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  1. Four utility stocks which investors seem especially interested in right now.
    Chart Advisor

    Time to Think About Utility Stocks?

    Four utility stocks which investors seem especially interested in right now.
  2. The energy sector is the top performer over the last. Here are stocks leading the sector.
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    Hottest Energy Sector Stocks

    The energy sector is the top performer over the last week. Here are stocks leading the sector.
  3. During a strong trend many traders wait for a big pullback to enter, because it feels like a
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    Consolidations Leading to Upside Breakouts?

    After runs higher, these stocks are taking a breather, potentially for another run up.
  4. These stocks recently broke out. A pullback to the former resistance area provides a low-risk-high-profit-potential trade.
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    Range Breakouts: Second Chance Entries

    These stocks recently broke out. A pullback to the former resistance area provides a low-risk-high-profit-potential trade.
  5. Four stocks that trending very strongly, and have market caps over $7 billion.
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    Stocks with the Strongest Uptrends

    Four stocks that trending very strongly, and have market caps over $7 billion.
  6. Outlook for the major US bank: Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup.
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    Big Bank Technical Outlook

    Outlook for the major US banks: Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup.
  7. The CCI is a type of oscillator
    Technical Indicators

    How Traders Can Utilize CCI (Commodity Channel Index) To ...

    Use the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) to enter and exit price trends.
  8. Four stocks in a consolidation phase, with the breakout potentially shifting their current trend.
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    Stocks Close to Triangle Breakouts

    Four stocks in a consolidation phase, with the breakout potentially shifting their current trend.
  9. The whole picture needs to be looked at to determine if a trade is warranted in the trendline area or not. These stocks have respected their trendline support in the past, and another test is occurring now.
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    Stocks Looking to Bounce off Trendline Support

    These stocks are testing trendline support, offering a buying opportunity. If they fall further though, it warns of a correction.
  10. chart advisor March 10
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    Financials and Industrials on the Radar This Week

    A look inside the top performing sectors from last week--Financials and Industrials--as well as stocks within them to watch this week.
  11. With the S&P 500 having just broken to upside out of a flag-like chart pattern, many other stocks are seeing similar patterns.
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    Price Consolidations Breaking to Upside

    Four stocks and ETFs which had sharp moves higher and are now consolidating, with the expectation of upside breaks and further advances.
  12. Chart Advisor

    Sectors and Stocks to Watch This Week

    Very strong coming into this week, these are sectors and stocks to keep an eye on.
  13. Bullish chart of LinkedIn.
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    Bullish And Bearish MACD Crossovers

    Two stocks with bullish MACD crossovers, and two stocks with bearish MACD crossovers.
  14. Chart Advisor

    Four Stocks Poised To Make A Move Lower

    Significant stocks that were leading the S&P 500 higher over the last six months have significantly diverged over the last six weeks. Does it spell trouble for the major indexes?
  15. Chart Advisor

    Head And Shoulders Pattern Signals A Move Lower

    These four stocks are very close to completing head and shoulder patterns; bulls should tread carefully and bears may spot an opportunity shortly.
  16. Chart Advisor

    Four Breakout Stocks To Watch

    These biotechnology and pharmaceutical stocks continue to put in new highs, but indicators are diverging.
  17. Chart Advisor

    Four Stocks Setting Up For A Move Lower

    These four stocks have recently broken out of chart patterns, indicting further moves in the breakout direction.
  18. Chart Advisor

    Stocks And ETFs To Watch This Week

    Stocks and ETF with potential big moves based on recent price action or a near-term breakout.
  19. Active Trading Fundamentals

    What The Market Open Tells You

    The first few moments of trading provide a lot of information. If a trader analyzes this information, it can give a lot of insight into the market's moves for the day.
  20. Dominion Resources (NYSE:D) has a 3.64% dividend yield, although the smaller yield can be attributed to the stock's strong performance of late, putting in a new 52-week high at $68.86 on February 3.
    Chart Advisor

    Dividend Stocks for Uncertain Times

    Dividend stocks that are holding up well provide income and potential relative safety during times of stock market uncertainty.
  21. Chart Advisor

    Hardest Hit Sectors and Stocks to Avoid

    Two sectors, and stocks within each, that been hardest over the last month, and therefore warrant caution.
  22. Bullish chart of NFLX. The price is nearing the trendline of an ascending channel.
    Chart Advisor

    The Technical Outook For Top Stock Gainers

    The top gainers on January 28 may have sparked buying interest, but they each have a different technical outlook, and not all are rosy.
  23. General Motors broke through a short-term and longer-term trendline on recent selling
    Chart Advisor

    Four Large Caps Now In Downtrends

    The S&P 500 may not have confirmed a reversal yet, but these four large caps have
  24. Chicos FAS has tried to climb above $20 for the past year and a half, but was rejected once again at the start of 2014.
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    Stocks Poised For Another Leg Lower

    Four stocks that have fallen off their highs, and will likely continue to do so.
  25. Technology Select Sector SPDR solidly created a new high at $36.05 last week, clearing the former mark of $35.76.
    Chart Advisor

    Technology And Healthcare Stocks To Watch

    Two sectors continue to dominate, and these stocks within them are still seeing exception returns.
  26. Allergann (NYSE:AGN) is up almost 35% over the last three months, after experiencing a major turnaround in late 2013.
    Chart Advisor

    Technical Outlook For Four Exceptionally Hot Stocks

    These four large cap stocks are all up more than 30% in the last three months. Here's the technical outlook going forward.
  27. International Business Machines peaked near $211 twice in 2012, and then managed to make a new high at $215.90 in 2013. Given prior ranging behavior, if this was a true breakout.
    Chart Advisor

    Four Trading Setups To Avoid A Pullback

    Technical lessons from four DJIA stocks that performed poorly in 2013.
  28. Gambling is defined as staking something on a contingency.
    Investing Basics

    Are You Investing Or Gambling?

    We look at ways in which gambling creeps into trading, and what may drive an individual to trade - or gamble - in the first place.
  29. Kraft Foods (Nasdaq:KRFT) was moving in an uptrend before the triangle. Given the prior uptrend, the expectation is for a breakout higher.
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    Triangle Breakouts: Two Higher, Two Lower

    These stocks are very close to breaking out of triangle formations, indicating a strong price move is near.
  30. Outlook for popular gold, silver, oil and natural gas ETFs.
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    Commodity ETF Outlook

    Gold, silver, oil and natural gas are some of the most heavily traded commodity ETFs. Three of these commodities are at major inflection points.
  31. This article is based on binary options issued outside the U.S.
    Options & Futures

    What You Need To Know About Binary Options Outside The U.S.

    Binary or digital options are a simple way to trade price fluctuations in multiple global markets.
  32. These four stocks had incredible turnarounds in 2013; here's how they setup for 2014.
    Chart Advisor

    How Will Last Year's Top Turnaround Stocks Perform in 2 ...

    These four stocks had incredible turnarounds in 2013; here's how they setup for 2014.
  33. Chart Advisor

    Strongest Stocks Of 2013 Still Looking Good

    These stock are up more than 100% in 2013, and still look good depending on entry point.
  34. ORCL pushes to a new high after bouncing off a support line
    Chart Advisor

    Stocks Flying Higher Into The New Year

    Currently flying higher, these are stocks are watch over the next week.
  35. Danaher Corp. (NYSE:DHR) also created a new high this week, pushing beyond highs of the recent consolidation. $75.75 should now act as support.
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    Industrial Stocks Looking Strong Into Year End

    Industrials is the strongest sector recently. Here are industrial stocks to consider for short-term year-end trades.
  36. Facebook made a new high at $55.18 on December 17.
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    Big News Related Stock Plays

    A technical look at four big volume stocks making news headlines.
  37. Financials have been a strong sector over the last month, so it may continue to lead if the market pushes higher. One potential trade is to assume support will hold, buying near $81 with a stop below $79.
    Chart Advisor

    Four Chart Patterns To Watch This Week

    This week is likley to reveal if the S&P 500 is in a consolidation with the expectation of a move higher, or if it's topping out. Here's four ways to play either scenario.
  38. BT Group (NYSE:BT) put in a 52-week high late in November right near the top of the trend channel, and since then has been moving sideways.
    Chart Advisor

    Four Trend Channel Trades

    With the market still in an uptrend, these stocks are moving within a channel presenting high visibility opportunities.
  39. Utilities sector looks to outperform as it breaks above resistance.
    Chart Advisor

    Sector Strength Scenarios For A Consolidating Market

    With the market in a possible consolidation, a break higher or lower could occur this week. Here are sectors to watch in either scenario.
  40. Bullish chart of AAPL with solid support level near $515.
    Chart Advisor

    The State Of The Tech Titans

    The Technology sector has been a top performer and the only one holding out for a gain over the last week. Here's the outlook for four of the the worlds largest technology companies.
  41. The Technology sector has narrowed its recent performance gap relative to the S&P 500. Over the last year, the Technology Select Sector SPDR (ARCA:XLK) has under-performed the S&P 500 SPDR (ARCA:SPY), but the shortened trading week of November 25 changed that.
    Chart Advisor

    Technology Sector Making A Comeback

    Technical evidence indicates the uptrend remains strong. Here's the outlook for top performing sectors, along with stocks to watch in each, for the week of December 2.
  42. A broken symmetrical triangle pattern on the chart of FXY.
    Chart Advisor

    Currency ETF Outlook

    Like other investments, currencies change price based on supply and demand, driven by fundamentals and technical. These four popular currency ETFs currently have compelling technical opportunities.
  43. Financials Select Sector SPDR broke a triangle pattern which extends back to June.
    Chart Advisor

    Focusing on Healthcare and Financials this Week

    Health Care and Financials dramatically outpaced the other sectors last week as the S&P 500 created a new high . With only minor pullbacks since mid-October the buyers have been aggressive, indicating ...
  44. Federated Investors (NYSE:FII) has formed a head and shoulders over the last five months, after a strong run up in May.
    Chart Advisor

    Four Stocks Setting Up For A Move Lower

    With the S&P 500 very close to all time highs, not everything is a buy. These stocks have recently formed head and shoulder patterns; if the pattern completes it is a classic technical analysis reversal ...
  45. ealth Care Select Sector SPDR (ARCA:XLV) closed on November 15 above the rising wedge its been trading in. Based on the chart, it looks like prices could go higher.
    Chart Advisor

    Sectors To Watch For An Expected Bullish Week

    If the market continues to push this higher, these two sectors will likely be top performers again. The uptrend remain is in tact and strong for the overall market, so buying sectors and stocks showing ...
  46. SHLD broke out of a triangle pattern. We'll take a look at stocks that are poised to make a move higher.
    Chart Advisor

    Stocks with Short-Term Volatility To Watch

    With the S&P 500 hesitating to make a move, one option is to focus on volatility. These four stocks will mostly appeal to short-term traders looking for action during sedate trading conditions.
  47. Chart Advisor

    S&P 500 Pauses, Focus on Strength

    The S&P 500 SPDR (ARCA:SPY) is consolidating near the upper band of a wedge formation. A break above $177.64--ideally a close--indicates another quick burst higher is likely. Failure to break through ...
  48. Pandora Media (NYSE:P) is consolidating in a range between $28.26 and $23.03 since mid-September.
    Chart Advisor

    Stocks Poised For A Breakout, Or Multiple Top?

    These four stocks are at critical junctures, a breakout higher could set a bullish tone for weeks to come, while a failure to launch will attract sellers and short-selling.
  49. Chart of ACHC showing the price bounce off of nearby resistance.
    Chart Advisor

    Consumer Staples and Healthcare Stocks to Watch

    During a week where the S&P 500 pulled back slightly, Consumer Staples and Healthcare were the top performing sectors. With more of the same expected this week, here is the outlook for the sector and stocks ...
  50. The chart of Agilent Technologies is showing that the stock is having a difficult time moving higher. Is the stock getting ready to reverse?
    Chart Advisor

    Momentum Stocks That Are Losing Steam

    With the S&P 500 SPDR pushing to new highs, these stocks have failed to follow. The topping formation is a warning signal to longs, and for the very bold a potential shorting opportunity.
  51. Bullish chart of Fortune Brands Home & Security suggests that investor attention is shifting toward consumer cyclicals.
    Chart Advisor

    Industrials And Cyclicals Back in Focus

    A strong week for the equities saw the S&P 500 SPDR (ARCA:SPY) to a new high, with the Industrial and Cyclical sectors leading the market. With the overall uptrend in equities still in full swing these ...
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