Cory Mitchell

Cory Mitchell

Cory Mitchell is a proprietary trader and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) specializing in short to medium-term technical strategies. He is the founder of, a website dedicated to trader education and market analysis.

After graduating with a business degree, Mitchell has been trading multiple markets and educating traders since 2005. He has been widely published and is a member of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and the Market Technicians Association. He's the author of the Forex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders - an eBook introducing traders to the basics of Forex, the formula for success and price action trading strategies.

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  1. Chart Strategy

    Financials on a Technical Cusp (XLF, KRE)

    Financial ETFs have reached a critical technical juncture. How the ETFs act here could signal the price direction for the ...
  2. Chart Strategy

    Three Stocks Starting Another Move Higher (APO, CENX)

    These stocks are in strong uptrends, and are starting to move higher again after a pullback/consolidation phase.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Gold Bounces and Miners Near Breakout Level (GLD, GDX)

    Gold has bounced aggressively off a multi-month rising trendline, and the gold miners are heading toward a possible triangle ...
  4. Chart Strategy

    Hot Tech Stocks Breaking Higher (ON, JBL)

    Already in strong uptrends, these stocks are breaking out of consolidations, indicating another move to the upside. (ON,JBL)
  5. ETFs

    Participate in the Tech Rally With These ETFs (IYW, ROBO)

    Over the last three months technology stocks have been some of the best performers. Check these very strong ETFs to participate.
  6. Trading Instruments

    What You Need To Know About Binary Options Outside the U.S

    Binary or digital options are a simple way to trade price fluctuations in multiple global markets.
  7. Chart Strategy

    These Stocks Are Starting Another Move Up (MU, STM)

    These two hot semiconductor stocks are starting move higher again after a brief pullback.
  8. Chart Strategy

    What to Do With These Strong ETFs (SMH, KBE)

    These have been three of the strongest ETFs over the last year. But things could be changing.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Momentum Stocks Breaking Higher With Volume (UNVR, MRCY)

    These stocks are in the pullback phase within a strong uptrend. Strong buying recently indicates the next wave of the uptrend ...
  10. Chart Strategy

    Russian Stocks Heading Toward Breakout Levels (RSX, RSXJ)

    After strong rallies in 2016, Russian stock ETFs are consolidating and could break out again. (RSX, RSXJ)
  11. Chart Strategy

    United Parcel Service Nears Key Resistance Level (UPS, FDX)

    United Parcel Service is stuck in a range, but nearing a breakout level. Fedex is in no-man's-land, and Expeditors International ...
  12. Chart Strategy

    Treasury ETFs Breakout (TLT, IEF)

    U.S. Treasury ETFs have broken out of a range to the upside. (TLT,IEF,GOVT)
  13. Chart Strategy

    Momentum Stocks Poised for Breakouts (S, ETE)

    These stocks rallied big and then stalled. The next breakout is also expected to produce a big move. (S,ETE, OCN)
  14. Markets & Economy

    How the Stock Market Works

    Learn what it means to own stocks and shares, why shares exist, and how you buy and sell them.
  15. Chart Strategy

    Gold Ratios Are at Critical Junctures (GDX, GLD)

    Gold ratios—comparing gold miner stock performance to gold—tells a lot about the strength of gold (and miners). That ratio ...
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