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Stock Analysis

  1. Earnings Paper Cuts Impeding J.P. Morgan's Value

    J.P. Morgan is also among the leading credit card companies in the country, it is ...
  2. Intel Working Through A Difficult Transition

    Chip giant Intel continues to work through a challenge that most leading tech companies ...
  3. Ciena On A Roll With Carrier Spending Picking Up

    100G deployments are starting to drive the equipment market, putting Ciena back on ...
  4. Gerdau Seeing Brazil Get Better, But U.S. Ops Are Struggling

    Gerdau has bright long-term prospects but today's valuation isn't much of a bargain.
  5. Arch Capital Is Excellent, But No Bargain

    Strong reserves and excellent underwriting have Arch Capital basically at fair value.
  6. Coca-Cola FEMSA Adds More Volume In Brazil

    Coca-Cola FEMSA continues to build its lucrative Latin American bottling footprint. ...
  7. Nokia Sells Its Handset Business To Microsoft And Remakes ...

    Nokia metamorphisizes again with the sale of its handset business to Microsoft.
  8. Tata Motors: A Tale Of Two Businesses

    Jaguar is doing exceptionally well, but Tata Motors struggles to replicate that success ...
  9. A Great Model And Growing Markets Powering Copa Holdings

    Copa's Panama-based hub-and-spoke system continues to drive uncommon profitability.
  10. Has Santander Made It Through The Worst?

    Santander has yet to find the bottom with its bad credits.
  11. For BBVA, Does More Spain Mean More Pain?

    BBVA still faces serious risks in Spain, but management's approach appears undervalued
  12. OmniVision Technologies – The Beat(ing) Goes On

    Weaker handset demand and disappointing margins send the shares down sharply again.
  13. Apache Makes Another Move To Reduce Business Risk

    Apache gets a reasonable price for a troublesome asset.
  14. Vodafone, Verizon (And AT&T?) Go Once More Unto The Breach ...

    Verizon and Vodafone are once again talking about a deal for Verizon Wireless
  15. Shows Some Reacceleration

    Improved billings growth will cheer the owners of this expensive SaaS leader.
  16. Can LEDs Brighten Investor Portfolios?

    LED lighting may be disruptive, but that doesn't mean that the stocks haven't already ...
  17. Pall Always Gets The Benefit Of The Doubt

    Pall's performance was just okay, but the Street likely won't mind.
  18. The Fresh Market Can't Put Margin Worries To Bed

    Persistent worries about margins and an accelerated store opening plan run counter ...
  19. Campbell Soup Doesn't Seem To Be Prioritizing The Right ...

    Campbell Soup continues to make iffy strategic moves and the stock is no bargain
  20. Guess May Be Getting Its House In Order

    Often-volatile Guess is back on the way up with an encouraging second quarter report. ...
  21. Vertex Building A Fortress In Cystic Fibrosis

    Vertex is in the early days of what could be a $10B franchise in cystic fibrosis ...
  22. Winter Still Coming For Joy Global

    Joy Global seems undervalued on a long-term basis, but the near term is still looking ...
  23. Workday Surfing The SaaS Wave

    Workday beats the Street's growth targets, but valuation is still crazy
  24. Another Beat And Raise Highlights Avago's Quality

    Avago's market share strength shouldn't be underestimated
  25. Has The Street Finally Overshot Brown Shoe?

    Brown Shoe had a decent quarter, but Wall Street wants more
  26. Tiffany Continues To Execute At A Higher Level

    Tiffany delivers stronger margins while comps still see some pressure.
  27. Akorn Scores A Rare Win-Win Acquisition

    Akorn builds value by buying Hi-Tech
  28. The Market Already Convinced Colfax Will Meet Or Beat Its ...

    Colfax is delivering on the margin improvements management promised
  29. Yet Another Failure Has Rigel Pharmaceuticals Almost Back ...

    Rigel sees yet another clinical failure from its pipeline.
  30. AstraZeneca Goes Back To The M&A Well Yet Again

    AstraZeneca's acquisition of Amplimmune could pay big dividends in a decade.
  31. Is Improving IT Demand Enough To Maintain Teradata's Rebound?

    Teradata may be Big Data, but that hasn't proven to give it any edge in terms of ...
  32. Amgen Sweetens The Bid And Secures Onyx

    Amgen finalizes a value-additive deal for Onyx
  33. Yahoo! Reclaims Traffic Leadership, But Can It Turn It Into ...

    What does Yahoo!'s sudden rise to the top of internet traffic mean for its business? ...
  34. Aruba Networks Digs In For The Long War

    Aruba is going to have to surrender margin to boost growth in the face of competition ...
  35. Pandora Progressing, But Still Tinkering

    Pandora continues to evolve as the model matures.
  36. Marvell – Unicorn Of The Chip Space?

    Marvell's gaining share and showing good growth in multiple challenging sectors
  37. Autodesk A Little Undervalued, But Uncertainty Is Rising

    Autodesk's base business is still weak, but greater emphasis on SaaS pleases investors
  38. Microsoft Critics Get Their Way, As Ballmer Announces Impending ...

    Ballmer's impending retirement as CEO sets off a long-awaited celebration in Microsoft ...
  39. Can E.On Maintain Its Fat Dividend Through A Difficult Restructuring? ...

    Economics and politics are forcing a difficult transformation at E.On.
  40. Easy To Like Everything About Kubota Except The Price

    Kubota's growth prospects are alluring, but the valuation is unsettling.
  41. Waiting For Hormel To Get Cheaper Isn't Getting Any Easier

    Even with margin underperformance, the Street is staying in Hormel's corner
  42. Hain Celestial's Valuation Already Incorporates Strong Expectations

    Hain Celestial has strong top-line growth, but margins continue to lag more traditional ...
  43. HP Still Looks Cheap, But Execution Issues Are Part Of The ...

    HP still has some significant competitive and strategic problems to sort out
  44. Abercrombie & Fitch The Latest To Get Trampled

    Abercrombie & Fitch's recovery crumbles under the weight of weak traffic and heavy ...
  45. American Eagle Hammered As Conditions Worsen

    American Eagle warns of even worse pressures on same-store sales.
  46. History Suggests Street Will Get Over “Disappointing” Smucker ...

    Smucker isn't cheap, but worries about K-Cup growth seem a little overdone.
  47. A Solid Beat-And-Raise As Lowe's Closes Some Of The Gap

    Lowe's closes the gap with Home Depot on strong comp sales improvement.
  48. Canadian Dilution And Sluggish U.S. Shopping Bring Target ...

    Target is seeing significant dilution from its expansion into Canada, as well as ...
  49. Intuit Refocusing On What It Does Best

    Intuit is turning back to its past and still appears undervalued on that basis
  50. Analog Devices' Slow Walk To Better Days

    Analog Devices continues to see a slow, drawn-out recovery
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