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Stock Analysis

  1. Medtronic's Midlife Crisis

    Medtronic lacks growth, but quality is still in place.
  2. Should Investors Bother With Campbell Soup?

    Absent growth, Campbell's quality doesn't matter all that much.
  3. Running Like A Deere

    Deere is running hot on the global ag trade, but at least the growth is there.
  4. ABB Needs To Power Up

    Power is holding ABB back, but this market won't stay down forever.
  5. Apache A Good Bet In Oil & Gas Sector

    Apache may not be the favorite E&P stock, but this well-run company trades too cheaply.
  6. A Deal At Last For Sanofi And Genzyme

    Though Sanofi finally got its way in acquiring Genzyme, time will determine if stockholders ...
  7. A Real Dell Dilemma

    Dell deserves to be cheap, but perhaps not this cheap.
  8. NetApp Down But Far From Out

    NetApp broke its beat-and-raise streak, but the business continues to grow nicely.
  9. Macando Takes Out Another Seabird

    The Gulf drilling moratorium was the final straw for this struggling operator. Find ...
  10. Agilent Goes Three For Three

    Agilent is seeing good growth and strong orders in all of its major business lines.
  11. Atlas Air Flying Higher Now

    Atlas is managing its transition away from military business and reaping the benefits ...
  12. A Siemens Shopping List

    Siemens wants to go shopping, and these companies may find themselves in demand.
  13. Has Dry Bulk Shipping Reached Low Tide?

    Rates are low, while new supply and debt are high. Can investors buy into this trough ...
  14. Kraft Stares Down A Catch-22

    Kraft is growing faster than people think and its global platform may help it weather ...
  15. Can Nokia And Microsoft Recapture Their Magic?

    Will combining forces give these former tech leaders another shot at the crown?
  16. Cisco's Painful Transition

    Cisco is going through a painful deceleration, but investors have already priced ...
  17. Rail Traffic Data Still Largely Good News

    January's data was still positive, but a few clouds appeared on the horizon.
  18. Statoil: Bargain Or Bull Trap?

    Statoil's dour production outlook has investors avoiding this otherwise high-quality ...
  19. Ingersoll-Rand Getting The Squeeze

    Ingersoll-Rand is not out of the woods yet from an operating effiency standpoint.
  20. The Marvel That Is Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola continues to defy the rules and produce excellent results.
  21. Disney And The Rich Getting Richer

    Disney is riding an improving tide of consumer and ad spending.
  22. ArcelorMittal And The Steel Catch-Up Trade

    Analysts do not seem completely sold on the strength or sustainability of a recovery ...
  23. Atmel Off To The Races

    Atmel has executed on a difficult turnaround, and it has become a compelling growth ...
  24. Danaher Hopes To Revive Beckman Coulter

    Learn more about Danaher's expensive, albeit strategic, bid for a leading diagnostics ...
  25. Ensco Digs Deep To Go Deep

    Ensco pays up to become the #2 player in deepwater drilling.
  26. Tepid Teva Somewhat Tempting

    Teva's results and outlook will likely leave the stock cooling its heels for a bit ...
  27. JDS Uniphase Comes Through Loud And Clear

    Despite scepticism within the industry, JDSU surprised everyone with a great quarter.
  28. Cameron And National Oilwell Looking For A Busier 2011

    Offshore energy development looks to be a boon for both companies in the coming years.
  29. Anadarko: A Balanced Player In An Imbalanced Time

    Anadarko may not be the sexiest name, but its balanced portfolio should appeal to ...
  30. Cavium: An Antidote To Semi Malaise

    Cavium is no bargain, but the growth plan is on target.
  31. A Bumper Crop For ADM

    Bad harvests around the world have been a boon to U.S. crop exports and ADM's handling ...
  32. Cummins Cannot Outrun Expectations

    Cummins is hitting on all cylinders but analysts already expected that.
  33. Illinois Tool Works – The Best May Lay Ahead

    Illinois Tool Works is better than the average industrial but seldom trades like ...
  34. Danaher - Wait For Quality To Come Cheap

    Danaher delivers another good year of growth and free cash flow.
  35. Alpha Looks To Be The Big Dog In U.S. Met Coal

    Alpha is paying a premium to become the largest U.S. met coal producer.
  36. A Foursome Of Pharma Earnings Suggests Business Is Still ...

    There's little growth to excite pharma investors, but there is more value here than ...
  37. Riverbed Far From Dragging The Bottom

    Riverbed didn't have a high-quality quarter, but the company continues to take share ...
  38. Nucor And The Steel Sector Look Toward A Better 2011

    The fourth quarter of 2010 was a low point, but strong pricing is making the prospects ...
  39. Honeywell Looking Sweet

    Honeywell is performing well already and a recovery in aerospace could be the cherry ...
  40. Meet The New Stryker

    Stryker is putting its capital to good use, and long-term investors should prosper.
  41. Today's Xerox Not Just A Copy Of The Past

    Xerox is changing, but Wall Street doesn't really care yet.
  42. Caterpillar Still Down A Cylinder Or Two

    Caterpillar is doing well despite iffy incremental margins and weak domestic construction.
  43. Can VMware Manage Its Own Partisans?

    VMware may have more to worry about in its shareholder base than in its operations.
  44. Texas Instruments Suggests A Soft Landing In The Works

    Texas Instruments isn't out of the woods, but the treeline seems to be in sight.
  45. Abbott's Next Act

    Abbott has significant challenges ahead, but Wall Street seems to assume that the ...
  46. Novartis Building Itself Into A One-Stop Shop

    Novartis takes another step into molecular diagnostics.
  47. DuPont Nets Out To "Lukewarm"

    DuPont shares don't offer enough of a discount to overcome lackluster margins and ...
  48. An Off-The-Board Bidder For Smurfit-Stone

    Rock-Tenn makes a surprising, but very smart, move to expand its assets and diversify ...
  49. Med-Tech Choice Is Simply Intuitive

    Intuitive posted reassuring growth, but needs to continue penetrating new markets.
  50. Can Maxim Outgrow Its Cycle?

    Maxim's growth looks stronger now, but investors should watch those lead times carefully.
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