Billy Fisher

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  1. Stock Analysis

    Why Icahn Likes Chesapeake

    Icahn is looking to shake up Chesapeake.
  2. Stock Analysis

    AstraZeneca Searches For Answers

    AstraZeneca has an opportunity to do something big when it brings in a new CEO.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Tobacco Stocks Set To Light Up

    Most of the biggest players in the Tabacco industry will be reporting their quarterly results in the coming days. Expect higher stock prices for these companies.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Alpha Dogs Of The Dow

    We tell you about the Dow's first quarter outperformers.
  5. Stock Analysis

    4 ETFs On Fire Right Now

    These four ETFs are on fire right now, but it would not take much to cool them off in a hurry.
  6. Stock Analysis

    3 Mining Stocks To Watch Ahead Of Earnings

    There are a handful of notable mining companies that will report their quarterly results in the coming days.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Is Copper Set For A Comeback?

    The Copper markets tighten amid production declines, but we could see renewed interest for the metal in the near future.
  8. Stock Analysis

    4 ETFs On Fire Right Now

    The commodities market had some of the best-performing ETFs of January.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Four Stocks The Insiders Are Buying

    We tell you about four stocks with insider buying activity.
  10. Stock Analysis

    REIT Earnings Continue To Roll

    REIT investors should expect to hear good news next week when the leading names in the sector report their quarterly earnings.
  11. Stock Analysis

    4 Heavily Shorted Stocks That Could Climb Higher

    With the global equity markets still struggling, short-sellers have plenty of options. Here are four heavily shorted stocks that could rise in 2012.
  12. Stock Analysis

    4 ETFs On Fire Right Now

    A number of index funds that had been on hot streaks coming into December have continued to push higher.
  13. Stock Analysis

    3 Problems In Store For The Equity Markets In 2012

    Here are three hurdles that face the recovering equity markets in 2012.
  14. Stock Analysis

    The Year In Casino Stocks

    The casino and gaming industry with a presence in Macau have been reaping major gains.
  15. Stock Analysis

    The Year In Tobacco Stocks

    The year in tobacco stocks.
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