Cory Mitchell

Cory Mitchell

Cory Mitchell is a proprietary trader and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) specializing in short to medium-term technical strategies. He is the founder of, a website dedicated to trader education and market analysis.

After graduating with a business degree, Mitchell has been trading multiple markets and educating traders since 2005. He has been widely published and is a member of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and the Market Technicians Association. He's the author of the Forex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders - an eBook introducing traders to the basics of Forex, the formula for success and price action trading strategies.

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  1. Chart Strategy

    Global Market ETFs at Breakout Levels (EWG, EWQ)

    These global market ETFs are breaking through resistance at 52-highs.
  2. Chart Strategy

    Stocks Nearing Triangle Breakout Levels (TIVO, UNFI)

    Triangles breakouts can provide a risk-controlled way to participate in the next wave of a stock's trend.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Trending Stocks for Swing Trades (XYL, RSPP)

    Trending stocks that are presenting a buying opportunity on the current pullback.
  4. Chart Strategy

    Biotech and Pharma ETFs Still Hurting (IBB, XPH)

    The biotech and pharma rallies that started the year were short-lived. The longer-term downtrend may be back in play.
  5. Chart Strategy

    Stocks With More Downside in the Short-Term (KO, LSI)

    Downtrending stocks that potentially have more room to fall.
  6. Chart Strategy

    Commodity Stocks With Buy Signals (CNX, BBL)

    These commodity-related stocks are in uptrends and currently near support, providing a buying opportunity.
  7. Trading Strategy

    3 Key Signs Of A Market Top

    Learn the best ways to foresee market corrections and how to profit from them.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Watch These Top-performing ETFs (KRE, RSXJ)

    These are some of the strongest ETFs recently, and they provide excellent trading opportunities.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Health Care Stocks With Short-term Upside (AGN, VRX)

    While these trades should be considered risky, recent strength indicates a potential short-term turnaround in these pharmaceutical ...
  10. Chart Strategy

    Watch for a New Year Breakout in These Stocks (DHR, FIS)

    The narrowing price patterns in these stocks can't last for long. Watch for a breakout.
  11. Chart Strategy

    Historical Sector ETF Performance for January (XLV, XLK)

    Most sector ETFs have historically performed poorly in January, with the exception of one.
  12. Chart Strategy

    These Stocks Are Strong January Performers (EQC, FAX)

    January isn't typically a great month for stocks, but these five tend to outperform.
  13. Chart Strategy

    These Gold Stocks Could Do Well in 2017 (ABX, BTG)

    These gold stocks have pulled back and could see a rise in 2017, based on relative strength compared to gold.
  14. Chart Strategy

    High-Yield Non-Bond ETFs for the New Year (REM, PGX)

    These ETFs are offering good dividend yields.(REM,PGX,IDV)
  15. Chart Strategy

    Stocks Near Long-term and Short-term Breakout Levels (ULTA, PKG)

    These stocks are near breakout levels both on the long-term and short-term charts, which means a big move could be coming.
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