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  1. Trading Strategies

    5 Rules For Picking Great Day Trade Entries

    The following five rules will help traders find high profit potential, low risk, intra-day trades.
  2. Trading Strategies

    Using Compound Indicators To Predict Market Fluctuations

    Learn how to combine average true range, simple moving average and Bollinger band indicators to gauge market volatility.
  3. Chart Advisor

    Trading Stocks At Strong Support Or Resistance

    Whether it's buying or selling near support or resistance, or waiting for a breakout, these four stocks present a near-term entry opportunity.
  4. Chart Advisor

    Four Ways To Trade Silver Near Support

    Four ways to trade silver using ETFs or stocks as it approaches a major support region.
  5. Active Trading Fundamentals

    3 Psychological Quirks That Affect Your Trading

    There are human tendencies that can block the road toward achieving our financial goals. Here's how to get around them.
  6. Chart Advisor

    Tight Consolidation Breakouts To Watch

    Keep an eye on these four stocks for near-term consolidation breakouts.
  7. Forex Fundamentals

    How To Calculate An Exchange Rate

    Struggling to get a grasp on exchange rates? Here's what you need to know.
  8. Chart Advisor

    Like Volatility? Trade These Four Stocks

    These four stocks have seen wide moves over the last 30 days, offering big short-term potential for those willing to take on the risk.
  9. Investing Basics

    Goals For Novice Traders

    You're starting out in the investing world as a trader, so now what? We give you a few tips on how set your goals.
  10. Chart Advisor

    4 Currency ETFs To Watch Right Now

    The U.S. dollar is breaking out and that means a number of currency ETFs are seeing significant moves right now.
  11. Investing Basics

    How The Stock Market Works

    Learn what it means to own stocks and shares, why shares exist, how you buy and sell them.
  12. Chart Advisor

    Is Now the Time To Buy The Big U.S. Banks?

    The stocks of the four major U.S. banks are at critical inflection points. Here's what to be aware of.
  13. Chart Advisor

    Are These Battered Stocks Making A Turnaround?

    Previously beaten down, these four stocks are trending higher, indicating a turnaround is in effect. Should you get on board?
  14. Chart Advisor

    4 Large-Cap Healthcare Stocks To Watch

    Healthcare continues to a be a hot sector. Here are four pharma stocks to keep an eye on for entry points.
  15. Chart Advisor

    4 Stocks Awaiting Strong Breakouts

    The longer a consolidation lasts the more potential there is for a big move when the range does finally break. Here are four to watch.
  16. Trading Strategies

    3 Key Signs Of A Market Top

    Learn the best ways to foresee market corrections and how to profit from them.
  17. Chart Advisor

    4 Consumer Goods Stocks to Watch

    These stocks have outperformed over the last three months and have held up well during recent market-wide selling. A breakout is bullish.
  18. Chart Advisor

    What The Charts Say About Big Tech Stocks

    What are the charts are saying about Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook as the broader market pulls back?
  19. Chart Advisor

    These Stocks, REITs Are At Support Buy Zones

    Recent pullbacks into trendline support could make these stocks and REITs good purchase candidates.
  20. Chart Advisor

    How To Trade Credit Card Stocks

    The four major credit card stocks have been doing some interesting things lately. Here's how to trade them, where to buy and what to avoid.
  21. Chart Advisor

    Is Now The Time To Buy These Flagging Stocks?

    These stocks have lost enough value to be relatively cheap. But are they a bargain or a trap? Here's a technical perspective.
  22. Chart Advisor

    Be Ready For A Market Drop With These Stocks

    The S&P 500 may be in an uptrend, but here are some stocks to trade in case of a rainy day.
  23. Chart Advisor

    Top Stocks Developing Head and Shoulders Patterns

    Not every stock is in an uptrend. These four stocks are in downtrend, and near head and shoulders breakout levels.
  24. Chart Advisor

    Trading Market Leading Technology Stocks

    The technology sector has taken off. These four stocks have led the charge, racking up more than 10% gains in the last month alone.
  25. Chart Advisor

    Follow These 4 Large Cap Market-Beating Stocks

    These are four of the top-performing large capitalization stocks over the last year, all up more than 70% in the last 12 months.
  26. Chart Advisor

    These Stocks Are Close to Triangle Breakouts

    These stocks have seen compressed price action recently in the form of a triangle, and are nearing, or at, breakout levels.
  27. Investing Basics

    Why Gold Has Always Had Value

    Gold has an allure and a price tag, but with no real intrinsic value, why do we consider it so precious and valuable? Explore the answer.
  28. Chart Advisor

    Four Stocks For Range Traders

    These four stocks are locked in ranges, offering low risk and high reward opportunities if the ranges continue.
  29. Chart Advisor

    Are European ETFs Still A Good Buy?

    Over the last year these four European markets have outperformed the S&P 500. We look at whether a recent pullback presents a buying opportunity.
  30. Trading Strategies

    How to Day Trade Volatility ETFs

    A primer on the ideal time to day trade volatility ETFs, and how to do it.
  31. Chart Advisor

    Best Ways To Trade Gold And Silver

    Commodities are rallying, and gold and silver are now following suit with strong recent buying. Here are four ways to play it.
  32. Trading Strategies

    Day-Trading Gold ETFs: Top Tips

    Learn when is the most favorable time to day-trade gold ETFs and how to take advantage.
  33. Chart Advisor

    Recent Flag Pattern Breakouts

    A flag is a small continuation pattern, and these four stocks recently broke out of one, or are close to it.
  34. Chart Advisor

    Big Stock Movers: Here's Where to Get In

    These four stocks were big price movers on June 17 based on news; here's how to get in on the action.
  35. Chart Advisor

    Stocks Pulling Back to a Buy-Zone

    There's an adage: old resistance becomes new support. That's only partially true. Find out why; plus 4 stocks which are likely to respect old resistance.
  36. Trading Strategies

    The Best Day-Trading Schools

    Here are the top day-trading schools that offer courses and mentoring in the stock, options, futures and forex markets.
  37. Options & Futures

    A Guide To Trading Binary Options In The U.S.

    What binary options are, how they work and where you can legally trade them in the U.S.?
  38. Chart Advisor

    Trade Like a Top Hedge Fund With No Work

    These ETFs provide a way to trade like a top hedge fund. Or look at the holdings of the ETF to see stocks which hedge funds find attractive.
  39. Chart Advisor

    Break Up or Break Down? Four Stocks At Critical Levels

    Four big name companies are creating either a topping pattern or setting up a move to new highs.
  40. Chart Advisor

    The Four Biggest Dividend Yields on the NYSE

    Dividends don't get as much attention during a bull market, yet with yields like these they should. Here are the four largest dividend yields for mid. cap. (or larger) companies, as well as the technical ...
  41. Chart Advisor

    Trading the Lagging Discretionaries

    The consumer discretionary space is lagging behind many other sectors. Find out why, and which consumer discretionary stocks are fairing well, and which aren't.
  42. Chart Advisor

    Four Upside Triangle Chart Pattern Breakouts

    These four stocks just broke out of triangle chart patterns and provide upside targets as well as defined stop levels.
  43. Chart Advisor

    Big Mover Stocks With More Big Move Potential

    These stocks had big price moves recently, and cosidering where the price is from a technical perspective, further big moves are expected.
  44. Chart Advisor

    The Most Volatile Stocks Intra-Day

    Four of the most volatile stocks intra-day on the Nasdaq and NYSE.
  45. Options & Futures

    Trading Options on Futures Contracts

    Futures contracts are available for all sorts of financial products, from equity indexes to precious metals. Trading options based on futures means buying call or put options based on the direction you ...
  46. Chart Advisor

    Brazilian Stocks Rolling Over, and What To Do About It

    Despite showing stregnth this year, the Brazilian ETF is in a long-term downtrend. Strong selling on May 20 has created a short-term top which could be enough to kick-start another down wave. If that is ...
  47. Options & Futures

    How To Buy Gold Options

    Buy gold options to attain a position in gold for less capital than buying physical gold or gold futures. If you've wondered how to invest in gold , here's a shorter-term and less capital intensive way ...
  48. Chart Advisor

    Stocks on the Verge of Major Support or Resistance Breaks

    The price action in these stocks has been compressed and a significant breakout is likely to occur soon.
  49. Options & Futures

    How To Buy Silver Options

    Buying silver options allows traders to attain a position in silver for less capital than buying physical silver or silver futures.
  50. Trading Strategies

    Trading The Most Volatile Stocks After Hours

    The stock market has an official open and close, but trading takes place outside these hours, often in the most volatile stocks.
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