Stephen D. Simpson, CFA

Stock Analysis

  1. Emerson – More Realistic, But Not Necessarily Better

    Emerson's relative performance may be positive, but the net value is still lacking
  2. Mondelez Isn't As Good As Nestle, But Priced Like It Is

    Investors seem to bullish on Mondelez, given the relative performance at Kellogg ...
  3. Disney Does It Again

    Disney comes through again, but valuation is getting pretty high.
  4. Recent Financials May Not Be Entirely Fair To Hologic

    Macro pressures are outweighing solid internal progress at Hologic.
  5. Amgen Chased By The Bubble

    Amgen really needs the pipeline to come through to support this valuation.
  6. Whole Foods Back On Pace

    Whole Foods carries rich multiples, but the growth seems to justify it
  7. Johnson Controls Has A Lot Of Improving Left To Do

    Analysts are projecting a big turnaround in Johnson Controls' margins, but that the ...
  8. Broadcom Has To Play Offense And Defense

    Broadcom has multiple appealing growth opportunities, but also competitive challenges ...
  9. Sysco's Reputation Seems More Durable Than Its Growth

    Sysco seems to be trading more on reputation than reality today.
  10. Ingersoll-Rand Improving, But Are Investors Already Too ...

    WIthout stronger construction markets, Ingersoll-Rand's turnaround could bog down
  11. BMC Software Shows Again That Getting Full Value Is Tough ...

    BMC's sluggish growth results in a takeout bid that doesn't seem to fully value the ...
  12. Will Tyson Serve The Bulls Or Serve Up The Bulls?

    Tyson's weak volumes and operating margins don't square well with the very strong ...
  13. Zions Bancorp Will Likely Find It Harder From Here

    Zions has had a good run, but it may be slower going as lending competition intensifies. ...
  14. Simpler Looks Better For First Horizon

    Deprioritizing non-strategic lending and refocusing on regional banking should be ...
  15. Check Point Software Could Be A Second-Half Rebounder

    If Check Point can reignite growth, the stock is much too cheap.
  16. Teva Still Too Cheap, But Still Too Uncertain

    Teva's present-day momentum is weak, but the value could appeal to patient long-term ...
  17. In A Growth-Starved Sector, Becton Dickinson Rules

    Becton Dickinson is a great business, but investors seem to be too willing to overpay ...
  18. Alcatel-Lucent Looking At A Long Road, But Not Starting ...

    Alcatel-Lucent has a long road back, but the IP keeps the company in the game.
  19. It Gets A Little Harder From Here For Covidien

    Expectations are the bigger issue for Covidien, as underlying growth is still pretty ...
  20. Total Looks Cheap, But There's A Reason

    Total's performance looked pretty typical for the sector, but the company has a lot ...
  21. Starbucks' Special Model Is Valuable, But Maybe Not This ...

    Starbucks continues to deliver good execution, but the valuation demands greatness.
  22. Good Profitability And Relative Valuation Make Chevron Interesting

    Chevron seems underrated and undervalued relative to the likes of Exxon.
  23. Slower Growth And Better Margins Probably Won't Help Amazon

    Amazon's growth continues to slow, but from a high level to a slightly less high ...
  24. 3M Ends Up In The Same Industrial Tar Pit As Everybody Else

    Disappointing margins dent 3M's all-weather credentials.
  25. Exxon Mobil Profits And Growth Fail To Impress

    Exxon's profitability underwhelmed, but the overall picture hasn't changed much. ...
  26. Investors Can't Seem To Get Enough Of Hershey

    With strong volume and improving margins, Hershey continues to outperform a hot sector. ...
  27. Are Market Factors Pushing Qualcomm Into The Penalty Box?

    Qualcomm's stumble on lower ASPs could make for a rocky summer.
  28. Given Procter & Gamble's Performance, Should The Weak Volumes ...

    P&G looks like an increasingly expensive margin improvement play in consumer staples.
  29. Absent Macro Shocks, Cash And Expenses Will Drive Boeing

    Boeing's delivery schedule slowed, but the long-term value is still quite appealing.
  30. The Defenestration Of Apple Continues

    Apple's value as a stock has plunged, but the company seems to be in better shape.
  31. Another Revision Doesn't Make It Easier To Like Juniper

    Juniper looks cheap, but it will stay cheap if it can't start beating revenue estimates.
  32. Good Long-Term Trends, But Softer Conditions Today At United ...

    UTX's focused business mix isn't delivering any better results than the average industrial ...
  33. DuPont's Cyclicality Seems Overpriced

    Investors should be wary of paying a big premium for DuPont's cyclicality.
  34. Good Margins Outweigh Weak Growth For ITW Investors

    ITW looks weak on growth, but investors don't seem to mind right now
  35. Texas Instruments Not Quite In The Clear Yet

    TI's outlook is improving, but core market growth is still lagging.
  36. Is Caterpillar Facing A New Normal In Mining?

    Caterpillar has gotten cheaper, but willing the mining industry recover?
  37. Halliburton Has Gotten Interesting Again

    If oilfield activity has bottomed, Halliburton would be a good pick here.
  38. Strong Execution Justifies Honeywell's Price

    Honeywell is one of the stronger industrial names today, and still trading at a decent ...
  39. Kimberly-Clark Looks Way Too Expensive For What It Is

    Kimberly-Clark's growth prospects make today's valuation hard to justify.
  40. Schlumberger Looks Good At Today's Prices

    Schlumberger remains the best of breed in the oil services sector, and the price ...
  41. GE's Guidance Wasn't Great, But Expectations Seem Low

    GE looks underpriced on its long-term growth potential.
  42. Is Controversy About Robot-Assisted Surgery Showing In Intuitive ...

    Uncertainty about procedure growth may be opening a window in these often-expensive ...
  43. Does A Tough Patch Really Matter To McDonald's Shareholders?

    Investors are paying a premium for the security McDonald's offers
  44. IBM Makes It Official – Tech Has Some Troubles

    IBM sees a broad miss and the valuation is still too high.
  45. Weak PC Growth And Slow Mobile Penetration Weighing On Microsoft

    Microsoft is still not delivering what tech investors really want, but the value ...
  46. Thermo Steps Up And Seals A Deal For Life Technologies

    Speculation has been all over the place for an M&A with LifeTech, but the final announcement ...
  47. Mediocre Performance Clouding BB&T's Long-Term Value

    I remain quite positive on BB&T shares, though I am more bullish than most sell-side ...
  48. Nokia Still Straddling Fault Lines

    Nokia Still Straddling Fault Lines by Stephen D. Simpson, CFA Roughly 18 months ...
  49. Broad Weakness Makes It Harder To Like St. Jude Today

    Although I do believe the long-term expectations for St. Jude are increasingly beatable, ...
  50. Dover May Be Bottoming, But The Street's Already Thinking ...

    Dover management is continuing to make the case that results will improve in the ...
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