, It's Time To Get Over It And Move ...

    With the oil and gas deals done, Freeport McMoRan looks undervalued even on conservative copper assumptions
  47. Stock Analysis

    Cloud Peak Energy May Have A Steeper Road To Recovery

    Cloud Peak has high-quality thermal coal assets, but the recovery hasn't materialized yet.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Challenging Conditions And Conservatism Keeping U.S. Bancorp ...

    The banking market hasn't gotten much better so far this summer, but U.S. Bancorp is still attractively priced for the long term.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Dover's Opportunities Matched Only By Wall Street's Enthusiasm ...

    Dover is increasingly focused on solid long-term markets where it can create a sustainable advantage.
  50. Stock Analysis

    After A Strong Recovery, What Moves ADM From Here?

    ADM is in better shape these days, but it will likely take a strong harvest to move the shares higher in the short term.
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