Cory Mitchell

Cory Mitchell

Cory Mitchell is a proprietary trader and CMT® charter holder specializing in short to medium-term technical strategies. He is the founder of, a website dedicated to trader education and market analysis.

After graduating with a business degree, Mitchell has been trading multiple markets and educating traders since 2005. He has been widely published and is a member of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and the CMT Association. He's the author of the Forex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders - an eBook introducing traders to the basics of Forex, the formula for success and price action trading strategies.

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  1. Chart Strategy

    These Country ETFs Are Near Technical Buy Points

    These country ETFs are in strong uptrends and have recently pulled back to a potential buying area.
  2. Chart Strategy

    Approaching Breakout Points in These Stocks

    These three top-performing stocks are nearing yet another breakout to the upside.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Energy Equities Still Trapped in a Downtrend

    Here's a look at downside price targets for oil-related stocks and what it will take to turn these downtrends around.
  4. Chart Strategy

    Solar Stocks Are Heating Up

    These solar stocks are breaking out of basing patterns after long declines or have recently surged.
  5. Chart Strategy

    US Dollar Falls to Pivotal Support Level

    Whether the dollar's critical level on long-term charts holds or breaks will signal the next long-term trend.
  6. Chart Strategy

    Technical Buy Points for Strong Trending Stocks

    Here are some trade ideas based on strong stocks that have recently consolidated or pulled back.
  7. Chart Strategy

    Gold, Silver and Oil Heading Into Resistance

    Gold, silver and oil have bounced recently, but technicals indicate that prices could head lower again.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Short-Term Breakouts Point to Higher Prices in These Stocks

    These stocks are all in uptrends and recently broke out of short-term consolidations, signaling another up wave.
  9. Chart Strategy

    These International ETFs Are Trouncing the Competition

    These are some of the top performing international ETFs this year, and they are still in uptrends.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Rounded Bottom Could Mean a Rally for These Stocks

    These stocks are showing a rounded bottom – a powerful pattern that often goes unnoticed until it is too late.
  11. Chart Strategy

    Agriculture ETFs Facing Headwinds Despite Bounce

    Despite a bounce in the agricultural ETFs over the past few weeks, technical evidence suggests lower prices to come.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Watching for Buying Signals Near Trendline Support

    These stocks are trading near long-term trendlines. Watch for a bounce.
  13. Chart Strategy

    3 Rising ETFs Near Breakout Levels (FXI, EPI)

    These ETFs, each focused on a different international market, are all rising and near breakout levels once again.
  14. Chart Strategy

    Can These Momentum Stocks Break Out One More Time? (MOMO, YUMC)

    Here are some levels to watch for another breakout in these high-momentum stocks.
  15. Chart Strategy

    3 Commodity ETFs to Watch in July (UNG, SGG)

    These commodities have a tendency to rise or fall significantly in July, and they can be traded via ETF.
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