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  1. Professionals

    5 Mental Mistakes That Affect Stock Analysts

    They know more about stocks than the average person, but analysts are still affected by biases. Find out what they are.
  2. Investing Basics

    Regression Basics For Business Analysis

    This tool is easy to use and can provide valuable information on financial analysis and forecasting. Find out how.
  3. Fundamental Analysis

    Diversifying A Concentrated Stock Position

    Having stocks in one area exposes an investor to risk. We tell you four ways to minimize it.
  4. Investing Basics

    An Introduction To Securities Markets

    The global securities market is constantly evolving. Discover the most popular market structures currently in use.
  5. Forex Education

    The 3 Biggest Risks Faced By International Investors

    Investing internationally is a great way to diversify your portfolio, but you need to know the risks.
  6. Economics

    5 Economic Effects Of Country Liberalization

    Liberalization provides new opportunities for diversification and profit.
  7. Bonds & Fixed Income

    5 Reasons To Trade Bonds

    Investors can find great financial opportunities in the bonds markets.
  8. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    6 Proven Methods For Selling Stocks

    These common techniques can help investors take some of the emotion out of deciding when to sell a stock.
  9. Forex Education

    5 Reports That Affect The British Pound

    The pound is one of the world's most popular traded currencies, and is heavily impacted by these factors.
  10. Forex Education

    5 Economic Reports That Affect The Euro

    There are hundreds of reports affecting the FX market. Find out which ones are the most relevant for traders.
  11. Forex Education

    4 Ways To Forecast Currency Changes

    Whether you are a business or a trader, having an exchange rate forecast to guide your decisions helps to minimize risks and maximize returns.
  12. Taxes

    4 Ways To Minimize Estate Taxes

    These four strategies will ensure that most of your money goes to your loved ones, and not to the government.
  13. Insurance

    How To Insure Your Most Important Asset - Yourself

    Insuring your human capital is something often overlooked. Don't make the mistake of leaving your biggest asset unprotected.
  14. Markets

    How To Choose The Best Stock Valuation Method

    Don't be overwhelmed by the many valuation techniques out there - knowing a few characteristics about a company will help you pick the best one.
  15. Credit & Loans

    4 Key Factors That Drive The Real Estate Market

    Whether you are investing directly or indirectly in property, you need to know the factors that affect its value.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Looking For Dividends In Oil And Gas

    Treasury inflation protected securities can help shield investors during difficult times.
  17. Stock Analysis

    The Future Of Solar

    These solar stocks are worth watching as long-term plays.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Top 10 Shorted Stocks

    The fragile U.S. economy seems to be headed for the inevitable double dip, as a slew of recent data raise concerns about the robustness of the short-term recovery.
  19. Stock Analysis

    WIll GM's IPO Succeed?

    GM has filed its IPO registration with the SEC, but the outcome is still up in the air.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Boost Your Dividends With These Large Caps

    These stocks will inject higher dividends into your portfolio.
  21. Stock Analysis

    An Investing Lesson From The BP Spill

    Alternative energy investments can add balance to your portfolio. Find out why you need to check them out.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Stocks That Protect Against Deflation

    Although recent data suggests prices may be falling, inflation may still take over in the long term due to the excess liquidity in the market.
  23. Stock Analysis

    New Tensions May Benefit Defense Contractors

    With the U.S.'s increasing tensions with Iran, some big defense contractors may see their stock prices rise.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Big Dividends In Large Caps

    It may be the opportune time for investors willing to take on a little bit more risk.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Companies Reaching New Highs

    When companies hit a new 52-week high, there is a unique opportunity for the trader. Read on to find out which company stands out.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Big Dividends In Technology

    To find high yields, you have to venture into riskier securities such as stocks, and one sector that has some potential is definitely technology.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Are GPS Devices Doomed?

    Read on for some fundamental reasons why GPS devices won't follow in the footsteps of other past technologies like the typewriter.
  28. Stock Analysis

    The S&P 500's Cheapest Stocks

    Everybody loves a bargain, but finding a true bargain in the stock market can be a difficult task.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Top Reasons For Buying Gold

    The current European crisis means it's a great time to get into gold. Here are some good picks for the long term.
  30. Stock Analysis

    America's Top Dividend-Paying Stocks

    Stocks that have fallen out of favor with investors can make for great value plays.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Big Dividends In Utilities

    Utilities stocks have long been considered a safe haven in recessionary times, particularly when they pay solid dividends.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Big Dividends In Oil And Gas

    If you are playing the recovery with commodity stocks, don't miss these oil and gas opportunities.
  33. Professionals

    What are some of the key differences between IFRS and U.S. ...

    The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) - the accounting standard used in more than 110 countries - has some key differences from the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). ...
  34. Investing

    Why do companies use reverse/forward stock splits?

    Companies will use reverse/forward stock splits mainly in an attempt to save future administrative costs. A reverse/forward stock split involves two corporate actions: first, the company will perform a ...
  35. Stock Analysis

    5 Beaten Down Stocks Ready For Reversal

    Value investors have to go against the grain and choose companies that are currently out of favor. This list is a good place to start.
  36. Stock Analysis

    5 Stocks With Unusually High Volume

    For various reasons, these stocks have unusually-high volume.
  37. Forex Education

    Earnings Sustainability: The Key To Your Investing Future

    Learn how to analyze earnings sustainability - an important part of making sound investments.
  38. Investing

    What is a long-short mutual fund?

    A Long-Short Fund is a mutual fund that holds investments long and in addition it sells securities it does not own (short). The goal of a long-short fund is to find investments anticipated to go up, and ...
  39. Stock Analysis

    3 Allocation Strategies To Realign Your Portfolio

    Protect your investments from the looming inflation of the U.S. dollar.
  40. Investing

    Why might a bond agreement limit the amount of assets that ...

    Bond covenants can limit the amount of leases a company can have because leasing contracts are a form of debt. Taking on more debt is a form of risk in the eyes of the bondholders, and therefore bond covenants ...
  41. Credit & Loans

    What does the "agency cost of debt" mean?

    Agency cost of debt refers to an increase in cost of debt when the interests of shareholders and management diverge. For this reason, debt suppliers, like bondholders, impose certain restrictions on companies ...
  42. Entrepreneurship

    How do I value the shares that I own in a private company?

    Share ownership in a private company is usually quite difficult to value due to the absence of a public market for the shares. Unlike public companies that have the price per share widely available, shareholders ...
  43. Investing

    Does a company logo change require a material disclosable ...

    A company logo change usually constitutes a material disclosable event. Securities law requires that companies disclose all material information and corporate events to shareholders, and material information ...
  44. Options & Futures

    What is the difference between systemic risk and systematic ...

    Systemic risk is generally used in reference to an event that can trigger a collapse in a certain industry or economy, whereas systematic risk refers to overall market risk. Systemic risk does not have ...
  45. Investing

    What is a V-shaped recovery and how is it different from ...

    A V-shaped recovery depicts an economic situation where a severe downturn in the markets is met with an equally strong upturn in the markets. The V refers to the general shape a chart forms based on various ...
  46. Stock Analysis

    Office Supply War Winner

    The office supply sector is in a tough spot and we take a look at which company is best weathering the financial storm.
  47. Credit & Loans

    What are the benefits of credit ratings?

    Credit ratings are an important tool for borrowers to gain access to loans and debt. Good credit ratings allow borrowers to easily borrow money from financial institutions or public debt markets. At the ...
  48. Investing

    What are the rules behind the delisting of a stock?

    The criteria to remain listed on an exchange differs from one exchange to another. On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), for instance, if a security's price closed below $1.00 for 30 consecutive trading ...
  49. Investing

    What does it mean when futures prices are in contango?

    a. The basis is positive.b. Future prices are higher than cash prices.c. The market is in backwardation.d. Supply disruptions are abating. Answer: BThe other answers are associated with backwardation, ...
  50. Stock Analysis

    Two Acquisitions: One Good, One Bad

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